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2017 Best Beauty Products

This past year I tried A LOT of beauty products and I have to say I feel like I have found products that I love and that really work. So today I’m sharing 2017 Best Beauty Products.

I don’t think all of these products are organic (specifically I’m not sure about the SkinMedics products). I started using SkinMedics since seeing Brandice at Prive Med Spa. I’m going to talk more about my treatments that I have had at Prive in the future but for right now I’m sharing products. If you’re local I highly recommend Prive Med Spa.

So let’s get started!

2017 Best Beauty Products

  • The Handi Brush-I use this brush to apply my foundation. It works great!
  • Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush-A mineral blush and I wear the DuBonnet color.
  • SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex-I started using this a few months ago and I am seeing a noticeable difference. Recover Complex reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Enhances skin texture and enhances skin tone.
  • SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator-Provides immediate smoothing in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and supports the skin’s natural ability to replenish its own hyaluronic acid for overall skin health.
  • Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash & Rinse-I haven’t shared this hair product yet but when I started going to my new hair stylist, she recommended this shampoo and conditioner. It’s pricey but it’s concentrated and lasts for several months. I have used Monat and love their products but I think I like this better. It has changed the texture of my hair. My stylist also uses Kevin Murphy hair color which is PPD-free, ammonia-free and full of naturally derived ingredients including shea butter, honey and pomegranate. If you’re local I go to Cha Cha’s and Lauren cuts and colors my hair. If you mention me, you will get $25 off your first visit.
  • Jane Iredale Hydraion Spray-A natural, organic, ECOCERT certified product that plumps and hydrates your facial skin cells. I put this on after I’ve applied all my makeup.
  • L’Oreal Smoldering Eyeliner-I use this eyeliner on my upper lid waterline. It works great!
  • Jane Iredale PurePressed Foundation-This mineral foundation gives me a sheer, semi-matte finish. It has a flawless look.
  • Davines All In One Milk-Hydrating and shine-enhancing, for any hair type. Lightweight all in one milk softens, detangles, controls frizz and protects from frizz.

A few other products that I meant to add to my list are Kenra Volume Spray, Tarte Concealer, and Tarte Under Eye Corrector.

What are some of your best products from 2017?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I am not a huge fan of winter. Cold, dreary days get old quick. But this quote from Richard Foster reminds me that winter can be a season of growing.

“Winter preserves and strengthens a tree. Rather than expending its strength on the exterior surface, its sap is forced deeper and deeper into its interior depth. In winter, a tougher, more resilient life is firmly established. Winter is necessary for the tree to survive and flourish.”

Although I don’t love winter, I think I need winter. It’s a great time for me to dig deep into scripture and let my faith grow.

Colossians 2:7 says, Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.

Winter prepares me for the year ahead!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I also go to Cha Cha’s and have been using the Kevin Murphy and Devines products. I can honestly say these products are the best I have ever used! McKenzie does my hair and she fixed a bad cut and color that had received right after we moved here. My hair is now healthier than it has been in well over a decade! The Devines “Your Hair Assistant” hairspray is fantastic. It holds my fine naturally curly hair without making it look stiff.

  2. Love these tips and especially that many of the products are chemical free. I plan to ask my hairstylist if she can get that brand of hair color for me. Re the shampoo, could you comment on how it changed your texture a bit? My hair is very fine but frizzes easily. It is also starting to thin at the temples (I’m 50 and not ready for that!). Think it would help? Thanks, Cyndi!

  3. Thanks for sharing Cyndi, and I agree, what we chose to do as we age is to each their own. Have you been doing facial work because of sun damage or age? You always look great by the way. I haven’t used any of the products you’ve mentioned. In fact I use very little and have begun protecting my face even more over the last several years as I age. (smart eh?) My mom always had a great complexion and healthy skin, so I may have inherited that from her. My friend does use the Jane Iredale powder foundation, as she suffers quite badly from rosacea but I can tell you with that you would never know it, she looks absolutely beautiful, so it definitely works.
    Have a great Day, we are preparing for the storm headed our way.

