Tie It Together Thursday!

Tie It Together Thursday

Hi there! Today it’s Tie It Together Thursday and I’m styling a dress for Susan. She has a blog called Charming Lucy and shares a lot of fashion & beauty posts, she’s super sweet. The dress she asked me to style is by a company called hazel and she received it in her Stitch Fix box.


I love this dress and I decided to style it two different ways since we’re at the end of summer and heading into fall.

First, let me say that I think shoes can make or break an outfit. You can have an adorable dress like this one and wear the wrong shoe and it’s going to hurt the overall look.

I know everyone can’t wear every style of shoe. But, if you have to have a really comfortable shoe because of feet issues try to look for styles that don’t age you.

There’s a website I found called BarkingDogShoes–fashionable finds for fussy feet. I would check her website out if you have fussy feet.

Now on to our hazel flower print dress. This dress is very busy so I wouldn’t add a necklace but I would pop a lot of gold and I’d start with the sandals.

I have a similar pair of these and I love them. They would look fabulous with this dress! I found them on Zappos.com.

My gold sandals

Here’s how I styled the dress for a end of the summer look. I would add large earrings and stack some bracelets. Actually, the more bracelets the merrier and of course if you have a watch, add that too.

Tie-it-together-thursday dress

The earring and colorful bracelet are from Francescas.com and the gold chain bracelet can be found at Brinkle.com.

The next way I styled the dress is for fall. I think this style would be perfect with a bootie and I love these from Banana Republic. You can wear them alone or add some black pantyhose.

black bootie from banana republic

Here’s the fall look and I kept the jewelry the same.


I know some of you are not crazy about the booties but I’m liking them. This is a copy from the Banana Republic website. They’re really popular and I want to wear some this fall/winter.

banana republic

Okay, let me know what you think! I love to get your feedback! Will you be wearing booties this fall/winter?

Beauty for the Heart~~“Someday God will wipe away your tears. The hands that stretched the heavens will touch your cheeks. The hands that curled in agony as the Roman spike cut through will someday cup your face and brush away your tears. Forever.” -Max Lucado

Have a blessed day!

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Fashion Over 40-What I Wore

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing some fashion over 40 outfits I wore this past week. I was obviously in a “blue” mood!

I’ve shared the necklace I have on with you several times. It’s my favorite one because it goes with so many of my outfits.

Fashion Over 40

Necklace- Francesca’s
Navy blue blouse- Old Navy
Skinny Jeans- INC at Macy’s
Nude flip flops- Francesca’s

Last week I told you I was going to pull some things out of my closet that I hadn’t worn this summer and decide if I was going to keep them or give them away. I pulled this sleeveless top out and I’ve decided I’m going to give it away. It’s just not working for me these days!

Turqoise sleeveless top

Sleeveless turquoise top- Not sure
Crop jeans- TJ Maxx, Ralph Lauren
Gold sandals- Marshall’s
Coral bracelet- JCrew
Turquoise bracelet- online

This is a comfy summer dress and I love the high/low look. I wore this coral necklace but I have some other necklaces that might have stood out a little better.

Navy blue dress with floral necklace

Navy blue dress- Stitch Fix, TART. If you want to try Stitch Fix go here.
Coral flower necklace- Stitch Fix
Gold sandals- Marshall’s

I’m going to try and pull some more clothes out this week and see if they’re a hit or miss. I want to clean out my closet before I start adding my fall pieces.

Do you all have any Labor Day plans? Can you believe that next week is September??

Beauty For the Heart~~I’ve been looking up scripture this week on the importance of good friendships. Who we hang around with can make a big difference, even at our age. Scripture says iron sharpens iron. I want to spend time with women who strengthen my relationship with Christ. Don’t you?

Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”1 Corinthians 15:33

Have a blessed day!

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What I Wore-Casual Summer Fashion

Happy Hump Day! I‘m so glad you stopped by. Today I’m sharing some very casual summer fashion.

It’s that time of the year, when I’m tired of all my summer clothes. Do you all get that way? I’ve worn everything over an over and I’m ready for something different.

I’ve also started another project at my house and it’s about to get the best of me! After going to the Haven Conference a few weeks ago and everyone raving about Annie Sloan chalk paint, I decided I had to try it.

What was I thinking? This is my unfinished dining room hutch. I’m not totally liking it yet and I may have to call in an expert, my sister Traci (please don’t tell her I called her that!). Here’s what it looks like today. I really want to get this finished by Friday!

Painted dining room hutch

Anyway, in between my paint clothes I wore these outfits. I’ve been so busy this week I only snapped two pictures. I love a white t-shirt with jeans but I like to dress it up a bit so I added a summer scarf and some silver jewelry.

Summer scarf

White t-shirt-Marshall’s
Ankle jeans-TJ Maxx

I’ve bought several things this year from The Limited.

striped tank top

Striped tank top-The Limited
Khaki pants-The Limited
Gold sandals-Marshall’s

I’m trying to go through my closet and pull out things I haven’t worn all summer and wear them before it’s over. Maybe I’ll find some new outfits!

