2016 Spring Shoe Trends

2016-spring-shoe-trendsWell, we just had a huge snow storm and of course that makes me dream of spring! So I thought I would share some 2016 Spring Shoe Trends.

Now I’m not going to bore you with all the weird trends from the New York runways. I’m going to share the trends we “normal” women might wear. (By normal I mean wives, moms, women who can’t wear stilletos everyday!)

These are some of the trends I’m seeing in the stores and looking at for spring 2016.

I have seen this Halogen pointy toe flat a lot and as a matter of fact they have very few sizes left in this color. This incorporates several spring trends, pointy toe, flats and the lace up look.

2016-spring-shoe-trendsThis Eve Lazer Cutout Espadrille Flat is another spring trend. It has the lace up but it also has the cutouts which seem to be showing up for spring.

2016-spring-shoe-trendsMules are making a comeback and these are Toms ‘Majorca’ Peforated Mule.

2016-spring-shoe-trendsSilver shoes and kitten heels are also a great trend for spring. These are the ‘Jolene’ Pump.

2016-spring-shoe-trendsSlingback shoes and block heels are “in” for spring. These ‘Nix’ Slingback Block Heel Sandals incorporate both trends.

2016-spring-shoe-trendsSneakers are still on trend for spring. You can’t go wrong with these Chuck Taylor sneakers.

2016-spring-shoe-trendsAnother trend in heels is the white pump. This is a Marc Fisher d’Orsay pump.

2016-spring-shoe-trendsSo there you go some spring shoes that I can’t wait to wear as soon as the weather starts to warm up!

2016-spring-shoe-trendsWhat do you think? Are there any styles you like?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I love the way the New Living Translation says Romans 12:2, Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

I want to look different than the world, don’t you?? I want my life to reflect Christ!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I was right there with you til the white pump. Pretty brown legs could carry off that look, but with my snow white legs, I’ll be passing on those. I loved the post with pictures of your home! Keep them coming when you move!

  2. I have to say that I am not crazy about any of those except the white pumps. The mules look like they would be hot for the summer. Honestly don’t think I would like the lace up ones around my legs either. But to each its own. Variety is the spice of life.

  3. Oh dear……..something might be wrong with me!!!!!!!
    I could only see myself in the “Chuck Taylor’s” (well maybe the white pumps but because of my ankle injury I’ll probably never wear heels again….but a girl can hope, can’t she?) The mules….been there, done that and really they were never very flattering (and again, “heels”)……the espadrilles are cute but maybe without the lacing…..and those silver shoes….omgoodness…..they look like some of the orthopedic shoes I am suppose to wear…..only with a ankle strap and a pointy toe! I hope when you go down to TX you find us some other alternatives to the “trending spring shoes”. Otherwise it’s a plain espadrille that can accommodate my orthotic and I will be as trendy as I can be this spring…LOL!

  4. I found a pretty pair of silver laser cut flats that I love, but I am more of a gold girl. Cyndi, how would you wear the silver and can we mix metals as in gold jewelry with silver shoes?

  5. I have rectangular feet so I always cringe when the pointy toe shoe trend comes along. I like how they look on other people but they just aren’t comfortable for me. Can’t wait to see what you find in Dallas. It’s supposed to be nice and warm here this weekend.

  6. I’ve seriously had my eye on some lace up pointy toe flats! Love them! I’m thinking I want a bold color too. Out of my norm, but I think they’d be so much fun.

  7. I am liking those Toms and Niks, but I think those silver ‘Jolene’ pumps scream for a 70 year old woman…just sayin’.

    Have a great trip to Dallas, Cyndi!

  8. I hate when it’s time to put the boots up. They are so comfortable. Spring and summer shoes tend to hurt my feet. I don’t know why.

  9. Hi
    I have never posted a reply and normally I love all your styles and ideas but when I first saw these shoes I thought it was a joke….especially those silvers ones! I will keep reading your blog you normally do an awesome job but besides the tennis shoes all I can say is YIKES!

    1. Me too! Those silver shoes are the UGLIEST things I’ve seen in a while! Pointy toes are soo uncomfortable, I’m surprised they make anyone’s list of must-haves!

      1. I think the pointy toes make the foot look bigger and who wants that? My co-worker is a tiny thing and she wears pointy spiked heels and boots and flats. . They look rediculous on her. But to each their own and whatever makes you happy right!

    2. Hi Becky!! So nice to meet you!! Remember I didn’t pick the shoe trends, I was just sharing what I’m seeing. I might wear a few of these and then you can let me know!!
      Have a blessed day!

  10. I have never liked the look of the pointy toed shoe. Or, what I call the pic- a -boo toed shoe, like the Toms Mule. I love the shoe itself but don’t like the two toes poking out. Just looks weird with the big toe and its neighbor scrunched together, poking out the end

  11. I like the shape of the white pumps. However, I literally can’t stand white shoes, other than athletics/dance. Just a quirk of mine, I guess.

  12. I HOPE there are more choices for spring or I will have to stick to my floral pumps from last spring:D I wear mules in the operating room, so I KNOW I wouldn’t wear them anywhere else. Now for the white pumps and the silver…..too old-ladyish:((
    We live in the suburbs of Dallas and it is suppose to be beautiful here this weekend!

