25 Days of Winter Fashion: Fringe Poncho + OTK Boots

Happy Monday and welcome to 25 Days of Winter Fashion. Today I’m styling a fringe poncho and over the knee boots. I gave you a sneak peek of these boots in my email on Saturday because they were selling out fast.

I’ve been asked many times, can petite women wear over the knee boots (I’m not petite, I’m 5’6″)?  I say YES! Just because you don’t have long legs doesn’t mean you can’t wear tall boots.  Find the right fit, and OTK boots can elongate your legs and even make you look tall. I think these OTK boots would be good for petite women.

25 Days of Winter Fashion: Fringe Poncho + OTK Boots

Ponchos are great for cool weather and I like the added fringe on this one from LOFT.

25 Days of Winter Fashion: Fringe Poncho + OTK BootsI added a couple of bracelets to my outfit and my handbag is from Target.

25 Days of Winter Fashion: Fringe Poncho + OTK Boots25 Days of Winter Fashion: Fringe Poncho + OTK BootsIf you’re not doing all the cooking on Thanksgiving day, this would be a great outfit.

25 Days of Winter Fashion: Fringe Poncho + OTK Boots 25 Days of Winter Fashion: Fringe Poncho + OTK Boots25 Days of Winter Fashion: Fringe Poncho + OTK Boots

Striped Fringe Poncho (I’m wearing XS/S)//Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//OTK Boots //Gray Tee (I’m wearing an XXS)//Necklace //Handbag //Bracelet //Bracelet

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Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see the winter outfit she’s styling today.

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Beauty For the Heart~~“Each day is a gift from God. What you do with it is your gift to Him.” – T.D. Jakes

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Well, I can answer that question Cyndi because all 3 of us on the blog are petite. Nancy (my 60+ model) is 5’0″, my mom (the 70+ model) is 5’4″ and I am 5’2″. And all three of us have OTK boots and we just wore them last week on the blog!!
    I love your saying today, Cyndi, because we are so blessed with the gifts we have, and need to use them for good!
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Very cute outfit for us South Texas gals. I am petite and I actually tried on some OTK this past weekend with my daughter. She actually liked them on me and she my biggest style critic. Although, they were on sale, I just wasn’t sure I would feel comfortable wearing them to work and I had a little trouble getting them on and off. But I may still buy them?
    Thank you for sharing and you look great. I love the fall trees in all your pics. Just beautiful!

  3. Oh I love this whole outfit.. I must try the over the knee boot one more time 😉.
    Thanks for your bfth it’s so true, and how we should strive to please him each day and make him smile.
    Blessings and have a wonderful day

  4. love it ! the colors the lines the styling !! like a breath of fresh air !!!
    Beauty of the Heart is so great and a true reminder of all we have to be thankful for. I do try to say a thank you on the first waking moments

  5. A hint for those petite ladies wanting to wear OTK boots – match your pant or tight color to your boot for a longer leg look.
    Love that you posted a look with a flat boot. I love the heeled boots but I don’t wear them anymore. We were only issued one pair of feet for our lifetime and heels do terrible things to our feet. I wore heels to work for years and am now paying with sore feet. Comfort all the way for me!

  6. Love this outfit. Everything about it. I looked online about the poncho and its reversible. What a great idea. I love both sides and great neutrals. Loft has such great clothes and really is my go to store for clothes. Thanks so much for the quote this morning. I so needed it. Struggling with all there is to do for Thanksgiving……large grocery shopping today to do etc……and woke up in a grumbling mood about it. I need to give a gift back to God today. 🙂 You look so cute. Love your blog, as its just fun to open each morning and see your great ideas. My closet is full of your clothes post.

  7. Beautiful outfit–that purse is especially good looking with it! I have discovered that some OTK boots come in different heights to work for different women. I am 5’7″, and have one pair of inexpensive ones that are called OTK, but they just come up to the bottom of my kneecap–I think they have an 18″ or 19″ shaft height. They’d be wonderful for a petite lady. I also have the Vince Camuto caramel suede OTKs that you and Jo-Lynne showed last season, and they are much taller, over my knee.

  8. This is such a casually sophisticated outfit. Love all the tones in the boots and poncho, and I’m not a poncho fan. But this may be the outfit to get one in my closet. Hopefully our winter will soon arrive in Central California, it’s to be 78 on Thanksgiving. Hard to get in the holiday mood without holiday weather!

  9. Love. The. Whole . Look.
    Thanks for your inspiration. Without you, I’d probably wear pajama bottoms and tennis shoes all the time!

  10. Great colors Cyndi!
    Everything is so “Fall Looking”
    but all so soft looking, love the
    look and congratulations to
    all the winners!
    Have a blessed evening!!

  11. I am such a sucker for neutrals and I love this outfit. Everything about it. I actually did try on a pair of OTK boots in Marshall’s today. That pair I didn’t love, but I’m going to keep looking. I’ve got a pair in mind. You know, we all have things about our bodies we don’t like and one of mine is my thighs. I sure don’t want to draw attention to them so I’ll have to find the “perfect” pair to really step out of my comfort zone. Happy Monday Cydni!!!

  12. Just curious, if you are a winner are you notified or do we have to contact you? I see in your blog of today that someone named cheryl H won to gift card however her name is Cheryl with a C and I am Sheryl with an S, but my last initial is H … if it’s not me, congratulations to Cheryl with a C 🙂