My 6 “Must Have” Hair Products

My 6 "Must Have" Hair Products

I'm in the process of letting my hair grow out. It's in that not looking so good stage. I'm going to try for a few months and then if it's not working for me, I'll cut it off. Here are some haircuts that I like. I want a longer version of the … [Continue reading]

Let’s Bring Out The Boots!

Let's Bring Out The Boots

Happy Monday friends! The temperatures were in the 70's yesterday so I decided to bring out the boots. And by looking at my picture, I seem a little giddy about it. I recently purchased this dress from the LOFT. I thought it would be one of … [Continue reading]

Make No Mistake, He Knows My Name

Make No Mistake, He knows my Name

We live in a world, where anyone can be famous in an instant! One video, one picture, one hashtag that goes viral and you could end up on the morning news. It might be temporary, but for a short time you could be famous. Television shows like … [Continue reading]

Camouflage Pants For Women Over 40

Cato chambray shirt

Let's talk camouflage pants for women over 40. Who would ever have thought that camouflage would be "in style?" Not me! When I think camouflage, this is what I think of, my husband has worn camo for years. Being an avid hunter and fishermen he … [Continue reading]

How To Style A Military Jacket

How To Style A Military Jacket

I added a military jacket to my closet last year and I'm ready to start wearing it as soon as the weather cools down. If you have one, or are planning to buy one, here's how to style a military jacket. I love this casual look. It's easy to … [Continue reading]

Young Living Oils I Use Everyday!

Young Living Oils I Use Everyday!

Several of you have emailed me about the Young Living oils I use daily. I use the following oils, and then some days, I add more depending on what I need. I'll tell you about the ones I add in a future post. One thing that I'm super excited about … [Continue reading]