Sunday Inspiration

Sunday Inspiration

Most of you know, I lost my Mom in 2009 to gastric cancer. I miss her terribly but I was telling my Dad that spring is especially hard. Mom loved spring and she would have a million projects planned around the house for her and Dad to accomplish. She loved planting flowers and watching everything […]

Sunday Inspiration-Don’t Grow Weary


Over the last several weeks, I’ve been doing a Bible study called, Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby . This week has probably been my favorite week.

Sunday Inspiration-Don't Grow Weary

We’ve been talking about how our actions reveal what we believe about God. Basically, talk is cheap. We can claim to believe in Christ but if we aren’t putting our belief into action, what are we really saying?

I couldn’t help but think about my Mom. She came to a crisis of belief in 2009. She was told she had terminal cancer. She knew her time on earth was almost over.

She had spent her whole life following Jesus and now in the midst of this news, what was she going to choose to believe?

Her words still ring loudly today. “I’ve spent my whole life teaching you (her children) how to live for Christ, and now I’m going to teach you how to die for Christ.” And she did!

Mom was a faithful servant. Even in when she was told she had terminal cancer, she remained faithful. She died knowing that her reward was “heaven”.

I want to be found faithful too. I don’t want to grow weary. Trials are going to come. Heartache is a part of this life. But a reward awaits!!

I was reading some things I had written about Mom over the last five years and I found this poem. It reminds me so much of her. She often said “my cup overfloweth”.

I never made a fortune, It’s probably too late now
Oh but I don’t worry about that much, Cause I’m happy anyhow
As I go along life’s journey, I’m reaping better than I sow
I’m drinking from my saucer,Cause my cup has overflowed
Haven’t got a lot of riches, Some times the goings rough
But I’ve got a friend in Jesus, And that makes me rich enough
I thank God for all his Blessings on me, And the mercy that he’s bestowed
I’m drinking from my saucer, Cause my cup has overflowed
Oh sure, I’ve been through some storm 
And yes, I’m sure there were times when my faith must have got a little thin
But you know what it seems like, One day all at once those dark clouds broke
And that old sun she started shining again. So Lord help me not to grumble
and complain about the tough roads I have towed 
I’m drinking from my saucer, Cause my cup has overflowed
And if I should go on living, If the way gets deep and rough
I won’t ask for other blessings, Because I’m already blessed enough
May I never be too busy, To help another bare his load
And I’ll keep drinking from my saucer Lord, Cause my cup has overflowed
Yes I’ll keep drinking from my saucer Lord, Cause my cup has overflowed

Let’s not grow weary! I’ve been listening to this song this week so I thought I’d share it with you.

Have a blessed Sunday!

See You In A Little While

See You In A Little While

Since the beginning of the year, it seems I have attended funeral after funeral. My heart breaks for the families because I know the feeling of loss they are experiencing. The pain is almost more than you can bear. Many of you know, I lost my Mom to cancer in 2009. Although I may not mention […]

Four Years Ago Today

Four Years Ago Today

Four years ago today, I woke up after a very difficult night. Mom had passed away around 1:30 in the morning. I did NOT want to get out of bed. I didn’t want to face the day. The pain was more than I could bear.

Three short months earlier we were in Charleston, South Carolina on vacation with Mom and Dad. Mom wasn’t feeling well and was being treated for a condition called atrial fibrillation.

This is a picture of Mom, Courtney and I eating out in Charleston. When I look back at these pictures now, I can tell Mom wasn’t feeling good. But we still had so much fun!

Mom at Charleston

September 22, 2009, Mom passed away from gastric cancer. Our family was devastated!

Here it is four years later, and I’m typing these words from Charleston, South Carolina. We’ve come back to one of our favorite places to get away and relax. I have such sweet memories here with Mom and Dad and I’m so thankful for that!

We’ll go to some of the same places we went four years ago and I know it will remind me of Mom. But in some ways it’s a good thing. I’ll celebrate her and the amazing woman she was.

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her, the pain has lessened with time but I still miss her terribly. There are so many things I need and want to tell her. Mom always knew the right thing to say.

She encouraged and loved and prayed. No matter what our situation Mom always pointed us to Christ. She knew that He was always the answer.

I hope that I’m that kind of Mom, wife, and friend. I don’t have all the answers but I know the One who does and without Him I would be lost!

This is a song I’ve listened to a hundred times but it always makes me think of Mom because I feel we lost her way too soon.

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Why A Cell Phone Made Me Cry

Why A Cell Phone Made Me Cry

Many of you who have read my blog for a while now, know that my Mom passed away from gastric cancer in 2009. It was one of the most difficult seasons of my life.

You might also know that I’ve recently been painting my dining room hutch. As I was painting, I decided to clean out the drawers. One of them is a “catch all” for things I’m not sure what to do with.

As I was cleaning the drawer out, I came across this cell phone. This was my Mom’s cell phone. This was the phone I saw her use all the time. I wasn’t prepared for the flood of emotions. I could hardly continue painting Friday night because the tears would not stop!

Why A Cell Phone Made Me Cry

It’s funny how one thing like a cell phone can catch me off guard and the pain of missing my Mom becomes almost unbearable.

What I’ve learned over the last several years is that I prepare myself for the expected things. I know I’m going to miss her on her birthday, at Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. So I prepare my heart. I pray more intensely and I get through them without falling apart.

But it’s those unexpected moments, like finding a cell phone that throw me for a loop. So what do I do?

I cry out to Jesus! I go to the one who can comfort me.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 says, Give praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! He is the Father who gives tender love. All comfort comes from him. He comforts us in all our troubles.


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{Day 28} Beauty for the Heart: Finishing Is More Important Than Starting

Day 28 Beauty for the Heart: Finishing is more important than starting

Each Sunday in October, I’ve been sharing Beauty For the Heart and telling you things my Mom taught me before she died from gastric cancer in 2009. The first Sunday of October I shared about passing on our faith, then we realized that life is short and last Sunday, I shared with you how Mom taught me to look […]

{Day 21} Beauty for the Heart: Blessings

Day 21 Beauty for the Heart: Blessings

The first Sunday of October I shared about passing on our faith. Last Sunday, we realized that life is short and today I want to share with you what my Mom taught me about looking for blessings. Psalm 67:1-2 says, May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us.  […]

{Day 14} Beauty For the Heart-Life is Short

{Day 14} Beauty for the Heart~Life is short

Last Sunday I shared how important it is to pass the baton of faith to those around us. My Mom (who passed away on September 22, 2009) certainly passed the baton of faith to me. Today I want to share one of the things my Mom taught me while going through her cancer~~ 2 Cor. […]

Simply Sunday-Beauty Tips

Simply Sunday-Beauty Tips

Happy Sunday Friends! I love sharing fashion and beauty tips but if you’ve been following my blog for very long you also know, I love to share tips on inner beauty. My sister and I were talking about an upcoming speaking engagement I have and I told her I wanted to share inner beauty tips. […]

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