A Sentimental Christmas Home Tour


With all the Pinterest worthy Christmas Home Tours, I really didn’t want to share my pictures. I didn’t know how to describe mine except to say it’s a Sentimental Christmas Home Tour. It’s not Pinterest worthy but it all means something to me.

My mom always said to make your Christmas home looks it’s prettiest, just add fresh greenery. So I always add touches of it throughout my house.

This is my entrance hall table. The wall art is from Red Letter Words. I get lots of emails about it!


I couldn’t get a good picture but I have our Nativity Scene in the entrance hall table. This nativity scene was given to Wayne and I as a wedding gift when we married, so it’s very special to us.


I also can’t get a good picture of my dining room because of that huge window but I tried.


This is a picture I snapped when it was dark outside.

christmas tree

My Mom loved to decorate with magnolia leaves and after she passed away one of the Sunday School classes at our church planted a magnolia tree in our yard in memory of Mom. I use those leaves to decorate.


This is my dining room hutch with my Mom’s Christmas dishes. She used them every year and I love them!


The carolers I have in my hutch were from both of my grandmother’s. I miss them both and have such wonderful christmas memories with each of them.


This table is also in my dining room. The small Christmas tree was my Mom’s and it’s decorated with small coffee mugs.


For some reason I decided to decorate this tree with colored lights and I didn’t like it. I always use white lights and next year I’ll go back to them. This tree is filled with ornaments that have been given to us.


I would love to decorate my mantel beautiful but unfortunately we have a TV over ours. Ugh! So I just add some greenery with lights. The stocking with Cory and Courtney’s name were stockings my Mom used for them and I’m planning on getting one for Colt to match.


This is a plate my Mom had given me and the white dish is from my Aunt Pat (Mom’s sister).


This Christmas tree plate was also given to me by my Aunt Pat.


That’s my sentimental Christmas. It’s nothing fancy but it’s full of sweet memories that I treasure.

How do you decorate for Christmas? Do you have things that are special to you?

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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  • At 2013.12.16 08:56, Kerri Spicer said:

    WOW….. not much to say but WOW…it is very lovely and beautiful! Christmas: no matter whether the decor is on a large scale or small, is always beautiful and shows ones own decorating preferences and the love and time spent in the preparation. Hoping you have a sweet week! I am in knee deep preparation for our road trip North to visit family.

    • At 2013.12.16 09:11, Beth McMillen said:

      Beautiful Cyndi! I love that you choose to use decorations with meaning. I do the same, it helps to keep our loved ones who have passed a little closer to our hearts. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

    • At 2013.12.16 09:08, Felicia said:

      My home is decorated with things passed down as well. Some of my favorite decorations are crocheted angels and snowflakes that my grandma made. She had a brain tumor that affected her speech but it sure didn’t affect her hands. That year she crocheted oodles and oodles. They are so precious to me.

      • At 2013.12.16 09:21, Barbara said:

        You Christmas decor is beautiful. I ,too, love to use a lot of greenery in my Christmas decorating. It is not only festive for Christmas but also for January. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas!

        • At 2013.12.16 09:28, Cassie said:

          I love all of this. I’m a terrible decorator but that’s okay! On Thanksgiving I did a “memory” table. The plates belonged to my husband’s mamaw who passed away almost two years ago and the lace tablecloth belonged to his granny who passed away a few days before this Thanksgiving. My late father’s favorite hat was hanging on the corner of my china hutch. It helped me feel like those who were not with us physically could still be part of the day.

          • At 2013.12.16 09:31, Kim said:

            Your home is beautiful….and I love that your decorations have such meaning. I am a huge white light person but I absolutely love your tree with the colored lights. I hope you are falling more in love with it every day…..looks wonderful, reminds me of my childhood we always had colored lights. Even though I too now have white lights, I may have to change one of my tree to colored lights because of your pics:)

            • At 2013.12.16 09:44, Tracy said:

              I absolutely think your pictures are Pinterest worthy. I find it super refreshing and comforting to find pictures of a Christmas home that has that lived in, warm, comforting, settle in for great company look. I appreciate all the other “perfectly decorated” homes, but I’d be afraid of leaving fingerprints or breaking something. Yours says to me, “come in, your welcome here, let’s celebrate the true meaning of Christmas together”. I love that! Thank you so much for sharing, your home is beautiful as well as your soul. Merry Christmas!

              • At 2013.12.16 09:50, Kerrye said:

                Your decorations are beautiful and perfect for your family! (I have grown a distaste lately for all the over-the-top pinterest decor. It just seems gaudy and “carnival” and loud, missing the point of Jesus’ birth all together…) Be proud of your simple and meaningful Christmas – that’s what we should be striving for!

                • At 2013.12.16 10:07, Gerrie said:

                  How beautiful. Definitely Pinterest worthy. I think the older we get the more sentimental we become.

                  • At 2013.12.16 10:32, Teresa said:

                    Oh Cyndi! Everything is beautiful and sweet and meaningful. You did a great job! In general I prefer white lites and my husband prefers colored lights. We have colored lights. They are all beautiful though. God bless you and yours

                    • At 2013.12.16 10:34, Teresa said:

                      P.S. Cyndi how do you keep the fresh greenery “fresh”? Thanks

                      • At 2013.12.16 11:18, Kendra said:

                        Your home IS Pinterest worthy, Cyndi. It’s lovely! I love what Joy Forney said a little while ago: “I don’t want a Pinterest perfect house, I want a home that is Christ perfected.” Have a wonderful, blessed week :)

                        • At 2013.12.16 11:54, Jennifer said:

                          I think it’s gorgeous!! :)
                          Merry Christmas!

