Tie It Together Thursday

Welcome to Tie It Together Thursday! This is where I take an outfit that you send me and add all the accessories. So please, if you have an outfit send it to me at cyndispivey(at)gmail(dot)com.

Tie It Together Thursday

Today I’m styling a dress for Debbie. Her son is getting married in October and she’s wearing this gorgeous grey dress from Lane Bryant.

Lane Bryant dress

Accessories are important especially when it comes to a wedding. Of course, you don’t want to out shine the bride but Debbie is the mother of the groom, and she is a part of the wedding party. It’s a big day and she will want to look her best!

I recently attended a wedding of a dear friend of mine. She was the mother of the bride and she was stunning! Here’s a quick picture of her waiting for her daughter to walk down the isle. Her dress was gorgeous but look at her accessories. Obviously the necklace was the focal point so she kept her earrings simple.

Teal Wedding

With the dress that Debbie is wearing the neckline is busy so I didn’t add a necklace. Debbie said eggplant was the main color so I decided to add that color in her heels. These are Kate Spade heels, and they’re gorgeous! I think they were $295. I’m sorry the price is high, if you can find a cheaper pair that looks this good, go for it!

Tie It Together Thursday

Next, I went with silver jewelry and you’ll notice, I like bling! Don’t be boring on such a special day! All the jewelry I found online at Ann Taylor.

Ann Taylor jewelry

Lastly, I popped a silver clutch. I found this at Ann Taylor also.

Silver Clutch

Here is the look all put together!

Grey Lane Bryant Dress

So what do you think? Would you go with a colored heel?

Beauty for the Heart~~“The cost of your sins is more than you can pay. The gift of your God is more than you can imagine.” -Max Lucado

Have a blessed day!

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Tie It Together Thursday

Hi! Welcome to Tie It Together Thursday. This is where I take an outfit that you’ve sent me, and I add the accessories. I tie it all together!

Tie It Together Thursday

Today I’m styling this beautiful dress! Mary sent me the picture and said she will be wearing this to an August wedding. The dress is definitely the statement piece. It’s very busy so I’m keeping everything else simple!

August Wedding

First I picked out the shoes. Hands down I would wear a pair of slingback heels. There are sooo many to choose from. I found these on Zappos.com. I don’t know if you all use Zappos but I love it. They ship quick and you get free shipping and free to send them back if you don’t like the shoes. You can find these here.

Black Slingback heels

I would wear silver with this dress and I found these bracelets at Baublebar.com. I love the silver chain and the other one is a pop of something trendy. If you have a pretty silver watch, that would be great too!


Silver bracelets


I kept the earrings simple since the dress is our statement piece. These I found at Dillard’s online.

Sterling Silver earrings


I’m crazy over box clutch’s. They’re perfect for a wedding because you don’t want to drag a big handbag around. I found this one at Macy’s.


Box Clutch


Here are all the pieces put together!

Tie It Together



Tie It Together Thursday 1


This dress was much harder to style than I first thought. It has so much pattern, I struggled figuring out what to add that doesn’t take away from the dress.

So what do you all think? Would you have added anything different?

Beauty For the Heart~~Lately, I feel when I tell people we have two foreign exchange students living with us for the school year, they look at me like we’ve lost our mind. That is debatable.

So why are we doing it? Because Christ has not called us to a life of comfort and ease. He’s called us to be servants and to share the gospel. It’s the very least Wayne and I can do.

Believe me, I don’t always get it right. But I’m striving to act and think more like Christ. To think of others more than I think of myself.

Hebrews 13:16 says, “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

Have a blessed day!

P.S. Each of us are called to different tasks, having someone live with you is not for everyone. But find what God wants you to do and where He wants you to serve, and then do it!

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Tie It Together Thursday-Adding Accessories

I’m excited about my new feature, Tie It Together Thursday! This is where you send me a picture of an outfit and I add the accessories.

I’m NOT a professional stylist. Just a girl who loves to accessorize! It’s fun to take an ordinary outfit and make it pop!

Krista, sent me this Ann Taylor dress~~It. is. adorable! She only paid $25 for it! But I do think it needs some accessories to make it pop. I love the square neckline and the silver zipper.

Tie It Together Thursday

So here’s how I styled it. Black & white is on trend so I went with that color scheme. When wearing a square neckline, I like to stay with a choker style necklace. This neckline definitely draws your eye straight to the neck.

Tie It Together Thursday

I love these Enzo Angiolini’s pumps. They are the perfect mix. They combine the comfortable height of a mid-heel with the trendiness of a cap toe. Macy’s $130 (I know a little expensive but they looked so good with this dress).

Tie It Together Thursday

Krista had mentioned wearing a black boot to take this look into fall. Here I paired the outfit with a  Nine West Metra Bootie. Its sleek and sassy style will dress up your look in no time. DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) $74.95

Tie It Together Thursday

Tie It Together Thursday

Here are the other accessories:

GUESS Earrings, Silver-Tone Large Hoop $15

Tie It Together Thursday
Silvertone Circle & Square Bracelet-$44.00 ( I love this bracelet! You could wear it with so many outfits.)

Tie It Together Thursday
Charter Club Necklace, Five Strand Jet Bead-$38
Tie It Together Thursday
Jessica McClintock Handbag, Satin Window Evening Clutch $55.99 (sale price)
Tie It Together Thursday

Okay so let’s be honest, most of us are NOT going to spend this much money on the accessories. But these are just ideas. You certainly can look at them and then try to find them cheaper.

It takes me quite a while to put these looks together so I don’t alway have the time to find the cheapest alternatives.

