{Day 13} Top 25 Clothes That Just Gotta Go

Happy Saturday! I’m having so much fun with this series and from all the positive comments and emails, I think ya’ll are enjoying it too. Today I’m sharing the Top 25 Clothes That Just Gotta Go according to Charla Krupp, in her book How Not To Look Old.

Of course, these are her opinions and if you want to wear any of these, feel free. I’m just sharing them with you. Charla says, “they date you and make you look old lady.”

Here’s her list: 

1. Holiday Sweaters with bells and appliques (in my opinion, a teacher might get away with wearing one of these.)

2. Granny/mommy necklaces that tell how many grandchildren/children you have.

3. Souvenir T-shirts

4. T-shirts with meant-to-be-funny sayings

5. Overalls

6. Acid-washed jeans

7. Ripped jeans

8. Shoulder pads

9. Flannel shirts

10. Muumuus

11. Photo handbags (no matter how cute the kids or grandkids!)

12. Flesh-colored hose

13. Penny loafers

14. Oversized blazers

15. Mommy robes (ouch I may have a mommy robe!)

16. Thin-gold-chain necklaces

17. Elastic-waist pants

18. Granny undies

19. Baggy sweats

20. Bearlike, full-length fur coats

21. Short shorts

22. Cargo pants

23. Stockings iwth reinforced toes

24. Three-piece suits with vests

25. Backpacks

Okay, there you have it! What do you think about this list? 

I’m so glad you stopped by! I enjoy hearing from all of you. If you’d like to chat, you can follow me on facebook, I also love to add things to my pinterest boards and if you’d like to follow some of my pictures throughout the day, you can follow me on Instagram.

Beauty For the Heart~~Ladies, I’m so thankful for grace!

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

*If you order How Not To Look Old from my Amazon store, I get a small percentage of the profit.

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  • At 2012.10.13 14:12, Cyndi Spivey said:

    Thanks for stopping by Rhetta! Glad you did good on the list.
    Have a great weekend,

    • At 2012.10.13 14:14, Cyndi Spivey said:

      Yeah Melissa! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my tips. Thanks so much for stopping by.
      Have a great weekend,

      • At 2013.04.17 14:29, Liana said:

        Talk to us about skinny jeans? I see you were wearing some on weds, do you have any dos and don’ts for skinny jeans and what shoes to wear?

      • At 2012.10.13 14:16, Cyndi Spivey said:

        Thanks for stopping by Heather! Have a great weekend.

        • At 2012.10.13 14:21, Cyndi Spivey said:

          Melissa thank you so much for stopping by and I’m so glad you like my tips.
          I found this page about nude hose and I thought you might want to read it.

          • At 2012.10.13 14:23, Cyndi Spivey said:

            I say if you like them, wear them, no one has to know!
            Thanks for stopping by!

            • At 2012.10.13 14:24, Cyndi Spivey said:

              Jennie that backpack doesn’t look old if you have toddlers. I agree they work great!
              Thanks for stopping by!

              • At 2012.10.13 14:25, Cyndi Spivey said:

                Good point Carol! No one ever sees my panties except my husband.
                Thanks for stopping by!

                • At 2012.10.13 14:27, Cyndi Spivey said:

                  I agree, flannel shirts are very Land’s End and I think cute on some women.
                  Thanks for stopping by!

                  • At 2012.10.13 14:28, Cyndi Spivey said:

                    No! I think its fine. You work with college kids and I’m sure it will look cute on you.
                    Thanks for stopping by girl!

                    • At 2012.10.13 15:48, Mary Alice said:

                      Ok, so no nude hose. Then what color are we supposed to wear. It seems odd to me to have dark legs if you have light skin everywhere else. Tan hose seems to dark for me and beige just seems to be an ugly color.
                      So, what color would you suggest? What color is left? Serious question.

                      One more question: What is a mommy robe? And what should we over 40s wear instead of a mommy robe?

                      I’ve been enjoying this series!

                      • At 2012.10.14 16:56, Cyndi Spivey said:

                        Hi Mary Alice! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m not sure about the panty hose color. I don’t wear panty hose only tights in the winter.
                        I do think since she wrote this Kate Middleton has made nude hose a little more popular.
                        I’m not sure what a mommy robe is either but I have a feeling I wear one!! :-)
                        Have a great week,

                      • At 2012.10.13 16:33, Gail said:

                        I definitely agree with all except the flesh colored hose. I saw where someone else had the same question. I thought that was stylish if and when you wear hose. I am on a platform quite often singing or speaking and wear the “buff” (not nude) colored hose. Are buff and nude colored the same? Confused in Nicholasville!!!!!!

