25 Days of Winter Fashion: Red Dress + Black OTK Boots

Welcome to Day 12 of 25 Days of Winter Fashion! If you’re looking for a red dress to wear this holiday season, this Maison Jules dress from Macy’s is under $50 with code FRIEND.

25 Days of Winter Fashion: Red Dress + Black OTK Boots

One of the reasons I love over the knee boots is because they work well when your dress is a little short. My OTK boots are from last season and are Sam Edelman boots. I have listed several Sam Edelman OTK boots below from this season.

25 Days of Winter Fashion: Red Dress + Black OTK Boots25 Days of Winter Fashion: Red Dress + Black OTK Boots 25 Days of Winter Fashion: Red Dress + Black OTK BootsI’m wearing BaubleBar earrings. I can’t find this exact pair on their website but if you’re looking for holiday jewelry, definitely check out BaubleBar.

25 Days of Winter Fashion: Red Dress + Black OTK Boots25 Days of Winter Fashion: Red Dress + Black OTK Boots25 Days of Winter Fashion: Red Dress + Black OTK Boots 25 Days of Winter Fashion: Red Dress + Black OTK BootsSHOP THE POST

Maison Jules Shift Dress (I’m wearing a small) //Over The Knee Boot (Similar Options here, here, and here) //Black Clutch //Watch //Bracelet //Strapless Bra

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Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see the winter outfit she’s styling today.

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  1. What a festive dress! Beautiful! Has your house sold yet? We spent 4 months living in an apartment waiting on our house to be built when we moved once with a teenage boy & girl sharing a bedroom. Good times😉 (they actually did very well). Hang in there!!! XO

  2. You just get more and more lovely in every post. In “real life” you must be breathtakingly beautiful!
    Thanks for the affordable fashion guide and the style tip about OTK boots and shorter dresses.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. What happened to the house you bought not too long ago? I must be really behind on reading the posts. I know I guilty of looking at the pics. So sorry I’m behind.

  4. You look so beautiful in this outfit! God bless your family with a wonderful Christmas!
    I like you lip color in these pictures; do you mind sharing what you’re wearing? I know that sounds crazy that I noticed but Im struggling with lip color these days. I need some color but i don’t want to be too bright.

  5. That is a beautiful dress! Very striking! Just wish I had somewhere to wear it.
    I’m seeing more and more of the OTK boots.
    Do you think these are appropriate for a 50+ women with gray hair?

  6. Fabulous! Can you give me some rules about over the knee boots, or other tall boots and the length of your dress? If OTK boots, does the dress need to be shorter than the top of the boot?

  7. Cyndi you look fabulous, love the whole outfit!
    I’m a little confused tho’, when did you move into an apartment? We are selling our home we built and moved into a condo…it’s tight but seriously what do you need but a place for friends and family to sit when they visit..lol. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  8. First I just want to thank everyone for the prayers for my Daughter and Grandson your sweet comments were so treasured. I think Staci’s trust has been totally smashed like her car window is right now and it will take some time…..and then my 84 y/o mother fell and crushed her upper arm/shoulder yesterday afternoon…….my plate is full and overflowing right now…… 😉 Thank goodness God is in control and He’s the giver of much peace and comfort right now!
    Cyndi, that dress…..omgoodness, you are just radiant and the dress is beautiful!

  9. You look beautiful! I thought you just bought a new house last year. It’s hard moving especially so close together. Praying you’ll have the sweetest of Christmases.

    1. Lori,

      I was so glad to see your post. I thought the same thing. Didn’t they just move into a beautiful house? I live in Chicago so it’s apartment living for me. I’m decorated to the hilt firvthe holiday.

  10. Boy do I wish more women would hear your message today “Let’s strive to be women who are careful with the words we say!” The other day I met a new woman in my class, she asked I’d I had any children, grandchildren. I said yes I have two kids, no grandchildren, my kids aren’t married. Her response “what did you do wrong since they’re not married”. So hurtful.

    1. I hear you. I have single adult sons and hear similar sentiments. I honestly could never see myself saying those comments to someone.

    2. Bobbi, You should have looked her in the eyes, smiled and said “You mean what did I do right ??!!” So many marriages sadly end up in divorce. There is nothing wrong with waiting. If it happens, great—-if not that’s okay too. I married at 21 and was divorced by age 30. I remained single until age 45 and now have a wonderful marriage . I have no children , but that was God’s plan for me ! MerryChristmas. It is so nice to connect with all of these nice people 🙂 Cyndi, you look gorgeous !!

