Fall Trend Report-Handbags

Before we talk about the fall trend report for handbags, let me say after looking at the trends, I think you could carry any handbag and be “in style.” It seems big, small, boxy, crossbody, fringe, vintage, and the list goes on, are all popular.

Fall Trend Report-Handbags
For me, it’s all about convenience. I like to carry a lot in my handbag so I generally veer towards the larger ones.

I get a lot of emails asking me to show my handbags in my pictures, but I’m kind of boring when it comes to what I carry. I pick one or two a season and I carry those all the time.

I don’t like switching handbags every day. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

I also get questions about matching your handbag to your shoes or your belt. I would say it’s not necessary. Try to stay away from matchy matchy.

Gone are the days that we match our shoes and our handbag. Have fun with different patterns.

Without further ado, here are some handbags you might want to carry this fall/winter.

1. Satchel Handbag-Furla Candy Satchel with Hardware

Fall Trend Report-Handbags

2. Classic Clutches-Steve Madden Bkatch Chain Clutch

Fall Trend Report-Handbags


3. Fur Handbags-DKNY Handbags Gramercy Faux Fur Top Handle

Fall Trend Report-Handbags


4. Envelope Clutches-Style & co. Leopard Lily Envelope Clutch

Fall Trend Report-Handbags

5. Messenger Handbag-Michael Michael Kors Hamilton Large Messenger Bag

(“Messenger bag” refers to bags that are styled after the ones bicycle messengers carry. They typically feature a shoulder strap so the bag can be worn across your body with the bag hanging down at your side or slung onto your back.)

Fall Trend Report-Handbags
What handbag will you be carrying this fall and winter season?

Have a blessed day! 

Beauty For the Heart~~Last night our military began air strikes against ISIS in Syria. When I heard the news, I immediately prayed for those young men and women who are protecting us. They are someone’s sons and daughters. I am so grateful and humbled by their service to our country.

Let’s commit to pray for our brave men and women in the military.

Have a blessed day!

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Spring Handbag Trends 2014

Spring Handbag Trends 2014
Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about spring fashion trends, spring shoe trends, spring nail color trends and spring hairstyle trends. So today I thought I’d share some Spring Handbag Trends.

As most of you know, pastel colors seem to be making a big comeback so of course we’re seeing that in handbags too. I have to admit, I love to pop a bright bold color with my handbag so I’m not sure I’m loving the pastels.

I’m sure like every trend, it will grow on me and by the end of the season I’ll embrace it. We’ll see!

Here are some handbags for spring 2014~~

spring handbag


floral handbag


coach handbag

vera wang handbag

bow handbag

pastel handbag

pink handbag


Some other trends are the mini handbags (they’re getting smaller), and floral handbags.

What do you think about the pastel handbags? Do you think you’ll be carrying one?

Beauty For the Heart~~My niece posted this on her facebook page and I liked it.


Have a blessed day!

***There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Walking in Grace & Beauty.  Thank you!

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Hot Handbags for Fall 2013

31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips

It’s Day 28 of my 31 Days of Fall Fashion & Beauty Tips and today we’re talking hot handbags! Oh how women love their handbags!

Some women will spend a lot of money on their handbags but some of us (ahem) don’t. We buy the off brands that look like designer handbags.

Either way we all love them and they’re pretty much a must have. I would be afraid to let you look in my handbag right now, there’s no telling the stuff you might find!

Here are some of the hottest handbags for fall 2013.


fall handbag trends 2013

Crossbody leopard print /Calvin Klein quilted handbag/Boxy clutch/Croco satchel/Purple Satchel/Traditional Satchel

Hot trends right now are

  • crossbody handbags
  • purple handbags
  • quilted handbags
  • boxy clutches

Do you love handbags? Do you buy expensive ones?

Beauty For the Heart~~Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth. Colossians 3:2

Have a blessed day!

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Spring’s Sunshine Yellow Handbags

Spring's Sunshine Yellow Handbags

Well, with the cold weather we’ve had over the last week, it has me daydreaming of warmer days, buttercups, and green grass. Spring will be here soon so why not check out some spring handbags.

If you’re a fan of color, you’re in luck because it looks like adding bright colorful handbags is going to be very fashionable.

As I was searching spring handbags, I kept seeing these bright yellow handbags. Carrying one of these handbags could cheer up the dreariest of days don’t you think?

These are designer handbags which means they’re a little pricey. I personally like to look at designer brands and then I will usually buy a handbag that reminds me of the designer look but at a fraction of the cost.


Coach Legacy Archival Bucket Bag


Prada Saffiano Parabole Tote


Kate Spade New York Charlotte Street Sylvie Satchel


Michael Kors Gia Shoulder Bag


Marc Jacobs Antonia Satchel


Reed Krakoff Gym Tote

For some reason I usually buy a new handbag at the beginning of each season. It’s usually the first thing I add to my wardrobe.

So what do you think about these bright yellow handbags? Would you carry one? How much do you usually pay for a handbag?

