My #1 Beauty Tip for Women over 40

Today I wanted to share with you my number one beauty tip for women over forty. There’s something that happens when you hit your forties….you start to lose your eyesight. It’s terrible!

One day I was in the shower and I looked at the back of my shampoo bottle and I could not read a word. It happened over night!

If you’re reading this and you’re in your twenties or thirties, you have no idea what I’m talking about but don’t laugh because it will happen to you too!

Anyway, I started to realize I was struggling to see as I put my makeup on. I don’t know about you but I can’t put my reading glasses on and put eyeliner and mascara on at the same time. I was afraid I might start looking like Mimi Bobeck from the Drew Carey Show.


Oh dear! If you ever see me and I look like that please tell me immediately.

Well, to help me I use a magnifying mirror and I love it!

I wish I had started using it sooner. This may sound simple but when you’re putting on your makeup it’s easy to put on too much or too little if you can’t see. So if you notice you’re having troubling reading small print then a magnifying mirror might be a good investment for you too!

Have you tried a magnifying mirror?

Beauty for the Heart~I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Christina says:

    I had to chuckle at you not being able to see the back of your shampoo bottle, I was cooking and had to ask my husband if the cookbook said 1/4 or 1/2 cup! I honestly couldn’t read it at all! In just love getting your emails to see what you have been doing! Keep up the great work!

  2. My magnifying mirror lights up and it sits right on my dresser! Wouldn’t be without it! (Actually, my 21 year old daughter bought it for herself and hated it. She was going to give it away and I put first dibbs on it!) One young girls trash is her older mothers necessity!

  3. Also, something I forgot. I do not sit when I put on my makeup. I stand at my vanity. I highly suggest to those of you who stand while putting on your makeup to get a mirror that attaches to your wall/cabinet rather than one on a stand. If you sit while putting on your makeup, that works just fine, but, if you stand, you will have to hold the mirror with one of your hands and sometimes I need two hands for tweezing, etc.

  4. I have had one attached to my cabinet in my bathroom for about five years now (I am 51). I have learned that, when doing your eyebrows, to step back and look at them in your “big” vanity mirror every few seconds to make sure you don’t tweeze too much. Also, I do my “face” in the big mirror and check it in the magnifying mirror. I put too much powder and blush on when I only use the magnifying mirror since I can’t see my whole face at the same time. I have also found out that the cheaper mirrors are just that — cheap. They do not reflect correctly, have distortion issues and I have taken a few back. I finally plunked down $79 for a decent one and the reflective qualities are perfect with no distortion. I laughed at a comment above about errant hairs on your face. How embarrassing when someone else points it out to you! Better to find it yourself in your own (magnifying) mirror! Ahhh, the joys of menopause.

  5. Kim Jemmott says:

    I am 40 something as well and the shampoo bottle shocked me the ist time as well. I will seek out a magnifying mirror soon ,thanks so much for the tip.

  6. RubberChickenGirl says:

    If you don’t get the mirror people will hint to you that you need to take your “mo” off and you will have neck hairs get waaay long before you ever notice them (while in public without a pair of tweezers). Ask me how I know. I now pluck in the car in daylight in order to actually find the stray eyebrow hairs. It’s weird to have 20/20 all your life and then have your vision go south. My husband and I both have reading glasses stashed all over the house. It happens to everyone!


  7. I’m visiting via your sister’s suggestion. I adore my sisters so I had to check you out. The idea of Grace and Beauty is very appropriate. I believe Christ wants us to look our best after-all, look at His Creation. There is beauty, color, and order wherever you look. Doesn’t it seem logical that He would want each of us to be our best, look our best, and project our best? I’m 58 almost 59 and I’m so in need of a good magnifying glass. I have a small one but I need to go to a beauty supply store as suggested by one of your followers and purchase a good quality mirror.
    Gmama Jane

  8. Laura Bervig says:

    Hi! I love your sister so I had to find you too! I am laughing at this tip because I am so there!!! I recently bought one that mounts to the wall. I have to say, while I think it has helped tremendously, I think maybe the Lord has a reason for our eyesight to worsen with age because I wasn’t sure where to start first, with the tweezers, the age spot cream, or just turn to chocolate and kleenex! Ha!

  9. This is so funny… I just got a magnifying mirror one month ago and it really has helped!!
    I just came over from your sisters blog… I’ll make sure to visit again!

  10. Hi there! I’m over from your sister’s blog. I’m so glad you decided to add Beauty to the name of your blog. I’m especially glad that you feel free in Christ to blog about fashion and beauty. Your passions are God-given and meant to be shared. As long as you continue to share from your heart, blogging about fashion and beauty won’t be perceived as superficial.
    Sharon @ mrshinesclass

  11. Hi Nancy! Thanks so much for stopping by! I love your idea about giving the gift of a pedicure. I may have to post about that some time.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. I’m more “seasoned” than you and I’ve been using magnifying mirrors for years – 8x now. I highly recommend them as gifts and have found the best selections and prices at beauty supply stores. And on the subject of beauty, if you love someone in your life who is 65 plus, give him or her the gift of a personal or professional pedicure. Magnifying mirrors aren’t helpful when one is trying to reach his or her own toes! Consider John 12:3 when Mary, sister of Lazarus, anointed the feet of Jesus with oil and perfume. There’s no sweeter gift!