  13. I’m all about the Converse…I just got white ones last year but this year I’m going to add some fun pretty colors I think. I can really only wear a heel if it’s in a wedge form so I might just need to stick with basic flats. The older I get, the more I’m all about comfort! 😉 I’ll keep the more stylish stuff to my clothes and keep my shoes more simple. That’s just me. 🙂

  14. I love silver shoes you can wear them with pink,purlpe, Navy, red, all kinds of spring colors. I also love silver jewelry. The moles with the back strap are Gorgeous. I would love something like that in black they would look great with ankle pants. I always love spring but it is still chilly where we live it doesn’t truly warm up until after May10th. I love your blog and ideas. Be safe

  15. My favorites are the mules & slingbacks…in fact, I’ve never given mine up! Winter arrived so late I thought I’d never get to wear my boots, so not quite ready to put them away yet.

  16. Love mule shoes!
    I have a hard time with flats unless they have at keast a small heel. My feet kill me after a few hours in totally flat shoes.
    As for your home- YES 😃 Please share! And congratulations on the contract.

  17. How many pairs of those mules have I gotten rid of??!! And white shoes, too, when the whole world “went nude” with shoes. My husband detests the gladiator look, but those espadrilles look comfortable. Have fun in Big D!!!

  18. Wow! The comments are hilarious! I can clearly see why Cyndi says we all have strong opinions! 🙂 Cracks me up!

    I’m split down the middle–1/2 the shoes I like, 1/2 I wouldn’t give a second glance, let alone purchase! I’m too casual of a person to pull of the kitten heels, pumps or lace up shoes. Plus the pointy toe is hard for me to walk in.

    The sling backs and pules fit my casual look better. And I just need to break down and buy some Chuck Taylors.

    I’m guessing that when Cyndi styles some of these shoes I’ll change my opinion. I can be certain I don’t like something until I see Cyndi wearing–I realize it’s not so bad!

    How many of us had these same reactions to booties and skinnies when they first started trending???

    1. I agree with you. I like half Just got the Chuck Taylor’s from Nordstrom. Wore today and love them. But do go a half size smaller.

  19. Just read through all the comments and got so tickled, ladies our age have lived long enough to form our own opinions and we carry much confidence! YAY! I’m with most of the readers here that aren’t especially fond of any of these styles. However, with that being said, I imagine there will be take offs of all these looks with a more classy look, something for everyone. Such as the silver pair. I would not wear this particular pair of silver shoes that seem to scream dated but I would wear a cute silver shoe that has a more classy, youthful style. I can’t wait to see what you come back with from Dallas Cyndi! Thx for all your hard work!

  20. I have never liked pointy toe shoes – whether pumps or flats. I feel like my feet look like the wicked witch of the east. Lol. I also do not care for any type of lace up shoe.

    I do love mules and slingbacks and you absolutely have to love sneakers! 😉

    Hope everyone has a blessed day and for those of you in the very cold, stay safe and warm!


  21. I love all of them! They are fresh, fashion forward, fun and will coordinate with all the new spring colors popping up in all the fashion magazines.

    Sometimes we need to “tiptoe” outside of our comfort zone to discover or rediscover a trending new look:)

  22. I like the sling back and chunk heel style. I can’t wear anything pointy or flat so that rules out the others. Mules are a bit too high for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I too want to reflect Christ.



  23. Thanks Cindi for taking the time to find and show us the new Spring shoes that will be in this year. I think they are all pretty darn cute and Im looking forward to trying them. We may all be very surprised just how cute they may look on us if we give them a try.

  24. Dallas? you should go to Waco and visit the “Fixer Upper” store…!! hahaha
    I am obsessed with their show…. and they are only an hour away from Dallas… right?

  25. I like the mules and slingbacks . I never cared for lace up look they always seem to come untied or slip down.

  26. Thanks for the shoe update! I love the sling back shoe and hope it will fit well. Enjoy your trip to Dallas and I look forward to seeing all of the spring trends.

  27. I already have the chucks, so I guess I will be in style this spring, haha! Loving those mules…so glad they are back!

  28. Because I have to have really good arch support in all of my shoes, that has an impact on the shoes that I buy. I do live a very casual lifestyle now, so I definitely won’t be buying the heels. I ordered a pair of the Chucks, but I haven’t walked around them on the carpet yet, to see if they fit. My fingers are crossed that they will, with my Foot Solutions orthotics in them.

    Safe travels to Dallas!

  29. Sorry, but I think that silver shoe is hideous! I have a silver pair that is the same style as the white heel, but it’s a flat, I’ll stick with that! lol

  30. I love reading your posts but honestly, I’m a flip flop girl myself. I like the Toms and the Chuck Taylor’s. Seeing how things look on you has definitely made me try some new styles ( which I really needed to do!). I never thought I’d like the little booties but bought some last week and had lots,of compliments. My 30 yr old daughter told me Sunday at church “it’s pretty sad when my mama is more stylish than me!” I guess us grandmothers are supposed to be frumpy. Not this grandmother!

  31. Wow! Surprised at all the comments…I am loving the Nix slingbacks, the converse have been on my wish list for a while and the mules are great…I am excited ton see how you style some of the other trends; you always inspire me to push the limits if what i think i can do in fashion and look forward to your creativity this spring :)!! Its funny a few years ago a saleslady encouraged me to purchase silver sandals….i was truly amazed at tje versatility of that color!!!

  32. Oh my! I’ll have to stick with the sandals and heels and Sperry already in my closet…lol…I don’t like any of those styles.

    Have a safe and fun trip to Dallas.

  33. Love the Tom’s mule, and I’m a sucker for a good espadrille. I also have my eye on a pair of Sam Edelman leopard flat sandals I’ve wanting them since last year!