    3. Well that wasn’t nice… everything is in Gods timing and his plan.. not ours. That’s definitely not up to us to do for our children.

    4. Oh, Bobbi! I cannot imagine someone being that rude! I think graciousness has become a lost art nowadays! Not everything that enters a person’s mind has to come out of their mouth. 😘(truthfully, I don’t know why she would even think that!)

  11. Beautiful dress. Looks great on you. Like the OTK boots but afraid at 5’2″ I’m too short to wear them. Like the other comment, I really like the lip color, too.

  12. Happy Thursday!

    I just love this dress and the sheer net with dots…….. it’s also pretty in black. I have a wedding to attend next weekend and this would be so pretty.

    I know how you feel on the apartment. I moved out of my home into an apartment the first of this year. I’m a single mom of 2 college kids and I’ll be in my apartment until………..I pray new doors will open for my future.

    I’m learning to have more faith and trust in God’s timing for my life.

    Have a great day!

  13. I know what you mean about living in an apartment. For the first time in my life, I’m living on my own and in an apartment. My husband and I separated in May, but we are getting wise counsel and we are literally starting over, making this a new marriage….Anyway, love your blog and the words you share.

  14. You look radiant and that’s a great color on you! I didn’t know you had moved? Please let me know how I can pray for you all. God provides exactly what we need when we need it. I’m leaning on him in big and little ways!

  15. You look stunning, as always! I, sadly, look just awful in red. I also love your boots, but unfortunately I’m too tall to wear them. I just cannot pull off heels without looking ridiculous. So I’m feeling a little envious right now. It’s a bummer at the holidays being relegated to flats and boring black while everyone else looks so festive and beautiful.

    I usually try to accessorize with a holiday scarf or something to add a little holiday sparkle to my outfit. But I do wish I could pull off a red dress, especially at the holidays.

      1. Nancy, that is a GREAT idea! I cant believe I never thought of that. It would probably work well if the red weren’t up against my face. Thank you for mentioning it, I’m going to have to get a red skirt ASAP.

    1. Oh B embrace your height, stand up tall and be proud. I’m tall too and I love it. I always feel so helpful when I go to the grocery store and help people reach things on the top shelves that are too far back. 🙂

  16. Pretty woman in red! That dress is lovely! I’m sure you are making the most of apartment living and in God’s timing He will open doors! Pretend you & Wayne are newlyweds sharing your first apartment together! Bonus: Less to clean! 😉
    L love the Beauty fir the Heart today! I am having several ladies in my home for a Christmas tea next week and that’s my prayer, that we all be women of kindness and grace in our words and actions.

  17. Beautiful and very festive for the season. I don’t wear red a lot but I will not say never as I just bought my first pair of black jeans that I thought I’d never wear ha!, Your back ground looks really nice. Is it your apartment? I’m sure you’ll be in a new home soon enough, but it is hard to have patience. I’ve been there.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. I like your idea of OTK boots with shorter dresses because longer dresses can be hard to find. Thank you for your words of wisdom from the Bible and for looking out for your readers by presenting items at different prices points. Today’s dress is both glamorous and a good value.

  19. It’s hard to enjoy decorating your space, especially when it’s downsized and you know it’s only temporary. I think you’re doing great to have your tree up! I downsized when I married 13 years ago. We are supposed to remodel/add on “someday”. If God is trying to teach me patience, I’ll be the most patient person on earth by the time we ever do add on. So far, I’m a bad student!!! Cyndi, you’re doing GREAT!

  20. You look beautiful. The dress and boots are perfect together. You must have a lot of holiday parties to attend. Did you sell your house yet? Did Wayne find a job? Lots going on in your life but I know you are both letting God lead. Blessings.

  21. The dress looks gorgeous on you Cyndi! I must have missed something…..I had no idea you moved. I can understand you want to keep your decorating to a minimal.
    Take care

  22. I’m just reading all my emails a day
    late. Cyndi, this is simply stunning
    on you! I need you to go shopping
    with me LOL!!
    Have a blessed evening!!

  23. That is such a festive look for the holiday season! Please bring us up to date on the status of your home. Has it sold? Is Wayne enjoying his new job? Is it still related to ministry?