{Day 17} Our Wardrobe Essentials: Fashion Over 40

We’ve talked about 25 clothes that gotta go, the old rules vs. the new rules and now let’s talk about our wardrobe essentials.

We need to build our wardrobe with some classic essentials. If you can invest in quality pieces they’ll last a long time.

Chic Wardrobe Essentials

First, let me say, I don’t have all of these wardrobe essentials but I’m working on adding them because they are classic pieces that will stand the test of time.

I loved one of the comments left on The 25 Clothes That Just Gotta Go. She asked if these 25 clothes gotta go, then what do we need? Here’s the answer:

  • Black and white cardigans
  • Black and white turtlenecks (If you have a short neck, you can wear a mock turtleneck.)
  • V-neck sweaters in colors
  • Fitted black leather jacket
  • Fitted winter and summer jackets
  • T-shirts in black, white and cream
  • Camisoles in black, white, and cream
  • Crisp, white, ruffled blouse
  • Black straight skirt
  • Tailored trousers in black, brown, beige, and gray
  • Black dresses for winter and summer
  • Dark denim jeans
  • Fitted trench coat

What do you think about this list? Are you trying to add these essential pieces to your wardrobe?

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**If you’ve missed any of my posts in this series or want to start from the beginning you can go here!

Beauty For the Heart~~I love the fact that Jesus doesn’t look at our outward appearances but looks right into our heart. That’s why I love this verse, “God, create a clean heart for me and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10 This is my prayer for today!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Rina Tjandra says:

    Dear Cyndi,
    Your article really makes me inspired… and love to see more,thank you
    Bless you,

  2. What a perfect “check-off” list! When I look at all of these pieces, I can see all kinds of outfits coming together with a minimum of additions. Thanks Cyndi
    Be blessed!

  3. Karen in La says:

    I like having a list of basics to build a wardrobe around. I don’t wear a lot of black tops or dresses because I feel like it’s too harsh a color to be next to my face…I prefer a charcoal gray or dark brown. And, I usually swap a v-neck for a turtleneck shirt. It doesn’t get that cold down here in Louisiana, and I feel a little claustrophobic in a turtleneck!

  4. I am enjoying this series. I actually look forward each day to reading it! Thanks!

  5. Thanks Linda and I love when people give me their input. Things do change but many of the classics stay pretty classic. The book that I’m reading about How not to look Old suggested we buy cashmere sweaters, and cardigans etc. I don’t agree with that, they do go out of style eventually and I don’t want to have spent that much money.
    Thanks for stopping by and giving some good advice.

  6. That’s funny Kala!! and how sweet that you stop by! You have so much more freedom to dress trendy at your age. :-)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi Laura! So glad you like my list. Just remember start with some basics and I’m glad you’ve never owned a christmas sweater! :-)

  8. Thanks Amber and thanks for stopping by!!

  9. I love that you are doing this series. So helpful. It makes me chuckle some of the things people say when they don’t agree with you, so I’m about to add my own. I am old, so I have been around for a long time (haha). This business about adding ‘classic essentials’ has always been advised, but I have never understood it. Think about pants, for instance. Styles are always changing from straight leg to flare leg to tailored to cuffed, etc. Cardigans change from loose fitting to more fitted. Button up shirts change collar widths. Turtleneck styles change as well. Anyway, my point is that if you are wearing the same style of any of these basics that you wore 10 years ago, you are probably out of style, so don’t go overboard on the investing for a lifestyle type of thing. Just an old ladies opinion. Keep up the fun!

  10. I love this entire 31 Days series! I’m only 22, but I’m taking notes for the future. Now do you know of any NICE way to break it to your mom that she should read this? Haha!

  11. Loving this! As I sit here sit on the sofa in my mommy/sweatpants/husbands tshirt attire, this is totally what I needed! I can’t wait to catch up on the rest of the series….and for the record, I have never owned a christmas sweater and never plan to! Oh but the rest of the stuff….Oh I need help!

  12. Wow. That list is so simple and concise. You are making this so easy on us! Gotta love ya!


  13. Ooh I hope you’re having fun!! We’re going to be talking about accessories soon.
    Have a great week!

  14. This is a great question! In fact I was getting ready to ask the same thing. I have searched long and hard for a list of essential clothing for people who look better in browns and creams but can’t seem to find one. It does seem easier to look boring or drab in browns and creams than in blacks and whites so it seems that there might be more to it than just substituting brown for black and cream for white.

  15. Loved meeting you Shannon!! Have a great week!

  16. Hi Karen! That’s a great question. I still think you can have these basics but just like you said always pair them with a color near your face that looks good on you. If you can wear scarves that would help. Also adding a collared shirt in a flattering color under the cardigans would look great. If black doesn’t flatter you then I would get good turtlenecks in a color you like. Add a jean jacket to your turtleneck with black pants and I think that’s a great look. Definitely make sure your colors flatter your face. You can have brown, black and gray in your pants, skirts, boots, shoes etc.
    I hope that helps!!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Tracy Greenlee (@tagluv2read) says:

    Love the series! I am ‘thrifting’ for essentials right now with my daughter and it is amazing the great stuff we find. I told her to find the basics then splurge on accessories or nicer pieces at the “grifting” places! More importantly, when something comes in something past it’s prime MUST leave the closet/dresser!

  18. yes! I am a big fan of streamlining my wardrobe and focusing on the essentials. It was wonderful to meet you this past week at Influence!

  19. Karen In NC says:

    I’m loving the series. What would you recommend for people that don’t look good in black or navy? I look so washed out and drab in black, navy or grey. I know a lot of people recommend these for basics but I have such a hard time with these colors. I’ve tried adding color up near my face. Any ideas on how to build my wardrobe?

  20. That would be perfect!! Very appropriate and a young, hip look. I’m going to be talking about skirt length later in the week.
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  21. Great list! Thanks for this awesome series. Question–what about opaque tights? I would love to wear a pair of black tights with, say, a straight black corduroy skirt, white shirt or top with cardigan, and perhaps a colorful scarf. Would that look be too young?


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