Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion

If you’ve been reading my blog for anytime, you know I’m a fan of self tanning lotion. I realized along time ago that tanning beds and hours in the sun damage my skin.

There are hundreds of  good self tanning lotions and I haven’t used them all but I have used Sun Labs Self Tanner and I love it! (I was introduced to Sun Labs from Cara and she blogs at Maskcara.)

I use the medium tint and I think it would work well for most skin types. I apply every 3 to 4 days to keep a healthy glow. {Disclosure: Please know that if you make a purchase using a link on this page, I may earn a commission and I am very grateful for your support of this site. Thank you.}

Sun Lab Self Tanning Lotion

This is a picture of me without using the Sun Labs tanning lotion. I have olive skin and I tan easily if I’m in the sun.


This picture is taken after using the Sun Labs tanning lotion consistently. It definitely gives my legs some color.

Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion

I typically apply it to my legs, arms, and décolletage area. If you want to see how to apply it all over, check out this post by Maskcara.

I use latex gloves when applying it because it will stain the palm of your hands. If you don’t have gloves, use baking soda to wash it off after applying.

Now that I don’t spend hours in the sun or go to tanning beds, I think too much sun looks unhealthy. I guess because I know how much damage it’s doing to my skin. I like just a touch of color.

Do you use self tanning lotions? What’s your favorite self tanning lotion?

Beauty For the Heart~~I don’t think I’ve shared this quote with you but sometimes I forget which ones I use. I saw this one on instagram and I thought this is how I want to live my life.

“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.” -Diane Ackerman

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Have a blessed day! 

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  1. Hey Amanda!!
    So nice to meet you. Yes I do exfoliate before using the self tanner. I usually try to exfoliate once a week.
    Yes I do apply it as a lotion. It works great!!

  2. Hi! I have never used self tanner before, do you exfoliate or anything before you use it? Also, do you just apply as you would regular lotion?

    By the way, Im not over 40 Im only 23 but I absolutely adore your blog!! Your blog has definetly been a place I can go for modest fashion advice!

  3. We are Portland’s most desirable tanning salon, and we’re looking forward to serving you and doing everything we can to help you achieve your deepest, darkest tan. You may also go to Portland’s most desirable tanning salon at 2160 West Burnside Portland OR 97210 or just call this phone number 503.926.8622.

  4. Hey Dorothy! We miss you all too!
    This is where you can order the self tanner. This is a good one, I hope it works for you!

  5. I don’t have that problem and I think it has to do with the tanner they’re using. Also you have to keep your legs lotioned everyday!

  6. Hey Judith!!
    I apply it about every 3 days. That gives me enough color. Happy 4th!!

  7. Dorothy says:

    Hi Cyndi! First let me say how much we miss you guys! I want to ask about the self tanner, I’m not a sun person, tanning beds or natural! lol I have tried different lotions, and thought this sounded like a great one. If I were to order, where do I go? Thanks So Much! :)

  8. Carrie Holt says:

    Hi Cyndi,

    I really like Clinique Self Sun. I found out about it (and many others) on It gives me really good color and is very affordable compared to most other department store self tanners :)

  9. Judith Hall says:

    Hi Cyndi, Your self-tanner provides just enough of a nice sun-kissed look. I think some self-tanners can also go a fake brown looking color and that has been my experience in the past. So, I just embraced (not readily) the no-tan look. I also had problems with just one shower w/ washcloth virtually erased my entire tan. Do you have to apply yours daily? Be blessed !!!

  10. When I put mine on I rub it in up and down then go sideways and in circles. Seems to distribute better that way. I also always give an extra rub around my ankles, knees, wrists and elbows to avoid dark splotches. Always wash my hands good after and use a cuticle brush on my nails to avoid staining. Seems to work!

  11. I’ve been using Jergens Natural Glow. I am very fair complected. It does have some odor but I don’t think it’s too bad. When I’m done with this I’ll have to try Sun Labs.

  12. Lee Ann says:

    I’ve tried many self tanners, but because I am naturally fair-read “pale” who doesn’t tan in the sun, they give me a bit of color, not tan. I can’t find anything that makes me look tan. So then I tried the medium toned tanners, but they don’t look natural on me and they streak; I get tan splotches on my white skin. I’m one of those people that the above commenter sees! :) Do you know of any self-tanners for fair people.

  13. I’ve never tried self tanning lotions. I’ve wanted to, but, when I see others that have used it…and there legs are splotchy…I just can’t bring myself to do it. Do you have this issue, maybe when it’s fading? I wonder what causes that. Don’t think it would be appropriate to ask the person I see this happening too. lol

  14. I have used Loreal Bronzer but don’t like the sparkle they added to the formula this year. I switched to Loreal Gelee and so far like it. A little goes a long way, it isn’t expensive and the color is gradual. No sparkle or smell!

  15. After trying many, many self-tanners, I’ve finally found two I really like, for different reasons. I love St Tropez mousse (Sephora). It has very low odor and looks bronze-brown (how a tan normally looks) after just one application. However, even though it goes on beautifully, you have to be careful getting it even. I also really like Victoria’s Secret self tanning lotion. It gives a nice color and can be applied easily. It has more odor though and takes two applications to match one of St Tropez. Have you tried Victorias Secret Pink bronzing lotion? I LOVE it! It is not self-tanner. It’s kind of like brown lotion, or makeup for your legs. :) It gives a great glow, washes off, smells great, and is perfect for using on non self-tanner days!

  16. Really?? I don’t ever smell anything! and I’m weird about odors. :-)
    Oh well, it’s not for everyone.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Hey Liz!
    No it doesn’t smell like Jergens at all! I hate that smell. It might have a slight smell but it’s not noticeable and it smells nice.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Jessalyn Eaton says:

    I ordered this and tried from one of your previous posts….while it gave a nice, non-orangey color and didn’t “stink” when I applied it, it did start to “stink” after about an hour. I just can’t bear that smell! ha! Guess I’ll stick with white.

  19. Hi Cyndi–
    I’ve been using the Jergens tanning lotion and have had good results. However, my 22 year old daughter thinks it has an odd odor!! Does the Sun Labs product have that “self tanning lotion” smell?! Thanks!


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    Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion – Walking in Grace and Beauty

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