We Can’t Drop the Baton!

Olympic running track on a sunny day

The Olympic 4×100 meter relay is one of the most spectacular sporting events you can watch.  Four individuals consecutively make one trip around a quarter mile track at a full sprint in less than forty seconds, and in the process they pass a small metal baton to each other. The four fastest individuals in the world […]

The Prosperity Gospel

The Prosperity Gospel

There’s always a gospel being preached saying if you follow Christ, life will be good. If you give money, you will have more money given back to you. Suffering will not be a part of your life. That’s called the prosperity gospel and you will not find it in scripture. Try preaching that gospel to the […]

Sunday Encouragement-Peace I Leave With You


If you listen to the news at all, you know our world is lacking peace. Not only is our world lacking peace, but many of our homes are lacking peace. My Mom’s favorite verse was John 14:27. When things in our family life would get difficult, my Mom would always remind me of this verse. Christ […]

Into The Light

Into the light

Happy Sunday friends! You all know how much I love music and especially christian music. I love to share songs that I’ve been listening to through the week. I think I might have found the theme song for this blog. The song is called, “Marvelous Light” and it has wonderful lyrics and it makes you […]

Easter Gives Us Hope

Easter Gives Us Hope

Happy Easter friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day! What a day of celebration and Hope for those of us who know Jesus Christ. He is risen! Then the angel spoke to the women. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He isn’t here! He is […]

Good Friday Thoughts


Hey friends! Today I’m not sharing any fashion or beauty tips. It’s Good Friday and I want to focus on Christ today. As I think about this day, I’m reminded that He was thinking of me as He journeyed towards the cross. The pain He was going to suffer he did it willingly. I did nothing […]

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Today, Palm Sunday, marks the beginning of of Holy Week. It starts with Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem, where a hero’s welcome awaits him. The streets are lined with people waving palm branches and singing. They’re ready for him to be their King—but Jesus’ purpose is far more significant than gaining political status and power. […]

Sunday Encouragement-Dealing With Loss

Sunday Encouragment

**I shared a little about my Mom yesterday and I know some of you have followed my blog since 2009 but there are many of you that are a little newer around here. I wanted to share this older post about my Mom with you. She was the one who introduced me to blogging and […]

Sunday Encouragement-Facing Life Storms

Jesus is in control

March is usually the beginning of warmer air which causes some instability in our weather around here. One week, we can have a snow storm and the next week thunderstorms. I’m always amazed at how quickly a storm can pop up. Life storms are the same way. They can pop up quickly! Death, financial difficulties, family issues, marital […]

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