                          • At 2013.12.16 12:23, Janice said:

                            I think it is great not to commercial. Love the natural element.

                            • At 2013.12.16 12:45, Beth Harris said:

                              Your home and Christmas decorations are beautiful and reflect special memories of loved ones and pay homage to the meaningful role that each played in your life. I espcially like the picture of the lit tree that you took in the dark. It reminds me that Jesus said that we are the light of the world and the light shines in the darkness. You shine for Him everyday and it shows. God’s blessing on you and your family for a very merry Christmas and a greatly blessed new year. Beth

                              • At 2013.12.16 14:42, Linda (Phila burbs) said:

                                hi cyndi. thankfully there are others of us out there that don’t put up 36 trees in our living room alone. last year i started to get caught up in the decorating frenzy and this year, i’m back to being truer to myself with my sentimental and homemade ornaments and i’m very happy about it. ur home looks GORGEOUS!!! merry christmas and a blessed 2014 to you and your family.

                                • At 2013.12.16 15:10, Richella @ Imparting Grace said:

                                  Your Christmas decorating actually reminds me of mine!! I try to make it look lovely, but mostly it’s sentimental. And my mom loved using magnolia leaves, as well. (Did you ever read the post I wrote about my mom and magnolia leaves? I wrote it 10 years after she died.)

                                  • At 2013.12.16 15:12, Lynda said:

                                    Been a very sentimental Christmas for me. This post cheered me.

                                    • At 2013.12.16 15:24, Heidi @ Decor & More said:

                                      Love that everything has a little story… makes it all the more beautiful!
                                      xo Heidi

                                      • At 2013.12.16 15:37, Susan Jeffries said:

                                        It is clear that your mom is still very present in your home. I love that:) You home is beautiful, just like your heart! Susan

                                        • At 2013.12.16 15:56, Lynn said:

                                          Cyndi, your Christmas decorations are beautiful! They make your home warm and inviting. I like the white lights as well. This year my tree is simple just burlap ribbon for garland and silver & clear ornaments from Costco:) I have some mercury glass looking candle holders and paperwhites on my mantle. I love the lights and candles that make everything warm and cozy. I am making an intentional effort to focus on the birth of Jesus even more than usual this Christmas.

                                          • At 2013.12.16 16:31, Adele Greenburg said:

                                            Beautiful, Cindy. Thanks for sharing.

                                            • At 2013.12.16 16:54, Lindy said:

                                              Precious Memories Cyndi . Thank you for sharing your christmas.

                                              • At 2013.12.16 17:23, Becky said:

                                                Love all the beautiful decorations. A lot prettier than some I have saw on Pinterest. It conveys a very warm family welcome, when I look at all these pictures and there is nothing more beautiful than family,
                                                past and present. Merry Christmas!

                                                • At 2013.12.16 17:23, Gina Samia said:

                                                  Beautiful decorations Cyndi. We haven’t done very much decorating this year, as we just do not have the room. We do have a beautiful tree, and we have some various decorations in our living room and bows on the windows outside. Our home is very small, so that’s about all we can do…especially with having a 4 year old and all of the many toys that come with her. :) Her toys are my decorations these days.

                                                  I agree that your home and decorations are Pinterest worthy and more. :)


                                                  • At 2013.12.16 19:05, Susan said:

                                                    It all looks very precious, Cyndi.

                                                    • At 2013.12.16 19:24, Vickie said:

                                                      Much better than Pinterest that doesn’t look real! Thanks for sharing.

                                                      • At 2013.12.16 19:37, Sherry said:

                                                        It looks great Cyndi. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

                                                        • At 2013.12.16 22:17, Laura said:

                                                          Love it! Thank you for sharing! I would much rather see real people’s homes lovingly decorated and cherished than Pinterest any day =0)

                                                          • At 2013.12.17 07:33, Suzanne Dennis said:

                                                            Lovely, just lovely. We had magnolia leaves on the reception tables at our wedding almost 40 years ago! A sweet lady in our church brought them from her home to decorate for us. Magnolia leaves are charming and elegant, I think.

                                                            • At 2013.12.17 10:31, Joanna S. said:

                                                              I absolutely LOVE your home because it’s so meaningful and personal and real (and doesn’t make meel feel like a complete loser;) thank you so much for sharing. Merry Christmas!

                                                              • At 2013.12.18 14:31, Kathy H said:

                                                                Your home is beautiful. I love that you have meaning behind your décor. My Dad and I love the movie “It’s a wonderful Life” and we would watch it together every year. Sadly my Dad died exactly two weeks before Christmas in 2011 of a heart attack. Years ago, I started a Christmas village based on the movie for him. Now when I do my village; I watch the movie and I know that my Dad is with me as I put it together. Thank you for sharing your pictures and have a Merry Christmas.

                                                                • At 2013.12.18 15:37, Lynn Case said:

                                                                  I think your home looks beautiful! I teared up when I read about the magnolia tree and how you use the leaves.

                                                                  (Required, will not be published)