Organizing your Heart and Home……..Serving Others

Welcome to the last Monday of Organizing your Heart & Home! Traci and I have had so much fun working together and we hope you have enjoyed getting your Heart and Home organized.

Traci is organizing her Laundry Room today and you do not want to miss it!! Today I’m focusing on Organizing your Heart and Home by Serving Others.

I was challenged to be more intentional about serving after reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan last summer. This book was sometimes hard to read because I knew I wasn’t doing enough.

I was reminded again (why I have to be reminded I don’t know!) what Christ has done for me. I was truly challenged to do more……to love more.……and to give more.

This is one of the reasons we decided to host a foreign exchange student.

Kitty has been such a blessing to our family and I can’t imagine life without her now.

So how do we Organize our Service to others? It’s actually quite simple!

1. Organize your quiet time.

2. Organize your prayer time.

3. And then your response will be to Serve!!!!

You see the more we become like Christ the more we will want to serve others.

We can…………..

  • send a note of encouragement to someone
  • take food to a new Mom
  • host a foreign exchange student
  • give to a worthy cause such as Compassion International
  • and the list can go on.

The point is to Serve Others!

I wanted to share this video that spurred me to stop living “safe” and “comfortable” all the time. Let’s stop thinking about ourselves and realize we are called to Serve Others!

*Now for my Giveaway!*

I’m giving away the book, Crazy Love by Francis Chan

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This giveaway will end on Thursday (2/3) at 9 PM EST. The winner will be drawn at random, and notified via email.

“In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus: Who being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.” Philippians 2:5-7

O.K. ladies don’t forget to stop by and visit Traci at Beneath my Heart. You don’t want to miss out on organizing your Home!

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  • At 2011.01.31 08:58, Cha Cha said:

    What a blessing it is when we remember to serve others. I long to be used by Him for others.

    Cha Cha

    • At 2011.01.31 09:11, Teri said:

      Love this post, but then I should since it speaks my soul. Great book too, someone is going to love it. Don’t add me to the giveaway tho… I already own it.

      • At 2011.01.31 09:18, Lindsey said:

        I’m here and have heard that this is a great read!!

        • At 2011.01.31 09:19, Lindsey said:

          I’m also a subscribed reader :) :)

          • [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Charity Jones , Traci . Traci said: RT@walkinhisgraceOrganizing your Heart and Home……..Serving Others – [...]

            • At 2011.01.31 10:27, Shelly Gauldin said:

              Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. I have wanting to read this book! So excited.

              • At 2011.01.31 10:41, Kim said:

                I’ve been wanting to read this book! Thanks for the giveaway. You are awesome!

                • At 2011.01.31 11:16, Holly Days said:

                  OMG that video is wonderful. I’m going to have to get this book if I don’t win it. I want that kind of Crazy Love for my Father. Thank you so much for sharing it.

                  • At 2011.01.31 11:17, Holly Days said:

                    I’m already a follower and I’m loving it. Thank you.

                    • At 2011.01.31 13:20, Leann said:

                      I have enjoyed this series with you and Tracy. I started reading blogs to get decorating inspiration, but honestly, when I read this series, I realized I should use this time to better my walk with the Lord. The computer can be a huge distraction for me so I’ve actually tried to use it less! As far as the challenge this week, it’s almost scary. I’ve heard of Francis Chan and actually thought about reading it. However, I’ve been a little “afraid” of what the Lord might teach me. Make sense? Seems like his book comes up every so often, so maybe a free copy of it is what I need! Thank you for your blog!!

                      • At 2011.01.31 14:07, Tonya said:

                        My hubby is actually reading “Crazy Love” right now…I am next in line to read it! Thank you for all of your inspirational posts! I truly believe the stronger your relationship with Christ the more you want to do for and serve others! I know it has made a huge difference in my life! I think about others and how I can help now more than I ever have before!

                        • At 2011.01.31 14:58, April said:

                          I was here…tee hee.:D

                          • At 2011.01.31 15:02, Tami said:

                            the video is awesome! Can’t wait to read the book.

                            • At 2011.01.31 15:54, Linda said:

                              This is one of the books I have on my list to read this year. I would love to win it. Thanks for the encouragement in this series.

                              • At 2011.01.31 16:16, Jill D. said:

                                Wow-that is a great video and a humbling reminder to keep going and keep serving, no matter how tough the road. Thank you for sharing. Blessings
                                -Jill D.

                                • At 2011.01.31 23:32, Vickie said:

                                  Just subscribed – thanks for the giveaway!

