{Day 25} It’s All About The Shoes: Fashion For Women over 40

I can’t believe we started with hair on Day 2 of Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40 and today, we’re on shoes! We started at the top and we’ve made it to the bottom.

But we still have a lot to cover in the next 7 days so make sure you don’t miss a day! We’re going to tie it all together.

Before we talk about shoes, I’ll talk about our feet. A pedicure whether done by a professional or done at home is a must. Nothing looks worse than having on a cute pair of sandals or open-toed heels and our toenails and feet looking horrible.

Obviously in the winter time we can hide it better but I still like to have my toes painted. I keep a pumice stone in my shower and use it on my heels every couple of days. I don’t like cracked heels and of course I lotion every day.

Now for our shoes! This is where we get to have fun! I love shoes and I think most women do.

First I’m going to share what Charla Krupp says about shoes in her book, How Not To Look Old. She says, Nothing Ages You Like…..

  • Wearing gym sneakers outside the gym
  • Boring Classic Pumps (I think I wear these)
  • Shoes you can’t walk in
  • Out of style shoes

She can be brutally honest, can’t she? Shoes are the accessory that can make us look young and hip or if we’re not careful can make us look really old.

There are 4 styles of shoes she says we shouldn’t wear at our age:

1.Ballet flats with no support.

2. Flip-flops (yikes, I love flip-flops in the summer) unless your at the beach.

3. Espadrilles (shoes that wrap and tie around the calves).

4. Ugg boots (she says save those for your thirteen year old daughter and opt for more sophisticated snow wear.)

I can wear pretty much any kind of shoe (cheap or expensive). Some women have a harder time with their shoes. I recently found a website called Barking Dog Shoes. She shares fashionable shoes for women with fussy feet.

This years trends that I love…..


1. Zappos-Aldo  2. Zappos-Michael Kors   3. Zappos-Ivanka Trump  4. Zappos-Steve Madden  5. Zappos-Sam Edelmon

Do you love shoes as much as I do? Do you love this years fall trends?

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**If you’ve missed any of my posts in this series or want to start from the beginning you can go here!

Beauty For the Heart~~We’re studying the book of Romans on Wednesday night at church. I loved this verse we studied last night, Romans 2:4Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you? Does this mean nothing to you? Can’t you see that his kindness is intended to turn you from your sin?

Have a blessed day!

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  1. That’s a kind reply, Cyndi, and shows you truly “practice what you preach”! Thank you for reacting with an understanding heart. I probably came across a little touchy; please forgive me for that. You have a wonderful blog! I am a 60-year old preacher’s wife who also is a first grade teacher. I’ve been home for several days recovering from pneumonia, and I found your site while browsing the internet with more time than usual on my hands. I have enjoyed many posts from your blog and will continue to visit often. God bless you.

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    You’re right it wasn’t my list and to be honest I didn’t mean in anyway to insult women who have to wear orthopedic shoes. I’ve removed that from the list. Thank you for pointing it out to me. I never, ever want to hurt any ones feelings!!
    I love fashion but in the grand scheme of life it’s not the most important thing. I hope women realize that when reading my blog.
    Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Well, I’ve LOVED this site and all your posts until this one. And I know that this is not YOUR list, but I have to point out that there’s not a woman, I’m sure, who really wants to wear “ugly orthopedic shoes”. We already know they’re ugly. Our feet have the problems – not our eyes or our brains. :-(. But, sometimes we have nothing else we can wear and still walk and stand and do our jobs. Try walking with plantar fasciitis for a day in heels or cute little boots, and you will be crying. And you will be thankful for any shoes that keep you functioning and out of pain. So, if you have no foot problems and can wear cute shoes, then that’s wonderful, and I hope you count your blessings. But, please, don’t insult those of us who have to wear orthopedic shoes. We already know they’re ugly.

  4. Jennifer G says:

    I am SO in need of a pedicure right now. I’ve been wearing flip flops all summer (I just turned 38 last month, so they are still ok, right?) And my heels are like sand paper. I might see if hubs will take me to get one this weekend; I’m also 38 weeks pregnant and he’s paranoid about me going out…and into labor…without him. Which also means I can’t do a home pedi because I can’t actually reach my feet right now :)

  5. Hey Karen! That’s a great question! I would wear trouser socks with my flats if it’s cold outside, the colder, the thicker my trouser sock. I usually match the sock to my shoe. So if you’re wearing a black flat. wear black trouser socks. I hope this helps!
    Here’s an example:
    Ellen Tracy Women’s 3 Pair Basic Trouser Sock Pack, Black/Slate Combo, One Size

  6. okay Cyndi, I have a question and maybe you’ve covered it already ~ it’s winter and I’m wearing colored jeans (red, black or the faithfuls bluejeans) and I put a cute flat (I’m trying to branch out) with the jeans, what do I wear on my legs & feet? Nothing, tights, knit socks? Help? by the way, this girl is not a boot wearing kinda girl (haven’t gotten there yet)!

