Glorifying God in Your Marriage

You may have seen this video but I saw it for the first time this weekend. It’s a video on marriage between a young man and a young women.

It starts no different than any other couple’s wedding highlights. An outdoor ceremony, the bridesmaids are in flower-print dresses and the bride herself wears cowboy boots. It looks picture perfect.

Then you see the groom, and you know this is no ordinary couple or wedding or marriage.

Ian Murphy suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident in September 2006 on his way to work outside Philadelphia.

He and his then-girlfriend had planned to marry after they graduated college that December. Instead, Larissa wrote in a post on the Desiring God blog, they “waited four years and got married when he was sick and disabled and we were still grieving.”

Because of the severity of Ian’s brain injury, a judge had to approve the couple’s marriage license, Larissa wrote in a post on the Desiring God blog. But not only did he approve the license, she said, but also the judge said this:

“You two exemplify what love is all about. I believe that marriage will not only benefit you both, but our community, and hope that everyone in this city could see your love for one another.”

So grab a cup of coffee or hot tea and see how God is glorified in Ian and Larissa……….

The Story of Ian & Larissa from Desiring God on Vimeo.

It’s easy to see how God is glorified in their marriage.

How is God glorified in your marriage? What story are you telling the world about God?

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  • At 2013.03.24 13:02, Kellyann said:

    What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • At 2013.03.24 14:20, Felicia said:

      Oh my. This so touched my heart. What selflessness.

      • At 2013.03.24 14:24, Lisa D said:

        Cyndi what a beautiful testament of God’s grace and never ending mercy. I am crying as I am typing this. So beautiful!! Praying this will touch the hearts and minds of all who see and hear their story. Have a blessed day :)

        • At 2013.03.24 15:06, Joy said:

          Thx so much for sharing this Cyndi… it hit home ;( Four years ago, my husband & I got the call that his brother, wife and 2 lil’ ones were in an accident, a collision with a moose on a rainy night. My sister-in-law suffered a severe head&brain injury and was in a coma for over a month. She & I were pregnant at the same time. I gave birth the month before and their little boy was delivered by c-section a month into her coma. And was healthy for the most part. It’s been a long and tiresome road fulll of rehabiliation and therapy, but 4 years later my brother in law & sister in law are in love and going strong….. it’s a beautiful testimony of enduring love, thru sickness and health. It is so sad at times, when you see her struggle to communicate and such, but thankful for God’s keeping power thru these times. Larissa and Ian seem like such a sweet couple too, and I pray they have have many years together! :) Thx Cyndi… blessings to yoU!

          • At 2013.03.24 15:41, Lindy said:

            This puts so much in perspective, not just marriage…. LIFE! Thank you for sharing this.
            an amazing, beautiful love they have for each other, as CHRIST loves the church
            I think you should put a disclaimer ***TISSUES**** ;)

            • At 2013.03.24 15:52, Kelly said:

              Thank you so much for sharing….very touching!

              • At 2013.03.24 19:57, Dorothy said:

                What an amazing couple. Thank you for sharing this.

                • At 2013.03.24 21:19, Gina said:

                  Thank you for sharing this Cyndi. Such a touching story of love. I shared it on my Facebook page and hope it touches the hearts of many viewers.

                  I hope you have an amazing week.


                  • At 2013.03.24 21:55, brenda said:

                    oh my THANK YOU!!!!!

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                      • At 2013.03.25 07:56, Kerri said:

                        This story touched my heart, brought tears of emotion. When you watch a story as this one you realize there is still hope for the young couples who want to honestly serve the Lord with all their heart, souls and minds. God bless them!

                        • At 2013.10.20 16:10, Marty Walden said:

                          Thank you so much for sharing this amazing testimony of love and faith.

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