Favorite “Pins” Friday and a Link Up

Happy Black Friday! Or is it Black Thursday now? I know some of you are out their shopping and grabbing some great deals. Woo hoo! Believe it or not, I’m not shopping but I will be doing some online shopping. :-)

My favorite “pins” today are off white sweaters. I’m in love with them. You can wear them so many ways and they just look comfy and cozy.

This long sweater is gorgeous, don’t you think?

Source: stylebg.net via Cyndi on Pinterest


How cute is this sweater with the plaid shirt and brown boots?


You know I’m going to share some animal print! Doesn’t that scarf look great with this sweater?


Okay, let me know, did you go Black Friday shopping? Or are you like me, and doing most of your shopping online?

If you want to avoid the crowds but still do some shopping, here are some great online deals that you don’t want to miss! I do a lot of shopping at Amazon. They have so many great deals!

(These links are affiliate links. I truly appreciate your support! It does help pay my blogging expenses, and my husband really appreciates that!)

If you have a dressy holiday celebration, Shabby Apple has beautiful and unique dresses, jewelry, etc.

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Now for the linky party!

You can link up any posts from this past week, it doesn’t have to be a Favorite “pins” post.

There are lots of bloggers with beautiful things to share! Posts can include the topics of mothering, marriage, homemaking, discipleship, recipes, organization, DIY, fashion, beauty and more! Please no Etsy shops, giveaways or advertisements. If you join below -please link back to this page in your post. Thanks!

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  1. I actually look forward to shopping black Friday! My husband and I take a vacation each year (4 hours away) to Gulf Shores, Alabama and plan a big day (or two) of shopping. Its probably more fun since Im on vacation. I probably wouldnt do it at home. I dont do anything crazy but Ann Taylor and J Crew (at the outlet store) had 50% off everything in the store! I count on this time to really get my wardrobe together!!

  2. Hmm, I’m 5’6″ too and I haven’t noticed that, but I’m looking for a sweater like that and if I find it, I’ll share it on my What I wore post.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day of shopping Tracy!
    Thanks for stopping by,

  4. Thanks Jane! I finished up my decorating too, well almost. I loved spending the day at home.
    At one time the black Friday sale was fun for me, but it’s gotten out of hand. I want to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas!
    Thanks for stopping by,

  5. Iva I love your blog, you have great style too!

  6. Judith how sweet to send notes and it doesn’t sound boring at all! I decorated for Christmas today, it takes time but I’m almost finished.
    I love to shop but the Black Friday has just gotten too crazy for me. There’s more to Christmas than gifts! :-)

  7. Bonnie i don’t mind doing that at all, I’m just not sure how to do it. I’m going to show your email to some of my blogging friends to see if they can help me.
    Are you talking about have a picture in the email you get from me??

  8. Casey that’s a wonderful idea. I think Christmas has gotten out of hand. I like simple, but I’m not great at making things. I do want to remember what the season is truly about. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Casey that’s a wonderful idea. I think Christmas has gotten out of hand. I like simple, and I want to remember what the season is truly about. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi Cyndi!

    I love all three outfits, especially the first and third. I like the long cardigan in the second picture, but I don’t think I could make it work. I tried on a grey sweater just like it the other day, and the sales associate told me the uneven hemlines made me look too short! I am 5’6″, and I don’t want to look shorter! Has anyone else had anything like that happen when wearing a cardigan like that?

    Didn’t go out today until late. Had to pick up a couple things at Walmart and Pet Smart. Missed most of the crazies though. :)

  11. I am a sweater gal myself. I have several long ones and I love them. We don’t get to much of a chance to wear them here in Arizona but that doesn’t stop me.

    No shopping except for online in my comfy jammies with coffee this am.

  12. Actually, I had two of those photos already pinned! Love long, snuggly sweaters and lots of layers. Am on the hunt for another animal print scarf – I only have one so far and it’s in gray and black tones, so I need one with warmer browns/golds.

    I’ve not ventured out of the house today except to go tend to my Dad’s cat while he is out of town. I have never done the Black Friday shopping thing, ever. Instead, this is the day I set aside to finish decorating the house. Today, I’ve been working on the exterior and am winding down, almost finished, taking a little coffee break. Hope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  13. Thanks for a great link up. I love your pins. I am a Pinterest fanatic. It always helps to inspire me. Thanks for your style inspiration.

  14. Casey, I wish you would give all of us some ideas on homemade gifts. I would love do to that but have no idea where to start except with cookies. I haven’t been to Black Friday sales since I was pregnant with my daughter 30 years ago and I don’t plan on going back and getting in the madhouse again. I pick up gifts thoughout the year too when I see something. Mainly our Christmas gifts are just mainly for the children now.

  15. judith hall says:

    Hi Cyndi, I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving Day. We had a delightful celebration, all 3 of my sisters and my parents were there to name a few. My big kids and their families were with their “in-law families”, it was their turn for Thanksgiving there this year. I missed them, but I know family visits must be shared.
    Anyway, enough about me….
    I am an ivory sweater nut!! I think I have about 6 or 7. Ivory is better on me than white, I think it softens the look of everything. I have a sweater nearly identical to the second sweater with the jeans and boots. So cute! Now, I want to add that to my collection. You’re tempting me again girlfriend! I do NOT do Black Fridays in the retail stores. I tried going with my daughter one year, was claustrophobic all day long and did not make a single purchase! I always do some online shopping and find some good sales. The rest of the day, I spend writing a few notes to my sister who always hosts our Thanksgiving dinner and to those who were not able to attend to tell them they were missed and how I thank God they are in my life. Might sound boring to most, but it works for me. Hoping you find some great online bargains, my best to you!

  16. I found an off white long sweater at JCP the other day however it is longer in back than front so I’m not sure how good it looks. They are hard to find so I bought it hoping I can make it work. We’ll see what happens!

    I wanted to ask if you would think about having just one of your pictures from your post to show for the readers so that I don’t miss your posts while going through my many subscriptions. I totally understand about not having everything show on the reader due to “stealing” by those pesky websites. My trouble is that I follow so many blogs and without a picture to grab my attention, I sometimes miss my favorites (like you)! I just noticed that some do that and some don’t.

  17. Haven’t done Black Friday shopping in over 15 years. When a woman tried to snatch a Christmas Tree out of my cart (after my husband had had to move a whole stack of boxes to get the one I wanted) I knew people were no longer civil enough for me to enjoy the sales. So we quit and have never regretted it. I shop online almost exclusively. If during the year I notice a deal on something I think would make a good gift, I pick it up. Last year I did mostly homemade gifts and that was great. Going to do that again this year. I like giving gifts that can be eaten, used up, or will at least be used all the time so it’s not just a “pretty/clutter” gift. The older I get, the more practical I want everything to be. Having gone to this type of gifting has made the holidays so much more enjoyable and creative. It’s not for everyone, but works for us. I think the biggest hurdle of the holidays is people coming to accept what they really want to do and not be swayed by the ad hype of what others would like you to do. If you ever try simple, and enjoy the people instead of the things, it’s amazing the difference you feel.

  18. It has gotten crazy!! and I hate waiting in those lines. I just couldn’t do it this year. Mom and I always went so it’s been hard for me since she passed away. I hope you got some great deals!!

  19. Tonya @ Love of Family & Home says:

    LOVE these pins!! The second & third are my favorite!

    I did do some shopping last night! We went to Walmart at 8:00 for their first Black Friday event & then we went to Kohls at Midnight…..that was a BAD MOVE!! We had to stand in line for 2 hours to check-out!! It was a nightmare!! I didn’t get home until 3:30am!! Exhausted!!


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