2014 Fall Color Trends

Here are the 2014 Fall Color Trends. Radiant Orchid is of course the color of the year so you’ll still see it around this fall.

2014 Fall Color Trends

Royal blue seems to have been around for a while but it’s still going strong.

2014 Fall Color Trends
I love this color red, it’s called Aurora red.

2014 Fall Color Trends
Gray is supposed to be the new black and they call it Aluminum.

2014 Fall Color Trends
I had a hard time finding the Misty yellow color but I’m sure you’ll see it when you’re shopping. It’s a muted yellow.

2014 Fall Color Trends

Cognac color is everywhere from clothes, shoes, belts etc.

2014 Fall Color Trends

Cypress is an army green color and I found these pants at The Limited.

2014 Fall Color Trends
The other colors that you’ll be seeing this fall are Sangrai, Mauve Mist and Bright Cobalt.

Which of these are your favorite colors? Will you try to add some of them to your fall wardrobe?

Beauty For the Heart~~

What if we started with grace instead of judgment?

What if we looked for the hurt behind the action instead of focusing on our own reaction?

What if we taught our kids to offer grace rather than a knee-jerk reaction?

What if we really listened to each other?

What if we looked beyond the “I’m fine” to the hurting heart of the person beneath?

What if we spent more time looking for ways to help than focusing on how another person made us feel?

What if we offered forgiveness first?

What if we chose to love the unloveable?

What if we simply chose to follow God’s command to “love one another as I have loved you”?

What if we set such a great example of how to love others that our kids followed in our footsteps?

What if doing these things began to change the world? –Source

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love the fact that so many “colors” are the color of the season and that they are running from year to year! (and that they are bright and colorful and that black is not the color of the season – boring!) I’m also happy to see that many “trends” are coming back year after year (or maybe I am just new to noticing this !) I’m new to your site (love it!), well into my 40″s and finally am finding my fashion stride (thanks to folks like you, taking their time to keep the rest of us (me) on track fashion and beauty wise) Thank you!

  2. Do people really adjust their wardrobes based upon what a fashion designer has determined is the hot color of the season? First, it seems like a waste of resources. Second, what about wearing colors you love and look good on you? I don’t think most people can afford to overhaul their wardrobes each season. Timeless, well-made classic pieces that look good through many seasons are a better investment and use of resources.
    I realize this is a fashion blog but at times it just seems like a blog of excess. It may be more interesting to read about taking core pieces and switching them up or accessorizing.

  3. First, I love the beauty for the heart today. Not only beautiful, but how we are called to love. Love to see the grey as the neutral, like the royal, have my only pair of colored jeans (ankle) in the wheat yellow. I don’t see this as a call to overhaul my wardrobe, instead as insight as to what is coming that might catch our interest. Thank you for sharing, I love this blog, I work in scrubs, but in my real life, Christ first, then family, and I just feel better dressed a little nicer and not sloppy (God called me to be a R.N., thus the scrubs-I do not love them!) One of these days we need a thread on looking fly in scrubs and Danskos!

  4. Beautiful colors this year! I loved the beauty for the heart. So many people are hurting and so often cover it up. We need to love first and foremost!

  5. I love Royal Blue! I hope I can find more pieces to add to my wardrobe this year in Royal. I’d love to find some of the aluminum color in various pieces to expand my wardrobe from black.

  6. I took a peek at the other Pantone colors for Fall and I think I might like to do the Sangria in some accessories or maybe even a top.

  7. I don’t think this is calling for you to change up your entire wardrobe. It’s about having a little fun. I certainly don’t intend to change my wardrobe, but I do have an excellently made, timeless charcoal jacket that I will possibly purchase a $12.00 scarf in the sangria color just to pop the jacket a different way. Inexpensive costume jewelry, a scarf a new lipstick, nail polish, a small clutch are all ways you can try out a new color and none of those are close to excess.

