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25 Days of Fall Fashion Recap

Well, I hope you had a good weekend. We had some beautiful weather, so we spent a lot of time outside. I know cold weather will be here before we know it, so I’m soaking up this pretty weather.

Today I have 25 Days of Fall Fashion Recap. When I have one of those days where I feel I have nothing to wear (it happens to all of us), I can check this page.

DAYS 1-3

25 Days of Fall Fashion Recap1/2/3

DAYS 4-6

25 Days of Fall Fashion Recap4/5/6

DAYS 7-9

25 Days of Fall Fashion Recap7/8/9

DAYS 10-12

25 Days of Fall Fashion Recap10/11/12

DAYS 13-15

25 Days of Fall Fashion Recap13/14/15

DAYS 16-18

25 Days of Fall Fashion Recap16/17/18

DAYS 19-21

25 Days of Fall Fashion Recap19/20/21

DAYS 22-25

25 Days of Fall Fashion Recap22/23/24/25

If you would like to pin them on Pinterest, here is a graphic for you with all the outfits.

25 Days of Fall Fashion Recap

Now, head over to see Jo-Lynne’s 25 Days of Outfits.

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Beauty for the Heart~~When you feel like this world is a mess and you can’t understand why we go through things, remember Psalm 46:1-3 (TPT)

God, you’re such a safe and powerful place to find refuge!
You’re a proven help in time of trouble—
more than enough and always available whenever I need you.
So we will never fear even if every structure of support were to crumble away.
We will not fear even when the earth quakes and shakes,
moving mountains and casting them into the sea.
For the raging roar of stormy winds and crashing waves
cannot erode our faith in you.

God has got you! Don’t fear!


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  1. Love you and Jo Lynne’s fall series. I did order 3 or 4 of the pieces you styled. (of course I did). Thanks for all the hard work you put into this

  2. Your right, fashion should be fun….we need to take it less seriously but sure wish the “trolls” out there would listen to that! Thank you soooo much…..for all you do to educate us!

  3. Wow what a great series. It would be hard to have just one favorite. I agree have fun with fashion… I’ve heard so much that almost anything goes( within reason I’m sure) and if it’s not your thing and you feel like you’ll stick out like a strawberry in a blueberry patch then don’t wear it. Besides it’s our inner self that really matters at the end of the day. That’s why I love your BFTH😀. Have a great one. Enjoying another beautiful sunny fall day. Had a hike on the weekend and picked apples.. nice to see some colors changing.

  4. this was a great series! Thanks for putting in all the work that you do every day for us! I went outside my comfort zone and got some faux leather leggings and just love them! Next on the list, some more plaid! 🙂

  5. Thank you for this latest ’25 Days of…’, I always enjoy them! I do have a question. Was trying to Pin some of the photos to Pinterest and no Pin icon came up on the photos. Is there another way of doing that?

  6. Days 6, 15, 16, and 25 were my favorites 🙂 – Great job again!. You’re correct in that it all comes back around…glad we don’t all like the same things – how boring would that be!

  7. This was one of my favorite collections so far! Not sure how I can pick just a couple of favorites. I’m headed to a conference later this month and can’t wait for my ruffle black leather jacket to arrive to take with me.

  8. Looking back on the 25 days you had lots of variety. I think it was your best so far. I particularly liked the post were you show a piece worn multiple ways.
    PS I liked the white booties on you. I think some fashion choices depend on personality, lifestyle and even where you live. You go girl!

  9. You have given me a ton of ideas! And…I get do some closet shopping. I have a red poncho that I’m going to be pulling out. Thank you!

  10. I loved this classy series that showed a lot of updated classics, along with great variety from casual to workwear to dresses and outerwear. I also enjoyed your vivid mix of colors and accents. Great job!
    I would be interested in hearing more about modesty dressing. I am particularly interested in seeing longer dresses, at least to mid knee. I really dislike tussling with short fitted skirts when I sit and they hike to mid thigh!

  11. Great series, Cyndi. I ordered the black dress and the denim shirt! I loved the floral dress from Macy’s, but the shipping was over $10. I miss Atlanta shopping.

  12. I liked practically everything in the series, Cyndi! I am of the “never white booties” persuasion, but hey, as long as we are not embarrassing our families, or denigrating the name of the Lord, it’s only apparel, and I think we should have fun with it! I did order a couple of things from this collection and, as always, appreciate Beauty for the Heart!
    Come on fall weather!!!

  13. I loved almost everything in this series! I tried to pin the graphic to pinterest, but nothing happened when I click on it. Can you check on that? Thanks so much for all your hard work. I look forward to your email everyday!

  14. Thank you so much for doing this series
    for us! I loved all of your outfits and taste
    in clothing is awesome! My favorite outfits
    on you were #’s 2,7,22,and 23 they look so
    nice on you and i would certainly wear these
    again!! Thank you again for all your hard work
    and have a blessed evening!!

  15. I was going to pick my favorites but there were so many this time! Just a great series! And isn’t it funny, our personal preferences?! I can not get on board with distressed jeans and raw hems but I loved the white boots! Wouldn’t life be dull if we all thought the same?

  16. Where did you find the leopard print heels. I have looked everywhere and can’t find any. I love the chunky look.