26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 10)

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 10)Welcome to Day 10 of my 26 Days of Fall Fashion. Today I’m mixing two on trend fall colors, burgundy and olive.

While I was traveling this week, I put together this outfit. It’s my olive vest with burgundy ankle pants and I added my leopard flats. I liked the look but I knew I would like it better with boots and a scarf.

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 10)
Some of you will remember us talking about choker necklaces back in August. I think I said I probably wouldn’t wear one (ahem). This choker is not tight and I love the simplicity. It’s the Lauren Freshwater Pearl Leather Choker.

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 10)
26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 10)Now for the boots and scarf outfit. This looks more like me! 🙂 I added brown riding boots from Glamour Farms and my leopard print scarf from Target.
26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 10)
This is a simple look but it is perfect for fall.

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 10)Off white tee//Burgundy chino pants//Olive vest (similar here and here//Brown boots//Pearl choker//(Discount code: Spivey917 for $10 off)//leopard print scarf (similar here)//leopard flats

How would you style this outfit? Do you like the boots or the flats?

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Beauty For the Heart~~September 11, 2001 changed our nation forever. I still can’t believe what happened on that day. I’m praying for the families that lost loved ones 14 years ago today.

I’m also praying the Lord will protect the United States from our enemies. I pray any plans to harm us will be stopped.

“The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” Psalm 145:18

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Please remember to include those brave men and women who serve in the military and their families in your prayers. They have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so much for our freedom? Thank you!

  2. Cyndi, I am LOVING the Days of Fall FB group! It’s fun to see everyone’s outfits and read the tips, and the positivity is awesome! I just want to say how much I admire the professionalism of your blog from the pictures to the links always working. Trying to take selfies that look even sorta ok has really makes me realize how really well done your blog is. So … thank you!

    1. Thank you Heidi!! I’m always working on improving!! Blogging is probably harder than what it looks like. Lots of behind the scene details. 🙂

  3. I love your outfit with the boots! I am gladly wearing my brown boots today as well. I am tired of freezing in the office. Also wearing my American flag scarf in remembrance of loved ones lost 14 years ago today.

  4. While I like both outfits, I prefer the boots and scarf. Today I also remember all of the first responders across our nation because every time they go to work, they do so knowing it could be their last day on this earth. Like you, I pray that God will protect us from another big terrorist attack. God bless!

  5. Good Morning sweet Cyndi!

    I definitely prefer the riding boots and scarf … I do hope you’re enjoying Ashville. My Aunt/Uncle use to live on Mt Pisgah. God’s country for sure 😉

    Have a wonderful w-end…many blessings to you!XO


  6. I love the burgundy jeans – great color for the Fall. I like the flats with outfit & think the choker necklace is adorable & like that it isn’t a tight choker ( that isn’t a good look for older gals like myself 65+). I enjoy your style !

  7. I rarely, if ever, wear pants. I have recently lost 20 pounds and would like to find new fall clothes. Can you offer ideas for styles without pants. I do love your looks, but it is almost always pants.
    Thanks so much.

  8. I love both looks! I am a big fan of burgundy but recently purchased a olive military style best. I have never worn olive before and I am loving it! Thanks for all of the great fashion tips as well as the devotions!

  9. They are both really cute, depending on the weather I say. I do like the boots a little more and as it cooler a long sleeve top could be added under the vest. Good job.

  10. LOVE this outfit with the boots and scarf! I am definitely a boots and scarf girl !! Praying for the 911 families too, and that our nation will turn back to God!!

  11. both of these looks are great !!! love the beauty for the heart. Being a former NYer my heart breaks a little every sept 11 . feels like it just happened

  12. I saw someone wear the pearl choker and loved it, but couldn’t find it. Glad you posted it. I used your discount code and got me one! Thanks! I love your blog, by the way. I’ve just started a new job wear I get to wear business casual and was desperate for ideas. I’m a nurse and have worn scrubs for 13 years. I’m excited to get to wear real clothes again to work. Your ideas have been helping me:)

  13. I think both looks are great. It’s a little hard for me to think about wearing boots while it’s still summer and warm, I really love summer! But I will like wearing boots when the weather turns cooler in another month or so.

  14. Hi Cyndi, I’m new to your blog. I think this outfit is very cute. I really like the leopard flats, and I think this is a perfect early fall look. It’s still pretty warm in Indiana right now and I like to save my boots for colder weather. I like to wear flats and sandals for as long as I can. I would add a long sleeve shirt/turtleneck with vest for cooler weather, and of course, the boots and scarf.

  15. Here in Chicago, the boot season is longgggg enough so I love the leopard flats with it! I never would have thought of putting all that together. It looks great! And I have all those items in my wardrobe 🙂

  16. I am so loving this 26 Days of Fall. Both of you give me so much inspiration! Like the stripes and leopard, I never would have thought of the olive and burgundy together. Love both colors though so happy for your post today. Since we don’t get to wear tall boots that often in Texas, I’m definitely liking the combination. The flats are cute with it too and I just happen to have bought me some today…yea! Love your 9/11 inspiration. I sat and watched the ceremonies on TV this morning and it felt as if it was happening all over again. One could see the pain in everyones’ eyes. We can’t even imagine what all everyone there went through from the victims, their families, first responders, military and our government. It was the worst day in our life times!

  17. Here in California fall doesn’t come until late November so I would go for the leopard flats! Love the combination of colors! Olive and burgundy look great together. I would have preferred a long single statement necklace. You take the work out of putting together an outfit! Thanks?
    Love your blog!

  18. Cute outfit. I’m actually getting excited for fall clothing…

    And thanks for the reminder that we CAN ask God to protect our country. I forgot that was an option! I’m worried about this Iran nuclear treaty thing.