Favorite Drugstore Makeup Finds

Good morning!

It’s Monday and it’s raining here, which would be great if I could stay

home all day, but unfortunately I have to head out to work.

Today I wanted to share three products I’ve recently tried. I purchased all of them

at our local CVS Pharmacy. They are easy to find and inexpensive. Yeah!

The great thing about purchasing them at CVS is, if I don’t like something,

I can return it and get my money back. Perfect!

  • Revlon Colorstay gel eyeliner.

I use brown and I love this product, because of the container.

The brush is stored in the top. It’s a great idea, because you don’t have to spend time

looking for your eyeliner brush each time you use it.

  • Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadow Duos in Browntones.

As we age, neutral colors look the best on us. I want my eyes to look good but I don’t

want to wear colors that are glittery or are going to show off my lines and wrinkles.

This is a beautiful neutral color. I use an off white eyeshadow over my entire lid

and then add both of these colors. It’s a very soft and natural look. Perfect for my age.

  • Maybelline New York Lash Discovery Washable Mascara in black.

This mascara is great for adding length to your lashes and the brush is small

for hard to reach lashes, like mine. I have short eyelashes and I don’t want to

wear mascara that will make them look clumpy. Love this mascara!

If you have a great drugstore find, please share it with us! 

Beauty for the Heart~~“I could not help but think that somewhere along the way

we had missed what was radical about our faith and replaced it with

what is comfortable.” ~David Platt

I love that quote, I want to be radical with my faith, Jesus says in Luke 9:23,

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take

up their cross daily and follow me.”

Let’s pick up our crosses and follow Jesus today!

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