  13. Wow! Thanks for sharing your great tips. It’s really a big help to all people ages 40 up especially to my mother.

  14. It happened to me overnight too! I’ve never tried a magnifying glass but I”m going to try it! Thanks for the tip! :^) patsy

  15. Cyndi, I love your new heading. It looks great! I am so excited about the fact that you’re adding beauty tips to your blogging. Don’t get me wrong…it was great before but this is just the icing on the cake! I don’t see anything wrong with combining your passions. I am 46 and have been using a magnifying mirror for about five yrs. I think it is an essential part of your make-up routine once your eyesight is not what it used to be.

  16. Cyndy, you are so right! My eyes have always been bad, but as soon as I hit the 40’s, they got even worse! The Dr even had the nerve to say I might need to consider bifocals! I was in denial for weeks before deciding he might be right! I hadn’t thought of a magnifying mirror. I may be afraid of what else I will see!

  17. Cyndi – Love the new blog layout! You are just a beautiful lady, inside and out. Can’t wait to read more of your writing! :)


  18. love the look! love the tip {got my mirror!}! especially, I love your beauty for the heart idea with a verse at the end. That PERFECTLY shares your heart on all of this beauty “stuff.”
    love ya, girl!!!!!

  19. Debbie Dunbar says:

    Love the new look! Great tip today. I’m looking forward to more.

  20. Cyndi, I’ve never tried using a magnifying mirror for make-up, but my eyesight is definitely suffering these days, so maybe I should try this! (I think I’m lucky that I’m 48 and just now using reading glasses–but labels? They’re impossible without reading glasses!)

    Love your new “grace and beauty” theme–perfect for you, beautiful lady!

  21. Wow, is this true!
    I turned 40 last year and immediately my close vision began to weaken. Now, when I paint my nails, I MUST use my readers. When I put on eye make up, I must have a mirror close enough to make sure Mimi doesn’t appear :)))

    Like your new blog look!

    Have a blessed evening…

  22. I am 57 and need glasses for reading and especially menus. How sad it is to have my husband read the menu to me at a restaurant. I have bifocals. Also put my makeup on with a magnified mirror especially my eye liner and mascara. It is good to grow old BUT the set backs sometimes are not so fun.

  23. You are so right…the WEEK I turned 40 I started to lose my eyesight. Bummer.

    I use a pair of glasses that are made for putting on make-up. They have only one lens that rotates from one eye to the other so you have one eye “free”. It looks ridiculous, but it gets the job done! Thanks for the great tip. I don’t have a magnifying mirror, maybe I should ask for one for Christmas. :) Lisa~

  24. LOVE the new look! So I have been needing to make an appointment for the dreaded “bi-focals” for some time now. I really cannot see a thing! And I must invest in a magnifying mirror. I just don’t wear much eye makeup anymore because I cannot see to put it on!

  25. Love the changes! I’m heading into my fourth decade and am trying to find the line between looking “fun and fabulous” for my age vs. “what in the heck is that woman wearing?!” Thank you Cyndi – you and your sister are awesome.

  26. I love the new layout. Much easier.

    I am 41 and was bragging about still having my eyesight. Truth is, I know it’s coming. I’ve been searching for a new mirror for awhile because I can’t see to pluck my eyebrows. For now I’m blaming it on the lighting :)

  27. Your new blog layout is awesome! As for eyes over 40, I’ve got ‘em! I can’t tell you how many pairs of reading glasses I own. I buy them at the Dollar Tree or in the $1 isle at Target. Lots of fun colors and frame shapes! I agree with you that a magnifying mirror is a great tool for applying make-up. :D

  28. Love the new layout. :)

    I haven’t made it to my forties yet, but I struggled with eyesight my whole life. I was so thankful for lasik about five years . After more than twenty years of not being able to see without glasses or contacts, I could finally see! I could see in the swimming pool, I could see in the middle of the night, oh it was so awesome! Even with lasik, I know a day will come when that mirror will come in handy though. ;)

  29. I think you might be on to something here that I need to look into! Just last week, my daughter (representative for a well known cosmetic company), made me paranoid by asking me what shade of foundation I was wearing. She said she could see a line around my jaw! I still don’t believe her! Me? I just don’t let that happen! Then again I don’t use a magnifying mirror!

  30. Verlan Day says:

    Can’t live without a magnifying mirror. I found a great one that attaches to the wall with a swing out arm at IKEA. For our travel trailer I found a small one that has a suction cup that you can put directly on the mirror. Great tip–thanks for sharing!

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