Spring Cleaning and a Vlog!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=4848283&dest=-1]

Walking in His Grace,

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  1. Love the video!
    I subscribed so I can follow along, but I’m not promising to get everything clean. If I did get everything clean my husband would probably go into shock and I just can’t risk that. :)

  2. You are beautiful!!!

    Now come clean my house!

  3. Obviously I need to tune in on Thursday because this house has only been really clean one time.. the day we moved in!!! I always tell people that moving into an insanely clean house was the one thing that kept me from having a nervous breakdown since I was new to this town and had a 2 year old and 5 month old.

    (My husband and I bought Wayne and Cindy’s house in Cynthiana. It was the last house we looked at on a whirlwind house finding trip and it’s the only one we even considered!)

  4. Yes, you DO have a Southern accent–which is one of the things I love about you! One of the many things, I should say.

    Maybe you could just come visit me and we could spring clean my house together. What do you think? :)

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