  7. I agree, I love gray running shoes and I do wear them to run errands in. I usually wear them with my yoga pants. She’d probably really frown about that! :-)
    Thanks for stoping by,

  8. I have to agree with you Mary Alice, I love my flip flops!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Mary Alice says:

    Um, she is just wrong about flip flops. So long as your feet look nice (no cracked heels for example), flip flops are fine, even at our ‘advanced’ age. :-)

  10. Oh yes, she’s a little brutal (and funny!) with the shoe rules. Wearing bad shoes has nearly ruined my feet. Not sure I could stick with her rule on not wearing running/tennis shoes on a daily basis, as regular shoes. When I am cleaning house and running errands in my jeans and nice tee-shirt, I love to wear my “running shoes”. Honestly, I do not run for exercise, but wearing those shoes actually helps sustain my energy throughout the day!! Enough so, that I am not concerned what others think. A stylish way to wear those running shoes is to get gray shoes. Not the bold white or black. I also like to wear Converse tennis shoes. I get compliments on those. (I’m 39) Enjoying your posts this month, Cyndi. Thanks!

  11. I just adore all of the Fall trends. If one doesn’t have “FF”, there are all kinds of super affordable cute shoes out there. I am one of the hard to fit. I happen to have wide feet and almost all of the fun trendy shoes come in B widths. There are some cute wide width shoes out there and they are $$$$. So, I limit myself to 2 pair of shoes for warm weather and 2 pair for cold. I have invested $$ in some nice black, classic dress shoes and a pair of “never go out of style” boots.
    My 31 year old daughter has over 60 pairs of DARLING shoes lining the shelves in her closet. Needless to say, she got her perfectly sized feet from her Daddy. Lucky pup!

  12. I have learned that lesson the hard way! I use to say if they were cute I’d wear them even if they hurt me but not anymore. I love heels but I do buy comfortable ones.
    Great advice Casey!

  13. If you asked my family, they’d say I’m shoe obsessed. I do love shoes. And yes, your shoes can make or break your outfit. It’s really stunning when you see someone in a gorgeous outfit, then look at their shoes and it’s all over because they have the wrong shoes on. Now I have to be very picky about shoes because I can’t wear high heels and nothing super narrow. I will skimp and shop thrift stores for clothes, but I do spend on my shoes. A doctor gave me some great advice many years ago. He said never pass shoes from person to person, especially for children. Once a shoe has molded to one person’s feet, then another person tries to wear them, that shoe is making your foot conform to the other person’s foot shape. That might be very harmful for your feet and well being. Now if you find a pair of shoes at the thrift shop that you can tell were not worn or barely worn with no impressions in the footbed, you could probably wear those. I just rarely find shoes in a size 10 that fit that criteria in the thrift shops. No matter what style you wear on your feet, just make sure they are comfortable and do not cause pain, blisters, calluses. You can’t smile and be in a good mood when your feet are killing you! : )

  14. I’m NOT giving up my flip flops. I love them in the summer even with some of my sun dresses. Oh well, we can’t agree with her on everything.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Ha! I failed too and I’m not sure I agree with her. I don’t think she has any kids or grandkids. :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  16. I agree Teresa, I thought she was a little off with her shoes. I think the classic pumps were boring black and brown. She thinks they need to be a little more snazzy (Is that a word?).
    Oh well, we can’t agree with her on everything.
    I’ll be sad to see this series end but I’ve got lots of other great things planned!

  17. Nicole Patteson says:

    I know I need to update some of my shoes because literally I have some shoes that are 20 years old and I’m 40! But I just don’t think I can give up my flip flops. That’s like cutting of my arm!

  18. Cindy Gilbert says:

    Hahaha. Fail. My dress shoes are ballet flats, I wear cute flip flops in summer, and I have SIX, count ’em, pairs of Uggs! I love Uggs. Charla Krupp must live a boring fashion life if she has to worry so much about what NOT to wear. 😉 Oh, and I’m 59!

    Love your posts!

  19. I’m trying not to comment, but your posts are so thought -provoking!:) I love espadrilles in the summer and they look great with full skirts and cropped pants. I need an explanation on that one. As for the classic pumps, I also disagree to a point. I think they look super if in unexpected colours and materials; think classic Ferragamo in a bronze metallic or Tangerine orange linen. i have both and don’t feel old at all. It’s a great way to use a trendy colour or up the wow factor with a conservative outfit. Plus, some of these styles make the ankle, leg and foot look SO slim.

    i would add that even the trendiest of shoes make one look old when ill-fitting, and i’ve yet to see anyone have an attractive walk in 6″ heels.
    Although this isn’t for fahion, keeping our feet healthy and flexible by walking bare-footed and doing a few foot exercises to keep things limber helps. Stretch and hang to the floor. We need this as we age! I’m sad we’re nearing the end of this series. CTD

  20. Thank you Denise for sharing this! This is what I love about my readers, you all help each other out. Such a blessing!!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Your shoes weren’t ugly but I did think that website has some cute shoes for fussy feet. I just don’t usually pay that much for my shoes. :-) Aren’t we blessed to have our fb group?

  22. I have been loving your blog. Thanks for encouraging Christian women in our age group. I just wanted to share that I have/had plantar fascitis for 10years. Last year it was so bad that I had to wear ankle braces and took pain relievers constantly. Many days I still cried over the pain. After two different doctors suggested surgery I prayed and prayed. One day I happened onto a website that suggested a chiropractor. With prayer and much hope I started treatment and it WORKED!!!! It is scary when you are there but it is amazing to go and buy pretty shoes again. I just wanted to share in case others have the same problem.

  23. I definitely have “fussy” feet (I love that….I’m going to start saying that from now on). Thanks for the link. And I know I wore some ugly shoes when we were together. My dumb feet are so fussy that I need serious arch support or they are very unhappy. :)

    Great post, AGAIN. Lisa~


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