  4. I’m not a fan of the winter either BUT I agree 100% with your sentiments. I love being outside and if I lived somewhere with year round seasonal weather I probably never sit still long enough to do all the reading I like to do :).
    Love that you’ve shared some new products – especially skin care. I’m at a place where I need to try something new, and good products are usually expensive so I’m hesitant to “just get some” if that makes sense.
    My hair person recently recommended the Monat products – interesting to hear you like the new on better.
    Thanks for all the great product recommendations – one question I do have…do you have normal/oily/dry skin, or a combination of those? Just trying to determine based on my skin which tends to be drier.

  5. Yes, winter is hard & derm’s office products are expensive but so worth it! I have been doing things almost a year now & people are really noticing. I have used Jane Iredale products too and love them. I am using Revision Anti aging tinted moisturizer in matte formula & still love it. I will probably switch to original formula when I run out for winter. I have heard alot of good things about It bye bye concealer too. Thanks for posting your list! BTW, my hair is becoming curlier in the last year & am dealing with that too…….strange things happen as we become older. I love the curly though to do as a change. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  6. Love that verse
    Just journaled this morning to Cling to
    Gods promises and dig my roots deep!
    My favorites euphora haircare products,
    Boots no 7 skincare and Mario badescu
    Facial rose water spray.

  7. Can’t wait to hear move about what you’re doing!!!!
    Thanks for sharing the products!!! Happy new year to you!!!

  8. Looking forward to your post on treatments at the spa. I would like to try some non evasive ones. I must admit that Botox scares me as I have seen some scary results. At the same time, I would like to look my best for my age.

    1. Jeannette, I’m looking at the R+F Redefine line. I have pretty dry skin, is it moisturizing? Trying to decide between Redefine and Reverse. TIA

      1. Hi Kimberly
        The way it was explained to me is if you have some sun damage Reverse is a better regime. Since I don’t have that, I chose Redefine. As I have “more mature” skin I also wanted something that would moisturize. I love the product. We have harsh winters here, so I’ve found that I will only use the PM cream approx twice a week. Normally use it every day. I have also bought the serum but have not started using it and just started with the Bright Eye Complex-eye cream and love it.
        Also they say the regiment is a 3 month supply, but since its so concentrated it last much longer. Its never a problem pushing my next shipment forward.
        Maybe more information than you wanted 🙂 but I hope it helps.

  9. I agree, it is your choice to have things done to your face but is it your vanity that makes you feel like you need to? You’re beautiful just as God made you…each step of the way.

    1. I’m sure some of it is vanity. I color my hair and I think that’s because of vanity but I like to look and feel my best. I think we have to be careful not to let it consume us.

  10. Not a fan of winter either, but I loved today’s quote! Sorry to hear about your tooth! Can’t wait to hear about your spa treatments. Thank you for sharing your beauty products! Have a fantastic day! 🤗

  11. I look forward to your posts each day. I would love to try the face products but WOW so expensive. Wondering how long long those 2 little bottles will last at almost $400 for both. I too am becoming a fan of IT products. Think the Jane ire dale sounds like something to explore. Thanks Cyndi for all your great tips. Look forward to your answers to some great questions.

  12. Cyndi, I laughed out loud about what you said about treatments and loving Jesus😂 I agree it’s a personal choice.
    I’m never going to to have any kind of surgery because there’s nothing I dislike about my body enough to have it cut on!
    I do use salon hair products. They are expensive, but last so much longer. I had to do that when I started getting grey. I don’t color my hair. Back in the day I was a redhead, so now I just look blonde. I started R&F in October, and I can see a difference. I have facials every 6 weeks or so. The salon sells Jane Irdale. I may have to check it out. Thanks for your posts!

  13. Cyndi, I hope your dental work isn’t causing problems this week- I’ve missed your daily posts! God bless!

  14. Hi Cyndi, I was reading about the Kevin Murphy plumping wash and rinse. Since it is expensive could you go into more detail about why you use it and what texture your hair is. I have fine hair but your hair looks thick. It says it’s good for thinning hair?
    Thank you for these posts! I always love trying new products.

    1. Sure Kathy! I have fine hair too, but a lot of hair. I have noticed that is thinning, which is why I’m using as preventive care. Thanks!!

    2. I also love Kevin Murphy! I started using it about a year ago and have only purchased 2 bottles during that time. I have super fine hair and live in a humid climate and this gives me lots of volume. I can feel it is thicker as soon as it suds up. I sometimes use the purple “blond” conditioner from this line to keep my highlights from getting brassy (can’t remember what it’s called) but even with just the volumizing shampoo, I get thicker hair.