                        • At 2012.10.14 16:57, Cyndi Spivey said:

                          Hey Gail! I think there might be a difference. Just make sure they’re not white, or off white. They do need to look like skin.
                          Thanks for stopping by!
                          P.S. I’m sure you look beautiful!!

                        • At 2012.10.13 16:45, Donna said:

                          lol…he doesn’t know you were the inspiration. I have had nothing but compliments and everyone says I look so young, even with my “Silver” streaks. I will not die my hair, it is in awesome shape, just need to keep a youthful appearance to pull it all off. But thanks for the push to cut my hair! :)

                          • At 2012.10.13 17:31, Sandy said:

                            I do agree with all of them, except I do have a couple “souvenir t-shirts” that I wear with my yoga pants. I don’t wear them out of the house, though, so technically I guess they don’t count! :) This has been a great series!

                            • At 2012.10.14 16:58, Cyndi Spivey said:

                              Hi Sandy!
                              I think you’re fine! and I do wear UK t-shirts sometimes. Thanks for stopping by!

                            • At 2012.10.13 17:53, Karin said:

                              Mini Skirt is not on the list? Not that I want it on there….still like wearing them on occasion. Although they are not as “mini” as they used to be. ;-)

                              • At 2012.10.14 17:00, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                Yes, we have to be careful with those skirts. I’ll be talking about that in a few days. :-)
                                Thanks for stopping by!

                              • At 2012.10.13 18:50, Sissy Lou said:

                                I love that you are listing these. Now that I am with my sweet babies all day, it is much harder to keep current and not be frumpy. But I disagree with the nude hose– Princess Kate Middleton wears nude hose a lot of the time. Old bare legs seem as inappropriate
                                as short shorts especially with winter clothes or a very conservative business attire. Thank you for all of these tips-I also got my hair cut shorter and changed the highlights and lowlights a bit–love it!

                                • At 2012.10.14 17:02, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                  I’m so glad you like your haircut! I’m sure it looks great!
                                  Yes, Kate Middleton has made nude hose popular again but I just can’t seem to wear them. I’m a tights girl myself.
                                  Thanks for stopping by!

                                • At 2012.10.13 18:54, Kelly said:

                                  Love this series! I’m quickly approaching 50 and am loving all the tips here. Thanks for putting the time into this!

                                  • At 2012.10.14 17:02, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                    Hi Kelly!
                                    So glad you like the series! Thanks so much for stopping by!

                                  • At 2012.10.13 21:36, Kate Rochford said:

                                    Hi Cindi!! Really loving this series! As a well-over-40-something, it is tough to be objective about how to stay updated. I tend to just create my own reality. This series is dead on and is helping me lots! So far, I have ditched the dark lipstick, made a hair appointment to get bangs, and have thrown away all of my eyeshadow. Oh, and I made an eye appointment to get new glasses! I knew that I liked you as soon as I saw your blog but….. I am a hygienist also! That really sealed the deal! OK…. what is a mom robe? Don’t all robes look like something your mom would wear? :) Thank goodness that flannel nightgowns were not on the list. I will continue to wear my grannie panties under my flannel nightgown in hopes that it will not ruin my new hip and undated image! I guess I will have to forgo the robe! Thanks again ! Really love your blog! Kate PS I have never replied to a blog!

                                    • At 2012.10.14 20:14, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                      Hi Kate!
                                      I’m so nice to meet you! I’m not sure what Mommy robes look like but I’m picturing the ones that zip up in the front. :-)
                                      Thanks for stopping by!

                                    • At 2012.10.14 00:04, Joy said:

                                      Hi Cyndi, I read this list early this morning and had quite a chuckle over some of them. I guess I’m excluded and can wear all the no-no’s on the list… since I’m not near 40! lol KIDDING!! I did enjoy them… have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow :)

                                      • At 2012.10.14 20:15, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                        They are funny! Hope you’ve had a great weekend Joy!

                                      • At 2012.10.14 01:44, Denise said:

                                        Thank you for mentioning the short shorts. Too many women out there are in denial. I did good except for the jewelry. I may need to rethink those.

                                        • At 2012.10.14 07:43, Julianne said:

                                          Uh, oh….I may have some penny loafers, a mom robe and cargo pants lying around…maybe?!?

                                          Thanks for the giggles, Cyndi! Certainly an eye-opening visual with all of these items together in one place! I will be getting rid of said articles promptly!! ;O)

                                          • At 2012.10.14 20:16, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                            I have a few on the list, and I’m going to get them rid of them immediately too! :-) Too funny!
                                            Have a great week,

                                          • At 2012.10.14 08:23, Gloria said:

                                            Ok, so I’m guilty of a couple of these. I do have a pair of cargo pants, and a couple of flannel shirts. I also own ONE Christmas sweater that I wear only once a year, for my class Christmas Party at school. My daughter actually borrowed it to wear to an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.” Thanks for doing these fun posts, your blog stands out in the sea of decorating blogs I regularly follow.


