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22 Days of Fall Fashion Recap & Top Sellers

Happy 1st day of October! It’s now time for apple cider, pumpkin patches, and cozy sweaters. It’s a beautiful time of year!

Today I’m recapping the 22 Days of Fall Fashion, and I’m sharing the top 10 items purchased in September. So let’s get started!

I love to have fun with fashion, and while I mix trendy with classics, I hope I give you ideas on dressing for the season.

One | Two | Three | Four

Five | Six

Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen

Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen

Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty-One | Twenty-Two

I love to see what your favorite things are each month, and this month did not disappoint. I have all of these items, and I love them all!

Old Navy CardiganAmazon Utility JacketAmazon CamisoleAmazon SneakersAmazon CardiganAmazon Crossbody BagJ.Crew TopTarget BlazerWalmart Turtleneck SweaterEtsy Coffee Mug

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Beauty For the Heart~~ Choose to honor God. Before the foundations of the world, God knew you. God crafted and formed you before you were even discussed amongst your parents.

You are not a mistake. Your life has a purpose. God planted you here, for such a time as this. God had intimate knowledge of you before you were conceived in your mother’s womb.

Choose to seek and surrender to the One who crafted you. Honor the One who formed you. -Vance K. Jackson

O Lord, I will honor and praise your name, for you are my God. You do such wonderful things! You planned them long ago, and now you have accomplished them. Isaiah 25:1

Have a blessed day!


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  1. It was a fun series and you gave such a nice mix of dressy, casual and athleisure! My favorite is #22! I would like to see WHBM.

  2. Now that you’re transitioning to Fall pieces, I’m really curious how you decide what you’re going to keep in your wardrobe and what you will purge? I have such a difficult time letting go of any clothes, then my closet gets totally overwhelmed. Thank you for all your fun and thought provoking posts, I always look forward to seeing your email in my inbox! 🍁🎃🍂☕️🍁

  3. I loved the Fall series and am sad it has come to an end. However, I eagerly await what you share next! There were many great picks among the items you styled. I purchased (and recommended to my friends) the Old Navy cardigan. It’s beautiful and so very soft…can’t wait to wear it. Blessings!

  4. Such cute clothes and you create outfits I wouldn’t have dreamed creating, so thanks for that. I feel like Old Navy has really stepped up their game recently and they have great sales, I appreciate you styling some of their pieces.

    Happy fall everyone!

  5. Hi Cyndi, loved everything especially your beauty for the heart! Do you ever shop at White House black market? Blessings on your ministry.

  6. Happy October and we are starting to get some cooler mornings here in south Texas so I’m excited to wear some of the items I ordered from your fall series. I can’t wait to get my utility jacket from old navy and I also ordered a few items you styled from Amazon. Do you get credit for those items too?

    1. Hi and Happy Fall. Love all of your posts they are so uplifting ! I was wondering if you could provide some ideas on what to wear with denim jackets. I love them but need some inspiration in this area. Thanks !

  7. I would love to know which items you actually kept and wear from your Fall series. Assuming you don’t keep them all? Thanks for such a fun series…..look forward to it each morning with my coffee. I can’t decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I have to enjoy each season. The holidays are so rushed as it is in the stores. That is neat you have someone to help. I’d like to see Christmas gift guides sooner this year, as I think we should shop earlier with not knowing how this covid is going to go. We could go into another shut down with flu season too and then the online only shopping is going to get crazy for shipping getting here on time for Christmas. I just started mine a few days ago for my grandkids. Hope to get my hubby to go this weekend to try to get started on the adults. I do sometimes forfeit the good later sales, but its less stress for me if I have the shopping done or almost before Thanksgiving. If I spend more and they decide to return the gift for any reason, then they have more money to spend right? LOL Have a great Thursday.

  8. Thanks for a great series. I think you cover quite a variety of stores. Because I’m a Canadian follower I do have to consider the shipping and exchange rates if we don’t have a Canadian site for me to shop at directly. I have a few of the items you’ve styled. Our weather has been in the mid to high 70’s with beautiful colors! What a blessing from God to see his work of wonders all around us:)

  9. I love the fact that you have a good mixture of price points. It’s not much fun reading blogs where everything (once you see the price) is like “Really?!” Do people really pay that much for things? Haha.

    I love your blog and the thought you put into everything. You’re a bright spot in my day.

  10. Thank you for the time you put into this series with JoLynn. It’s always fun to see you work together. Your style inspires me and stretches my own fashion sense. What stands out the most is your faithfulness and that is truly the most beautiful statement you make!

    1. Jess, I understand what you’re saying and the investment pieces are a great idea. I have wondered if there is not a market for these clothes, does the poor family starve? How do we balance this? It breaks my heart to think of little kids sewing my clothes and being treated unkindly. Does anyone including Jess have a livable sugestion? ( trying not to be political)

  11. I tend to stay away from super cheap clothes and buy investment pieces. I used to work in the fashion industry and I know all about slave labour etc. so Amazon clothes, while great in price just bring a whole load of guilt on me knowing that someone had to make it cheap and probably are not working in the best conditions. Having said that, to each their own, it’s just my preference. I would love to see clothes from Anthropologie and Aritzia featured which are my favourite stores…

  12. Hi Cyndi! Thank you so much for being you! I love that you have such a knack for mixing high and low fashion price points in such a fun and classic style! I also appreciate your kindness and words of faithful encouragement. I look forward to your email every day. In these troubling times, you are a bright spot every day!