Beauty For the Heart~~Prayer is not about getting my will done in heaven, prayer is about getting God’s will done on earth.

Have a blessed day!

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Fashionable Christmas-Handbags

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to share 12 Days to a more Fashionable Christmas. There are too many things to share!

Today, I’m sharing fashionable handbags and I could have picked thousands but obviously we don’t have that kind of time. I did divide them into 3 categories that are all fashionable; Crossbody Handbags, Satchels, and Clutches.

1. Crossbody Handbags-These are fun and easy to carry.

Banana Republic Abbey leather cross-body, The Sak Iris Crossbody, Cayenne color,  and BCBgeneration Adele Cross Body (featured in PEOPLE magazine this month).

2. Satchels-I love this neutral color and I ordered the first one for my daughter for Christmas (she picked it out).

Steve Madden Bparkker SatchelCoach Madison Leather Zip Tote Handbag, Persimmon Orange, and Banana Republic Evan leather satchel (featured in PEOPLE magazine this month).

3. Clutches-These are so fashionable and the box clutches (like the red one pictured) are showing up everywhere.

Banana Republic Rachel Faux Leather Clutch, Magid Satin Box Clutch, and MMS Design Studio – Silver Studded Oversized Clutch (featured in PEOPLE Magazine this month).

I’m loving all the handbags and all the different looks! I think I have some cute ones in my closet that I need to pull out for the holiday season.

What style handbag is your favorite? Do you have a designer handbag that you love? 

If you’ve missed any of my 12 days to a more Fashionable Christmas, you can go here. Are you on Pinterest? I’d love to follow you, leave me a comment with your link to your Pinterest page. Check out my Pinterest boards here.

Beauty For the Heart~~Yesterday my devotional book said this, “Remember that you have an eternity of trouble-free living awaiting you in heaven.” What a wonderful reminder!

Have a blessed day!

**Disclosure: Actions you take from some of the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for cyndispivey.com.

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Accessorize Your Mom This Mother’s Day With A Handbag

Good morning friends!

Today we’re going to continue to honor our Mom’s with gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

I was blessed to have an amazing Mother and although she is not with me here on earth

her legacy lives on in each of her children and her grandchildren.

I love the quote that says,  “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie

for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” ~Tenneva Jordan

That was my Mom. Although I know she loved pie, she would have given it to her children,

hands down. I have countless memories of Mom staying up half the night to make us a

costume, help us with a school project, or make cupcakes for a school party.

Looking back, I don’t know how she did it all! But I’m so thankful for my Mom and although

I’m heartbroken that she’s gone, I still want to celebrate her life!

If you’re looking for something special to get your Mom this Mother’s Day, why not accessorize

her with a cute handbag. There are so many to choose from this spring/summer season and I’m

sure any Mom could use a new handbag! Here are several that I love~

This over the shoulder is for the trendy Mom and would be great to carry when you don’t want

to worry with a big bulky purse. I also love the color!


Casually sipping coffee at Starbucks or running errands around town with your children in tow,

every Mom would love this carry-all shopper handbag by Liz Claiborne. It’s perfect for all occasions.


This stylish colorblock tote would make any Mom fashionable for the spring/summer season.

It’s by Simply Vera Vera Wang.


Again, this season is all about color blocking! With a simple trim and polished silvertone hardware,

this gorgeous Style&co. bag would be perfect for any Mom.


 This is my favorite one by Steve Madden at Macy’s (actually there are others I like better

but they are way too pricey for me!) This handbag is elegant and highlights a pebbled texture

with shiny gold tone hardware, including chain-link detail on the detachable shoulder strap.

I love the chain-link detail and I’m on the hunt for a handbag that has that detail.


Accessories are a great way to add trendy fashion to any Mom’s wardrobe without having to

spend a lot of money. There are so many great ones to choose from!

Do you know what you’re getting your Mom for Mother’s Day? I’d love to know!

Beauty For the Heart~~One of the sweetest memories my sister and I have of Mom when she

was dying with cancer was at the hospital when she was receiving her first (and only) chemo

treatment. She looked so beautiful laying back in the chair hooked up to the IV that would

administer the drugs. It was hard for us to see and tears started streaming down Traci’s face.

I was trying hard not to cry and told her to try and be strong for Mom.

Mom saw Traci and said, “It’s okay, sweetie, you can cry.

You know what tears are, don’t you?”  Traci answered, “No.” Mom lovingly said,

“Tears are liquid prayers that flow straight to the heart of God.”

So typical of our Mom, always knowing just what to say.

On my, I can’t begin to tell you how many liquid prayers that have flown

straight to the heart of God over the loss of my Mom! 

I wonder how many of you have recently shed some tears.

Maybe because of the loss of a loved one, or the end of a marriage, maybe you’ve been hurt

by a friend. Whatever your pain, your tears have not gone unnoticed by a loving God.

God hears, and oh how he cares!

Praying today that you will feel his never ending love for you.

He will wipe every tear from their eye. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain,

for the old order of things has passed away. Revelation 21:4

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