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One of the fun things to add to our spring wardrobe is trendy handbags. Since we’re talking trendy, I think most of us would agree that we don’t want to pay a lot of money on something that might be out of style within a few years.

So today I’m sharing 15 Under $50 trendy handbags that are cute and fun to add to your spring and summer outfits.

There are 2 handbags that I purchased last year that I still see everywhere. This handwoven round rattan bag is one of my favorites.

15 Under $50-Spring HandbagsAnd this bamboo handbag is still trending. While you can see in this bamboo clutch, it’s not obvious, and I love carrying it.

15 Under $50-Spring HandbagsSome of the trends this season are very lady-like bags (yes!), structured, top handles and adding some snake print. Also, neon colors are trending and belt bags.

I purchased this colorful pompom tassel to add to my round tote bag. I also purchased this straw crossbody bag, and it’s adorable. I’m taking both of these on our vacation.

Also, someone mentioned needing clear purses to carry when going into a stadium. Amazon has a great selection!

What do you think about this year’s spring handbag trends? Which are your favorites?

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And because that same Spirit lives inside each of us, we move forward undaunted; we are unstoppable, and we live unshakeable. Focus on our unshakeable God instead of the chaos around you and he will carry you through the challenges and on to victory. -Christine Caine

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  1. First of all Cyndi, thank you for helping me on the clear stadium bags. I really like the crossbody you featured and I think I’m going to order it! Handbags are becoming my weakness lately and I LOVE all the ones you’ve chosen!. They’re all so cute, how do I choose just one? Have a blessed day sweet lady!

  2. I had a flash back with this outfit because I ordered every piece you styled and got lots of compliments when I wore it. The Loft jeans didn’t turn out to be my favorite but I still have them. I will definitely have to invest in a trendy summer bag. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow. You have given us an awesome selection of handbags at great price levels. I love the straw bag you purchased and May have to get that one. Love the tassels for adding color. Thks for sharing these posts. I just love your style. Can’t wait each day to see what you have to share. The BFTH hit home.

  4. I wish I had seen this post a few days ago…I ordered a round straw bag at a higher price point and I am unsure if I will get it before my vacation 🙁

    Your Beauty For the Heart has been touching me lately…we are walking through a valley right now and these always seem to speak to exactly what I need to hear!

    Thank you.

  5. Thank you for today’s Beauty from the Heart message. I’m visiting my sister in Seattle this week. She just started chemo treatments for the third time. Today’s message spoke to both of us and was the encouragement we both needed. By the way, my sister’s name is Cindy. Blessings, Cyndi.

  6. Oh I really like the straw crossbody unfortunately that one doesn’t ship to Canada:(so I’ll look at Amazon.ca or elsewhere… I have a large round straw tote from last year and the one at Amazon is still large.It suggests waiting for the smaller version if your not as tall or taller than the model who’s 5’7 so I’ll have to check back on that as I was waiting for something smaller:)and I’m only 5’3… thanks for letting us know what’s still trending. Once again a powerful BFTH… what a great God we serve I’m so happy to know him.

  7. Thanks for the purse post, Cyndi. Now that my kids are grown, and I don’t need to carry as much “stuff”, I find I am attracted to smaller handbags, and I do like crossbody bags. I am very particular, however! The bag MUST HAVE separate pockets for my cell and my keys on the outside, and my sunglasses and lip gloss on the inside… I search all the time for good options.

  8. I love them all Cyndi! But there is no way I will purchase a belt bag – can you say “fancy name for a fanny pack” LOL!! Just can’t do it! 🙂