What I Wore This Week~Vacation Pics

Happy Hump Day!!

I hope you’re having a great week. I’m having a lot of fun on vacation with my family. Although I do miss my husband!

This has been a big week because our Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA tournament. I’ve worn this shirt twice! Don’t worry, I washed it!

This time of the year in Florida can still be a little cool at night so I’m wearing my chambray shirt with my Banana Republic capris and my Payless Shoesource wedge heels. I added a pop of color with a coral tank top.

I also thought I’d share a picture of my sister. She doesn’t always wear yoga pants (you’ll have see our video here). Doesn’t she look adorable in that pleated skirt? So trendy! :-)

I am blessed with one beautiful niece and 6 handsome nephews and I’m getting to spend some quality time with them this week and that makes me a happy Aunt CeCe.

I love spending time with my family!

After losing Mom in 2009 I was more aware than ever that family time is a precious gift.

Have a great week and enjoy your family.

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Beauty For the Heart~~My heart is thinking about the events of  Holy Week. I had the sweetest Bible study on Palm Sunday with my niece and nephews.

We talked about what Palm Sunday was about, we read scripture and Jonathan sang for us. Priceless!

I am in awe of what Christ did on the cross. The pain he had to endure. I don’t know about you, but I don’t deserve his grace.

Because of the resurrection we get to have a personal relationship with the living God.

Isn’t that amazing!!

How has the resurrection changed your life?

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  1. Hey Joy!
    I’m sorry I did not get back with you after you wrote this comment. My internet connection was terrible on vacation! I’m trying to get caught up. I remembered this comment about you rooting for the KY wildcats.Haha! I read this to my sister Traci and we were both cracking up!
    You are such a sweet reader and encourager. I sure wish we could meet in person. :-)
    Blessings and love,
    P.s. I told my husband I had some friends in Canada that read my blog and he said, “Why would a woman from Canada care about what you wear?” Men!? :-)

  2. You look completely adorable! Just add a basket and you’re ready for an Easter parade!

  3. Looks like a great vacation! Your blog popped up in my reader, reminding me of the post I wrote Monday, sharing the Easter Story cookies and our “internet is a small world” story. Here’s the link: http://eatathomecooks.com/2012/04/menu-grocery-list-recipes-year-3-week-21.html

  4. Cyndi, I love all of it, except that UK shirt! Rock Chalk Jayhawks!! :)

  5. Love the pictures Cyndi and yes, I am too, sooo thankful for the Resurection Morning when Jesus triumphed over the cross and the grave. It does completely change our lives, doesn’t it? :))))
    Enjoy your family… looking forward to being with family too, this Easter!

    P.S. I have to share this with you. We are from Canada and basketball is NOT a sport I follow at all (I’m a hockey girl!) But when my sister had a baby in the US, our two little ones and me went to be with them and “March Madness” was on! Of course I knew what it was (from your’s and Courtney’s blogs…haha) and so when I asked my brother-in-law if Kenntucky was playing they looked at me strangely! They are HUGE Mich. State fans and know that I am not a basketball fan. Well, I started following (and watching the odd game with them) and a couple of days ago my sister txt me “your Wild Cats won the championship”! When asked how on earth I knew about KY, I proudly told them “from my KY blogging girls”! Love you!

  6. You girls soak up some sun for the rest of us;)

  7. So excited to see Kentucky win! That was a very fun tournament. Oh and I meant to tell you, I’ve been wanting a chambray shirt since you first mentioned them a while ago. I finally found one on sale and I love it! Thanks for the awesome recommendation :-) Glad to hear that your’e having fun with your family in Florida!

  8. Love that you’re wearing a tee, jean capris and flip flops…exactly my pick for today!

  9. Oh girl…I love your schools spirit! But, I can’t really say I love that color of blue :)

    I do however love the outfit with the button down shirt. I need more of these in my wardrobe. I notice that when I put them on, even if I have not ironed — which is most of the time, I look put together!

    Have a great week!

  10. that is precious photo of all your family!!! I bet you all having fun!!! nothing like family time!!!


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