Skin Care Products That Really Work

This is one of those hot off the press posts! This morning on The Today Show there was a segment from Good Housekeeping about the best anti-aging skin care products.

So in case you missed it, here are some of my favorites!

Skin Care Products That Really Work

This was the gold winner for day cream moisturizer, Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair. It has a 30 SPF, Yay! The best thing it’s only around $21!

Skin Care Products That Really Work

Boots No. 7 Lift & Luminate Night Cream was the gold winner for night creams. Again the price is great, around $21.

Skin Care Products That Really Work

Lastly, I would love to try this eye cream, Avene Retrinal Eyes. It has to be bought through a physicians office so I’m going to check with my dermatologist. It’s around $44 which is less than the eye cream I’m using now. This eye cream was the silver winner (the gold one was $260, which is out of my price range).

Skin Care Products That Really Work

Well, I just wanted to share this with ya’ll. If you’re like me, you’re always looking for good skin care that will slow down the aging process. Sometimes I think I wake up with a new wrinkle every day!

Have you tried any of these products? Don’t you love good products that don’t cost a fortune?

Beauty For the Heart~~God does more that forgive our mistakes; he removes them! We simply have to take them to him. -Max Lucado

Have a blessed day!

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31 Days Of Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40

Okay, here we are at the beginning of October! I’m so excited to begin this series-31 days of Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40.

I’m guessing that a lot of you are like me and asking the same question, “How in the world did I get here?” It was just yesterday that I had my first pimple!

Of course everyday when I get up and look in the mirror, I realize I’m not 16, or 26, or 36…..I’m 46! I don’t know about you but I’m noticing age spots, crow’s-feet, gray hair, spider veins, gravity issues everywhere (to put it nicely), and the list goes on.

So, over the next month we’re going to look at ways we can look younger, thinner and feel better. We are NOT over the hill! Remember 40s the new 20, 50s the new 30 and 60s the new 40. Works for me!

We’re going to start at the top of our body, the head, and work our way down. I’ll be sharing some to-do tips and some not-to-do tips. Believe me, I have a lot to learn too and I can’t wait to get started!

Tomorrow we’ll talk Hair. What looks good, and what makes us look younger.

To get us started, I’ll leave you with “things that shouldn’t be seen on anyone who has left her twenties”: (This is not my list but is from the book, How Not To Look Old by Charla Krupp.) In my opinion I think it should be more like anyone who has left her thirties:

  • A dead-middle part with straight hair, no layers
  • High ponytail
  • Braids
  • Beaded braids
  • Thick, structured headbands
  • Ribbons
  • Kiddie barrettes
  • Glitter
  • Hair accessories that could be mistaken for toys or charms
  • Scrunchies

**I’m using two books as resources, How Not To Look Old by Charla Krupp and Staging Your Comeback by Christopher Hopkins.

Day 2- Hair~Fashion & Beauty for Women Over 40
Day 3- Hair Color~Fashion &Beauty for Women Over 40
Day 4- Eyeglasses~Fashion & Beauty for Women Over 40 
Day 5- Eyes~Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40
Day 6- Eyebrows~Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40
Day 7- Beauty For the Heart~Passing On Our Faith
Day 8- Eyelashes~Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40
Day 9- Skincare~Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40
Day 10-Foundation~Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40
Day 11-Cheeks & Lips-Adding Color
Day 12-Teeth~Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40
Day 13-Top 25 Clothes That Just Gotta Go
Day 14-Beauty For the Hear~Life is Short
Day 15-Our Neck: Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40
Day 16-Over 40 Fashion: Matchy Matchy is out!
Day 17-Our Wardrobe Essentials: Fashion over 40
Day 18-Minimize The Midsection
Day 19-Finding the Right Jeans: 13 Do’s and Don’ts!
Day 20-Shorten those Skirts: Fashion over 40
Day 21-Beauty For the Heart: Blessings
Day 22-Nails: Fashion & Beauty For women over 40
Day 23-Shapewear & Bras: Fashion & Beauty For Women over 40
Day 24-10 Ways to have Younger Looking Legs
Day 25-It’s all about the Shoes: Fashion & Beauty For women over 40
Day 26-Adding Accents: Fashion & Beauty For Women Over 40
Day 27-Shop For A Cause: Fashion & Beauty For Women over 40
Day 28-Beauty For the Heart: Finishing is More important than Starting
Day 29-10 things in 10 minutes take off 10 years
Day 30-1o things for less than $100 to take 10 years off
Day 31-Fashion & Beauty for Women over 40
Thanks so much for stopping by, have a blessed day!
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Beauty Secrets That Will Take Years Off

Do you ever look at your face and go hmm…I’m aging. I have to be honest, I do. I’m never going to look 20 or even 30 again but there are some beauty secrets that will take years (okay, maybe not years but you can look better) off your face.

I’m going to be real honest with you ladies. Yesterday, I was sharing about a necklace I recently bought and I took this close up of the necklace. I didn’t post it because of the wrinkles around my eyes. Yep, it’s true!

I could have easily fixed this in my photoshopping. I could have smoothed out those wrinkles. But that’s dishonest and in the grand scheme of life they’re just wrinkles.

There are much, much bigger issues in life! Those wrinkles are from 45 years of laughter and tears. I laugh hard, but I also cry hard. They’re from staying up half the night with babies that are teething or running a fever, sleepless nights from worrying about my teenagers, losses in my life, and now the joy and laughter from being a grandmother and I wouldn’t trade any of it!

I’m tired of seeing so much photoshopping done because it makes us feel we should all look like the models in the magazines. It’s not realistic!

I want to celebrate life and enjoy each stage. But if your like me you, you probably want to look and feel your best.

So, today I’m sharing some beauty secrets that will help you look and feel younger.

1. Start with your skin. “Your makeup is only going to look as good as your skin,” says celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter. Taking care of your skin is key to helping you look and feel good. I don’t think you have to spend hundreds of dollars either. Some of my favorite skin care products are from the Regenerist line from Oil of Olay.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, 1.7 Ounce

 2. Wear Makeup. There’s definitely a fine line between wearing too much and wearing the right amount. But wearing foundation, concealer, a little blush and mascara can help you look younger. You don’t have to spend hours on your makeup but just a little can go a long way!

 3. Use a Bronzer. The trick is to create a subtle healthy glow, not a deep savage tan. When you apply the bronzer don’t sweep it all over the face, instead apply it on areas where you will look naturally contoured. For a fresh, youthful look, apply the bronzer on the temples, and right under the cheekbones and a little on your jawline. This creates a tanned look that will appear light and modern, and will keep you looking younger.

Rimmel Sunshimmer Shimmering Maxi Bronzer Sun Kiss

is a great inexpensive bronzer to use.

4.  Add Color To Your Cheeks. Adding color to your cheeks can give you a youthful glow but make sure you apply it correctly. The older you are, the higher up on your cheekbones you should focus the color. Don’t apply it to the apple of your cheeks that looked cute in your 20’s but it’s not enough definition for older women.

5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep! Yep, that’s right. I’m reading more and more about how a good nights sleep helps fight aging. It’s also good for your mood, your heart, and your overall health. So, stop staying up so late and get some shut eye. It will do your face some good! ( I realize if you have young children this could be a problem but this too shall pass. :-))

Okay, let’s be truthful, does aging bother you? Would you ever do anything more drastic??

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