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23 Days of Spring Fashion 2021 Recap

Hi ladies! Here we are at a new month. I love the month of April; it really starts feeling like spring here in Kentucky.

Before we dive right in, I thought we would take a quick look back at the 23 Days of Spring Fashion 2021.

While I feel like fashion is changing a lot this year, I’m starting to like it more and more; it’s always fun to try and change things up a bit!

Click the day below the pictures for outfit details.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10

Day 11 | Day 12 | Day 13 | Day 14 | Day 15

Day 16 | Day 17 | Day 18 | Day 19 | Day 20

Day 21 | Day 22 | Day 23 

First, I really like all the outfits I styled. If I share outfits on my blog, these are outfits that I would wear. Why share things that I don’t like?

I always get asked about what I kept, and I went a little overboard in this series. I kept everything except the striped top from Day 13 and the Chambray from Day 12.

Since I had the blue and white striped top from Day 11, I felt like I didn’t have to keep the tan striped top. Also, I have a chambray top like the one I styled, but it’s sold out, so I purchased one that was online.

I always love to hear which ones you like the best! Thank you for being here; it means so much!

Beauty for the Heart~~ Easter reminds us that Jesus can and will revive us.

As Easter approaches, what does Jesus need to revive in your life?

Consider how I love Your precepts; Revive me and give me life, O Lord, according to Your lovingkindness. Psalm 119:159

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!




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  1. I liked day 4, 7, 17, 18, 19. From that, I gleamed that I like the new cropped straight leg pants.
    The only one I didn’t like at all was day 10. I felt the camo trend with the ruffle trend was too much. A simple tee would have suited better. Also, I felt the top would be cute on a child but not on a mature women, so that was a pass.
    Enjoy Easter with your lovely family!

  2. I’m having such a hard time with the fashion turnover this season. High waisted baggy jeans and tight crop tops everywhere in our college town. These are not flattering looks on most adults over 40.

  3. Great spring series… the time sure does go fast! My favorites were :1,4,5,12,15,17and 18. Have a great Easter. I will be hosting our turkey dinner on Sunday… expecting a lot of rain but they say April showers bring May flowers 🤷‍♀️

  4. My favorites are 3,11,17,21,and 22!! All are beautiful tho!!!! I struggle with the shorter tops but gleaned some GREAT ideas!!!

    Happy Easter!!

  5. Hi Cyndi, I like the striped spring/ summer dress and jean jacket idea even for my 2 daughters in their 20s.The white short sleeve top with peasant puffed sleeve too.
    I appreciate the scripture verse, beauty for the heart.. May our hearts be filled with the blessings of God’s grace in the fullness of His love this Easter.Amen🌿

  6. This was a great Spring series- I loved so many of the outfits you styled this year! The only ones that I didn’t care for were #8 and #10.
    Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter!
    He is risen!

  7. You and Jo-Lynn basically dress me and you have for a few years now! Fashion made so easy!!
    My most favorite days were 3 and 21. I love blazers, and like you, I think they are so classy and versatile. The jeans in day 3 are just like I wore in H.S. Loved the memories they sparked! I also love the chinos outfits. They looked so good on you. I’m planning to transition to them to replace the the cargo pants I have worm for the past several years in place of shorts. Unfortunately, chinos fit me weird through the hip and crotch area- almost as if they are flawed!? I read another’s review about problems in that same area. I’m assuming she has experienced the same thing. Several brands so far all are similar in that way…I haven’t purchased any as a result. Maybe J. Crew brand will be different? I couldn’t tell from your pictures. I’m going to try them.
    I loved the series and looked forward to it every day. Thanks for making my wardrobe-building so easy!

  8. Love your common sense fashion styles for real women living real lives! Here’s my fashion dilemma. I do not care for the new dress style which is waisted. At 66 I don’t have a waist anymore! I love sheath style dresses but having trouble finding them. My daughter’s baby shower is coming up and I have nothing to wear!! Any ideas?!

  9. Cyndi, I love when you do these line ups of the seasons. I hope you never stop doing them!! So fun to look back at what I loved and purchased. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration and thank you most for your witness in Christ our Lord.

  10. Happy Easter, Cyndi! I enjoyed seeing what you would style daily during March. My favorites were #5, #7 and #13. Thank you for sharing fashion with us and your love for God. You are beautiful inside and out.

  11. Love your outfit inspirations!! I especially like #one, three, six, twenty-one and twenty-two! You look great in all! Thank you for sharing these outfits with us! You and Jo-Lynne make a great team! I look forward to your BFTH each day and for sharing your love for the Lord! Have a most blessed Easter!!

  12. Can’t seem to locate where you style the peach/coral Spring coat. Can anyone help me?

  13. Love your Day 3 white blazer look. So youthful looking on you! Plus I’m getting me a pair of flare jeans. It’s a nice look with heels. Thanks for the inspo Cyndi!