If it were me, I might spend my money on the the shoes in the first picture and then add accessories I already have in my closet. First, I would try to find the same shoes but at a cheaper price.

So what do you think? How would you style this dress?

Beauty For the Heart~~“You can’t truly rest until every area in your life rests in God.” -AW Tozer. I’m resting in Him today!

Have a blessed day!

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Mother’s Day Outfits

It’s hard to believe this weekend is Mother’s day. It’s still a little difficult for me since losing my Mom in 2009. I miss her so much! If you still have your Mom hug her extra tight, there’s nothing like a Mother’s love.

We do have an exciting weekend because my son is graduating from Law school this Saturday. I know my Mom would be so proud of him! Mom adored Cory and he adored her!

This picture was taken at Cory’s high school graduation in 2006. He was picked as the Salutatorian of his graduating class and Mom and Dad were thrilled. He went on to play college basketball at Asbury College, where he graduated in 2010.

Mother's Day Outfits

With all the celebrations, I’m trying to figure out what to wear. Do I wear a dress, pants, capri pants, etc.??

Here are some tips if you’re trying to decide what to wear for Mother’s Day:

1. If you’re going to wear something you already have but want to update your outfit add some cute accessories. I love to do this! I recently purchased this coral stud bracelet from J Crew (remember when I said studs were in style and you all said you couldn’t wear them?).  The thick gold bracelet is from JC Penney’s and the cross bracelet is from Francesca’s.

Mother's Day Outfits

2. Update an outfit you already have by updating your shoes. This can make all the difference and it’s an easy way for women our age to look trendy. Right now wedge heels are everywhere so adding them to your outfit will give it an updated look.

3. My rule of thumb is, “it’s better to be over dressed than under dressed”. Thankfully, women’s styles are dressier and more feminine right now and I’m glad. So if you’re not sure what to wear, go with something dressy and feminine and you’ll look great!

Here are some outfits (new and old) I’ve put together that would be perfect for Mother’s day.





How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Do you know what you’re wearing?

Beauty For the Heart~~I shared this poem in 2011. My brother wrote it right before my Mom passed away so I thought in honor of Mom, I’d share it again.

There is None Better!

I hear people brag about their moms, but if they ever met mine they would know. There is none better.

You think you know a Christian that talks the talk and walks the walk? Well let me introduce you to my mom. There is none better.

I always thought the best way to describe a Christian is “Servant.” You should meet my mom. There is none better.

Do you know someone who is unselfish? Puts everyone above themselves? Would give you anything they had? I call her Wanda Faye, she’s my mom, and trust me, There is none better.

I’ve known her 37 years. I’ve seen her faithfulness. I’ve gotten up at 5 in the morning and found her reading her bible. I’ve watched her prepare to teach bible studies. This isn’t just a bias. I’m telling you! There is none better.

She’s fighting cancer now. She even does that selflessly and gracefully. I can’t tell you how many cards she has received. What does my mom do? She uses all the energy she has to try and write everyone back. Do I really need to do anymore convincing? There is none better.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to meet my mom you know what I mean. If she’s touched your hand, smiled that sweet smile, told you she loved you, told you she was praying for you, well consider yourself blessed…she meant every word. There is none better.

If the Lord does decide to take her home before we are ready. I can’t say I blame him. He knows what I do. There is none better. ~by Blake Long

Have a blessed day!

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Favorite “Pins” Friday

Oops! I’m a day late with my Favorite “Pins” Friday. Technically I guess it’s Favorite “Pins” Saturday. Sorry about that, we are housing 8 boys for Relevant weekend at our church. Let’s just say it’s crazy around here!

One of the easiest ways to make any outfit look great is adding accessories. It’s so much fun! I love these gold bracelets.

Favorite pins Friday


I just purchases a similar pair of earrings. I think they’re so cute! I didn’t know when I pinned them, they were from Francesca’s, which is where I purchased mine.
Favorite pins friday


How can we forget about a pop of color with a handbag. Dont’ you love this one?

Favorite pins Friday


Lastly, don’t forget to laugh. Sometimes life is so serious but laughter is a good thing. So watch a funny movie, or hang around someone who makes you laugh. It’s good for the soul!

favorite pins friday


When is the last time you belly laughed? Doesn’t it make you feel good?

I’d love for you to follow me on Pinterest! Also I have a facebook page and I love to chat over there.

Have a blessed weekend!

Favorite “Pins” Friday-Accessories

Three cheers for Friday! Today my Favorite “Pins” Friday are all about accessories.

This picture from Pinterest takes a plain white button and brown skirt and pops some cute accessories. Perfect!


This picture pops a turquoise bubble necklace with a simple gray t-shirt and black blazer.


Scarves are also a great accessory to add to your basic wardrobe.


I have said this before but if you want to add some of the latest fashion trends to your wardrobe but don’t want to spend a lot of money, add accessories. You can add them to the clothes you already have in your closet and create lots of different looks.

Do you try to add accessories to your wardrobe? Where do you buy most of your accessories?

I would love for you to follow me on PINTEREST? You can see all thing I love.  Also, chat with me on my FACEBOOK page, it’s a great way to connect with me and ask me any questions you might have. If you want to see pictures of my day to day stuff, follow me on INSTAGRAM!

Beauty For the Heart–I’ve been reading the book by Max Lucado called, Out Live Your Life. I love this paragraph in the book, it says, “Here’s a salute to a long life: goodness that outlives the grave, love that outlasts the final breath. May you live in such a way that your death is just the beginning of your life.”

What we do today can have a lasting impact, even after our life on this earth is over. I want to live that kind of life! 

Have a blessed weekend!


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