                                  • At 2011.02.01 12:45, Katherine said:

                                    Thanks for the weekly motivation to organize my heart!

                                    • At 2011.02.02 00:03, MeganL said:

                                      I would love to win this book!

                                      • At 2011.02.02 06:35, How to Get Out of the Pits of Life said:

                                        [...] Don’t forget my Giveaway ends tomorrow at 9:00 [...]

                                        • At 2011.02.03 14:20, Hope Wilbanks said:

                                          I’ve been looking at this book. Would love to win a copy of it!

                                          • At 2011.02.03 14:20, Hope Wilbanks said:

                                            I’ve been looking at this book. Would love to win a copy of it!

                                            • At 2011.02.03 14:21, Hope Wilbanks said:

                                              I tweeted about this giveaway.

                                              • At 2011.02.03 14:22, Hope Wilbanks said:

                                                I subscribed to your blog via email.

                                                • At 2011.02.03 16:01, Chelsey said:

                                                  I’m here! Love your blog, thanks for the giveaway!

                                                  • At 2011.02.03 19:19, Judie said:

                                                    Found you thru The Cottage Chick. Loving your site. Can’t wait until I have more time to explore
                                                    it in more depth. I especially want to thank you for reminding me to LOOK UP

                                                    • At 2011.02.03 19:41, jillmill23 said:

                                                      I’ve heard so much about Crazy Love. Would love to read it and be challenged!

                                                      • At 2011.02.03 20:22, Anonymous said:

                                                        Thank you so much for stopping by!

                                                        • At 2011.02.03 16:03, Chelsey said:

                                                          subscribed via google reader!

                                                          • At 2011.02.03 16:07, Chelsey said:

                                                            and i tweeted about it too :)

                                                            • At 2011.02.03 22:45, Denise said:

                                                              I visited your blog. Found you through “Beneath My Heart”.

                                                              • At 2011.02.03 22:53, Denise said:

                                                                Email subscriber

                                                                • At 2011.02.03 23:12, lisa said:

                                                                  New subscriber. found you through Traci. Love your blog. Blessings,

                                                                  • At 2011.02.04 01:53, Anonymous said:

                                                                    So glad you stopped over! Come back soon!

                                                                    • At 2011.02.04 01:54, Anonymous said:

                                                                      Thanks Denise for stopping by!

                                                                      • At 2011.02.04 01:54, Anonymous said:

                                                                        It’s so good….it’s a must read! :-)

                                                                        • At 2011.02.04 01:55, Anonymous said:

                                                                          Oh I love the Cottage Chick. She’s my West Coast blogging buddy. :-)

                                                                          • At 2011.02.04 01:56, Anonymous said:

                                                                            Thanks for stopping by, subscribing, and tweeting!!

                                                                            • At 2011.02.04 01:57, Anonymous said:

                                                                              It’s so good Hope. Thanks for stopping by, subscribing and tweeting about my giveaway!

                                                                              • At 2011.02.04 01:59, Anonymous said:

                                                                                Thanks for subscribing Vicki!

                                                                                • At 2011.02.04 02:01, Anonymous said:

                                                                                  I know that video kills me…..I watch it as a reminder. Blessings!

                                                                                  • At 2011.02.04 02:01, Anonymous said:

                                                                                    This book is must read! :-)

                                                                                    • At 2011.02.04 02:01, Anonymous said:

                                                                                      Thanks for stopping by Tami! Blessings!

                                                                                      • At 2011.02.04 02:02, Anonymous said:

                                                                                        Thanks for stopping by!!

                                                                                        • At 2011.02.04 02:03, Anonymous said:

                                                                                          This book is a hard read because it stretched me and sometimes that is so hard. But I know I need it!!!

                                                                                          • At 2011.02.04 02:04, Anonymous said:

                                                                                            Thanks so much for stopping by and Crazy Love is a must read!

                                                                                            • At 2011.02.04 02:04, Anonymous said:

                                                                                              Thanks for stopping by Kim! Blessings

                                                                                              • At 2011.02.04 02:05, Anonymous said:

                                                                                                Thanks for stopping by Shelly!

                                                                                                • At 2011.02.04 02:05, Anonymous said:

                                                                                                  Hi Lindsey, thanks for stopping by and yes it is a great read!! :-)

                                                                                                  • At 2011.02.04 02:06, Anonymous said:

                                                                                                    Thanks for stopping by Teri! Blessings

                                                                                                    • At 2011.02.04 02:07, Anonymous said:

                                                                                                      Thanks Tania! So glad you’ve enjoyed our posts, I’m hoping we can do something else together in the future. Blessings!

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