  8. It’s not about changing your entire wardrobe to match trends but being aware of them is fun. Choosing accessories in some of these shades keeps your wardrobe current. Women in our age group who wish to age gracefully often pay attention to adding in a trend or two to be current and not counted out. How little or much we participate is an individual decision but should be fun, not pressure. Great info Cyndi! Your blog is fantastic for our age group!

  9. I also wear scrubs to work as a Med Tech. Because of this, my wardrobe is very limited…scrubs to work, gym clothes after work for a walk with the dog before and after dinner, and a few nice, casual outfits appropriate for church or dinner out. I really don’t need much more than this. Therefore, my shopping is very limited. When I do shop, I want to be sure to get something I am going to enjoy wearing and will get many years of use. I appreciate Cyndi’s blog as it encourages me in not only making smart purchases, but is more importantly, spiritual uplifting!

  10. Ouch!!! I’ve been reading this bog for a long time and have read frequent posts on doing exactly what you suggest. In fact, most of the posts are dedicated to that. However, as a fashion blog, it is nice to read what’s trending so I can look through my stash of clothing and accessories and make something old seem new again. I also like to add more trendy shoes to my wardrobe as I find nothing can update (or date) an outfit as well.

  11. I might add that the Pantone color palette is a “base line” for Fall. Certainly we can wear other colors and not have to change our entire wardrobe, although retail would have us believe differently! I use Pantone as a “guide” for being aware of new color trends we’ll be seeing in stores. I find it fun to see how my existing wardrobe can be utilized with the hottest new colors. I suggest wearing hues or shades close to the current Pantone color family that you probably already own. Cindi’s pants are a perfect example of doing just that. They’re not true Cypress Green but close, a shade or two lighter and more muted, yet they work well for Fall’s current style. We can’t all wear every color on the Pantone palette so it’s up to the individual to wear shades that will compliment our complexion, our closet and our budget. I agree, a few accessories or a new nail color can make an outfit we already own pop for Fall 2014!

  12. I wish they were showing more traditional fall colors. Most stores where I live show a lot of gray and black during fall and winter months. I favor warm colors. The red, cognac and green are pretty. Thanks Cyndi for the reminder to love and not judge others. God bless you for your kind heart.

  13. Hi Amy!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your input. I never want to come off as a blog of excess. My intent is to share fashion and trends for women over 40. It’s up to my readers to pick and choose what they like and don’t like.
    I am all about having a core wardrobe and mixing and matching from there. Then add colors that you love and look good on you.
    Thanks again for stopping by!

  14. Cyndi, love your blog, your sweet heart and your love to share God in what you do! I love the gray, royal blue, cognac, red, and the sangria. Those are colors that look good on my skintone. Would love to wear the misty yellow, but yellows tend to not be so flattering for me. Maybe if I can find that color in small amounts on accessories would work. Thanks for the info and for all you do!

  15. I love royal blue and I’ve heard that EVERYONE can wear that color, so it’s nice to see that it’s still in. Thanks so much for today’s “Beauty for the Heart” as I really needed to be reminded of all of the “what ifs”, but especially this one – What if we looked for the hurt behind the action instead of focusing on our own reaction? – I’ve been going through a family issue for six months and focusing on this “what if” is possibly part of the answer to the months of pain and feeling of abandonment. Thanks for your blog, Cyndi!!!

  16. First let me start by saying I am the mother of boys, and sometimes a girl just needs to get out of the house and get a little retail therapy! SO…Loft had the cypress green color ankle jeans on sale plus sale, a color I never have even considered, paired with a gorgeous really thin black sweater, also sale plus sale and some fabulous sale plus sale jewelry from Chicos, and a fabulous outfit that can go from business casual to ballpark was born 🙂 Thanks Cindy-you got me out of my box! Now to search for the perfect leopard flats (can’t do target, this girl needs some old lady arch support!) p.s., jeans totally reminded me of something on Pintrest Told Me To-another great blog, just 10 years younger!