                                            • At 2012.10.14 10:20, Jerimi said:

                                              Oh, dear lord, you have no idea how timely this is. I’m guilty of 4, 5, 9 (but it gets cold out here!), 15, 17, 18, 22, and 25. Yikes!

                                              Time for some changes. Thanks for sharing!

                                              • At 2012.10.14 13:47, Steph said:

                                                I agree what is deal with souvenor tshirts and backpacks….I have a Vera Bradly Travel backpack I love and do only use for traveling!

                                                • At 2012.10.14 16:52, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                                  Hi Steph!
                                                  I don’t think a Vera Bradly bag counts! Too cute!
                                                  Thanks for stopping by,

                                                • At 2012.10.14 16:18, Wanda said:

                                                  I’ve grown my hair out long…past my shoulders. I had on a Pink t-shirt (supporting breast cancer month from my local fire dept.) and yoga pants on yesterday, with flip flops. My husband said I looked like a young chick! I’m 53….LOL!!! I usually dress nicely though when I’m at work or at church.

                                                  • At 2012.10.14 18:19, Dee said:

                                                    Hmmm… well, I’m only 35, but I LOVE my cargo pants and loafers (not together though!) I love comfy ripped knee jeans (at home and for errand running) and baggy sweatshirts in the winter are awesome. ;) I also carry a backpack in place of a diaper bag, and my favorite necklace has my kids names on it. (What’s wrong with that?) ;) Guess I’m doomed to look “old and unfashionable”. Oh well… LOL… Totally agree with you on the hose though, bleck!

                                                    • At 2012.10.14 19:15, Debbie Dunbar said:

                                                      Great ideas. I laughed at several – Does anyone wear acid wash anymore? I may have a few offenders but I will work on that! I too have questions about the hose though. I wear tights most of the time in the fall/winter but there are sometimes when you just need hose. What color is correct?


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                                                          • At 2012.10.17 08:30, Debi Chapman said:

                                                            This is such a cute idea! I’m lovin’ your series and laughing out loud. Headed to my closet now …

                                                            • At 2012.10.17 23:34, teresa said:

                                                              What is a mommy robe? I don’t agree with cargo pants. They’re my favourite and I don’t think I look old in them at all. My tights all have reinforced toes…who sees them in closed toe shoes? Also, big hoes where your toes are isn’t too attractive and my hosiery is quite expensive. Of course I would wear them with sandals, but I hardly ever wear hosiery with sandals or outside of winter. I also like penny-loafers and backpack hanbags. Again, the latter is better than poor posture! I agree with most of the others. I’m loving this series! CTD

                                                              • At 2012.10.18 15:21, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                                                Hey Teresa,
                                                                I’m guessing a mommy robe is a robe that zips up in the front. You know what I’m talking about?
                                                                Thanks so much for stopping by!

                                                              • At 2012.10.18 12:20, Dawn said:

                                                                Great list! The only one I disagree with is the ‘Mommy Necklace” – I actually had one custom made last year that is very stylish and I get a lot of compliments on it and people asking where I got it. It’s definitely a lot trendier than the gold ones with the ‘baby booties’ hanging from it. http://www.laurennicolegifts.com/mommynecklaces1.html

                                                                • At 2012.10.18 15:22, Cyndi Spivey said:

                                                                  I understand completely! Nothing wrong that.
                                                                  Thanks for stopping by Dawn.

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                                                                      • At 2013.02.13 16:34, brenda said:

                                                                        I love this series. But I do have to say I wear ripped jeans. When my daughters aren’t wearing them. (im a single mom) And tight t-shirts. And I get more admiring looks from guys when I wear these than when I am in anything else. I also have a mommy necklace I wear on occasion and the charms have my kids name on it. My kids love it when I wear it.
                                                                        Thanks for writing this series.

                                                                        • At 2013.02.24 11:50, Tish said:

                                                                          I just found this & I love it. Totally hooked on you. I’m on fb looking for your page. I just turned 48 last Thursday & I feel fantastic! I look forward to reading everything thing ;)

                                                                          • At 2013.09.27 00:32, Javamom said:

                                                                            Backpacks and cargo pants are great if you backpack, hike and camp ;-). Signed, Almost 50 but still young and energetic! (Gotta keep up with our active, grown children)!

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