This is a great time to buy summer clothes! Have you found any great end of summer sales lately?

Beauty For the Heart~~“It’s not every day that you find someone who will give you a second chance–much less someone who will give you a second chance every day. But in Jesus, you find both.” – Max Lucado. I’m so thankful for second chances! Aren’t you?

Have a blessed day!

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Favorite “PINS” Friday!

Here we are again! It’s Friday! It’s been a week of adjusting around our house. Both of our foreign exchange students are here and so we’re getting to know them and helping them adjust to a new school, home, friends, etc.

This is both of them on their way to school this morning. They were a little tired because we stayed up too late last night. :-)

Favorite "PINS" Friday!

Now, here are some of my favorite “PINS” this week~~

Favorite "PINS" Friday!



Favorite "PINS" Friday!



Favorite "PINS" Friday!



Favorite "PINS" Friday!



Favorite "PINS" Friday!

{unknown source}


I love a trench coat for fall. It’s the perfect in between coat before winter. I wear mine all the time when the weather starts to get cool.

Favorite "PINS" Friday!

{ unknown source}


Favorite "PINS" Friday!



Which “PIN” is your favorite this week? I love that red flower necklace!

Beauty For the Heart~~Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 17:8

Just thought you might need a reminder today that YOU are the apple of God’s eye!

Have a blessed day!

Tie It Together Thursday

Welcome to Tie It Together Thursday! This is where I take an outfit that you send me and add all the accessories. So please, if you have an outfit send it to me at cyndispivey(at)gmail(dot)com.

Tie It Together Thursday

Today I’m styling a dress for Debbie. Her son is getting married in October and she’s wearing this gorgeous grey dress from Lane Bryant.

Lane Bryant dress

Accessories are important especially when it comes to a wedding. Of course, you don’t want to out shine the bride but Debbie is the mother of the groom, and she is a part of the wedding party. It’s a big day and she will want to look her best!

I recently attended a wedding of a dear friend of mine. She was the mother of the bride and she was stunning! Here’s a quick picture of her waiting for her daughter to walk down the isle. Her dress was gorgeous but look at her accessories. Obviously the necklace was the focal point so she kept her earrings simple.

Teal Wedding

With the dress that Debbie is wearing the neckline is busy so I didn’t add a necklace. Debbie said eggplant was the main color so I decided to add that color in her heels. These are Kate Spade heels, and they’re gorgeous! I think they were $295. I’m sorry the price is high, if you can find a cheaper pair that looks this good, go for it!

Tie It Together Thursday

Next, I went with silver jewelry and you’ll notice, I like bling! Don’t be boring on such a special day! All the jewelry I found online at Ann Taylor.

Ann Taylor jewelry

Lastly, I popped a silver clutch. I found this at Ann Taylor also.

Silver Clutch

Here is the look all put together!

Grey Lane Bryant Dress

So what do you think? Would you go with a colored heel?

Beauty for the Heart~~“The cost of your sins is more than you can pay. The gift of your God is more than you can imagine.” -Max Lucado

Have a blessed day!

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My Latest Stitch Fix!

My Latest Stitch Fix!

Hi friends! I’m sharing my latest fix with you today. Some of you I know love getting your fixes, like I do. But I also know some of you have not tried Stitch Fix but I still hope you don’t mind me sharing my box with you.

I asked my stylist if she would send me transitional pieces for fall. I’m finished with summer clothes. I’m still wearing them but I don’t need to purchase any more.

Let me give you a word of warning! I tried these pieces on quickly and I’m not sure how I will style them. So don’t judge what I have on with them. :-)

First, they sent me these Sanctuary bootcut jeans. They’re a green color and I’m not sure what I’m going to wear them with but I will need a slight heel because of the length.

My Latest Stitch Fix!

This is a Whetherly striped cardigan. You can never have enough cardigans this time of the year. Just for fun, I put it over one of my navy blue summer dresses and added a belt.

My Latest Stitch Fix!
I love this Kensie metallic polka dot sheer blouse! I’m a sucker for polka dots and metallic is very “in” this fall/winter season. This could be dressed up or down but I think it would be great for a holiday party.

My Latest Stitch Fix!

When I first saw this Nick & Mo embroidered cardigan, I thought, “no way!” I thought it looked old ladyish. But after I tried it on, I kind of liked it and I think with a cute pink scarf it will work. What do you think?

My Latest Stitch Fix!

I’m not keeping this Kensie belted dress. It didn’t look good enough for a picture.

My Latest Stitch Fix!

So that’s my latest fix! It’s time to start going through my fall wardrobe and see what I have, and what I might need want. Cooler weather will be here before we know it!

Have you been looking at any of the fall fashion trends? Burgundy seems to be making a huge comeback! Do you like that color?

If you would like to try Stitch Fix, go here. If you want know more about it go here.

Beauty for the Heart~~God’s thoughts of you outnumber the sand on the shore. You never leave his mind, escape his sight, flee his thoughts. -Max Lucado

Have a blessed day!

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