22 Days of Summer Fashion-Alice-Inspired Clothes

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An all-new spectacular adventure comes to life in an HSN exclusive collection inspired by Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass. HSN  partnered with Disney to curate a whimsical, Alice-inspired product line.

Alice Through the Looking Glass is about an adventure, so follow me through the rabbit hole and I’ll show you some cute Alice-Inspired clothes.

I love a printed blouse and this one from G by Giuliana has a frilly tie-front. The fabric has a silky feel and is wrinkle free. I’m wearing the geo-floral color.

22 Days of Summer Fashion-Alice-Inspired Clothes

22 Days of Summer Fashion-Alice-Inspired ClothesThis Vince Camuto crossbody bag is fun to carry because of the bright, bold color and the cute tassels.

22 Days of Summer Fashion-Alice-Inspired ClothesThese girlfriends jeans  from G by Giuliana are a great summer jean. I love that they only have a slight amount of distress on the back pocket and that’s it. They have a ton of great reviews online, with many people mentioning that they went back for all 3 washes after buying one pair.

22 Days of Summer Fashion-Alice-Inspired Clothes

22 Days of Summer Fashion-Alice-Inspired ClothesThe weather is warm and I didn’t need this Giuliana denim jacket with this outfit, but I have worn it several times this week with my sleeveless tops. I take it with me everywhere in case I get cold in the air conditioning.

22 Days of Summer Fashion-Alice-Inspired Clothes

Outfit Details

Printed blouse//Girlfriend jeans//Crossbody bag//Denim jacket

There are many more pieces in the Alice Inspired Collection for HSN including housewares, beauty products, clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories. Pieces from designers like Heidi Daus, Giuliana Rancic, Vince Camuto, and Urban Decay all capture the magic of this fantasy adventure.

HSN is also running a special offer right now — new customers can get $20 off their order of $40 or more! (Exclusions apply.) Use the code 169087 at checkout. It’s a great way to try out their site if you haven’t ordered from them before.

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Make sure to stop by and see what Jo-Lynne is styling today for our 22 Days of Summer Fashion.

Beauty For the Heart~~I took this picture of Colt a few days ago after his baseball game. I had bought him some playdough.

He played with this playdough for hours! It was not fancy and it didn’t cost a lot of money but it was still fun for Colt.

colt allenThis reminded me that simple is not a bad thing, it’s often the best thing. We don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy life.

This summer, take a walk, smell the flowers, sit on your porch and take in God’s beauty!

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Cyndi,
    Colt is a cutie!!
    Love the blouse…. a floral kind of day, huh? Well, it looks divine on you! Love the jeans too. I bought a new pair while in Lexington…. love to shop on Sir Barton Way! God Bless.

  2. Hi Cindy! Beautiful and feminine top today and nicely balanced with the simply worn jeans. I’m very curious as I’ve seen this girlfriend cut in shops: what exactly is the difference between the girlfriend and boyfriend jeans??

  3. So this is unrelated to your post but here’s an update. I wore my heels to my son’s graduation (remember I have a hang up with heels because I’m 5’9″ – but I did it anyway). My mom made a snarky remark about me being too tall, but most people complimented me. I had fun, though. It was nice being able to wear pretty shoes for once! And most of the pictures they took, my son was in the middle, which is great! My husband is just about 6″, so in my heels I was a little bit taller than him (which I know makes me look weird, but oh well) -BUT – my son is 6’2″, so he was still taller than me, and so the pictures won’t look too silly. At least I did it though, it feels like a big step for me. Although I doubt I will wear them again any time soon because after just three hours my feet were absolutely killing me. I have no idea how you ladies walk around in such high heels all day! 🙂 I have slender feet, and the shoes fit well, but they still hurt really badly after a while.
    Anyhow, thanks for the encouragement!

    1. So proud of you!!! Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too tall!!! There’s no such thing!!! I’l bet you looked stunning!!!! Keep wearing those heels, girl!!!! Wish you had published pictures. Cyndi and JoLynne’s blog has certainly taken me out of my box of blacks and browns, and i have gotten several complements on finally incorporating some color!!! LOL I’m 5.7 and my husband is about 5.10 so when i wear heels or wedges, i’m as tall or taller than him, and we stand on a platform every sunday!! (we’re worship leaders at our church) We laugh about it and go on, and our casual attitude about it makes everyone else comfortable with it too!! Be your own kind of beautiful and embrace your height!!! God made you that way!!!! Blessings!!!!!!

    2. What is it with some mother’s and snarky comments to THEIR DAUGHTER’s about being “too tall” ( what does that even mean??) and you can’t wear heels cause you’ll be even taller…….. Why does this matter?😎……..Your mother sounds just like my mother; I have heard all my life how I’m too tall and boys/ men only like petite women…Really….. God made em all shapes and sizes…. And guess what….. Men/ boys like em all shapes and sizes…… Ain’t that simple…..Guess the Big Man upstairs got it all figured out….. Enough said…… Ladies no matter what your size, height, shape…… Smile, be polite and celebrate what the Good Lord gave you!

  4. I’m with Jo-Lynne, that bag is darling!!! The whole outfit is really cute though 🙂
    I was just saying to my friend yesterday how sad it is that kids today don’t have the same kind of childhood we all did, with all their technology and constantly being on a device. What fun we had playing outside, building forts, riding bikes…Playdough is awesome and doing it outside…GENIUS!!! 😉

  5. I tried to use the coupon code given for HSN, 169807 and it did not work. Do you have another code?

  6. Nice to see a top with sleeves. Most tops this season are sleeveless. I love to have a mix. I like the jeans too.
    My grand daughter loves playing with playdough. She likes creating cakes…who knows maybe she’ll be a master baker! Nana would love that 🙂

    Just came back from my daily walk. Always thankful for the things we take for granted at times.
    Have a great day

  7. Lovely outfit!!! You are always adorable! Precious pic of your grandson too!!! I hope to get mine next week!!! Blessings!!

  8. ❤️ Cindy you look so pretty!! I love that blouse on you!! Thank you for inspiring me with your ladylike and also current styles!! I was in a frumpy stage til I found your blog-and now I am enjoying life so much more!!

  9. I love your heels, but you didn’t add them in the post today. Could you let me know where to find them? Thanks

  10. Love love love the shoes! I’m a shoe girl. :). Can you tell me where they are from? The colors in the bag and top are so pretty. The jeans look amazing. Would also like to know what wash and size your are wearing. Thanks. Hope your day was filled with blessings.

  11. What size are you wearing in the blouse please? According to chart I would wear a small because I’m a 36 D but I am concerned that it would be incorrect. I usually wear large tops. Could you reference your size in this please.
    Thanks so much

  12. You look so cute! Like a couple of others have asked where are the shoes from; I’m crushing on them big time and think I just have to have them. Also, I have a trend question. I’m wondering if boyfriend jeans are on out and girlfriend jeans are in; what’s your take on that?