26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 14)

long cardign with bootsWelcome to Day 14 of my 26 Days of Fall Fashion. I just realized, we’re over halfway through this series! Wow, this month is flying by.

Today I’m styling a long cardigan. It’s perfect for those cold fall days when you want to grab something warm as you head out the door.

long cardigan 1I’m wearing booties from Old Navy. One of the questions I get the most about booties is how to wear them with skinny jeans. The basic rule is, there is NO rule. You can tuck your pants in your boots, or cuff  your jeans. You can cuff them neat or messy. Anyway works so just have fun with it. 🙂

boots and cuffed jeansI love the colorblocking of this cardigan. LOFT calls this cardigan a coatigan.

long cardigan 3
long cardiganColorblock cardigan (I’m wearing the xs/small)//Skinny jeans (I’m wearing size 8)//Booties//Chambray shirt (similar here)

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Make sure to stop by and visit Jo-lynne and see what cute outfit she is styling today.

Beauty for the Heart~~You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness. 1 Thessalonians 5:5

I love this verse in Thessalonians. As christians we are to be light in a dark world. We are not to be a part of darkness.

Today, let your light shine!!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Love the “coatigan”, jeans and boots. I probably would prefer a top under that didn’t have a collar…something that’s flat and doesn’t compete with the neck of the cardigan. Things like that bother me through the day. But overall love the look!

  2. Good morning Cyndi! I really like the outfit. The “coatigon” is a great idea for those of us that are not cold natured. I try to stay away from garments that have to be dry cleaned and/or dry flat. I really appreciate you sharing that there really aren’t rules on how to wear skinny jeans with booties! We do need to strive to share more light with those we come in contact with. A simple “thank you,” “have a blessed day,” or a smile can go a long way.
    God Bless!

  3. Wish it was cold enough here for that. I did buy similar boots yesterday from Macy’s. Bare traps on sale. Still waiting on you to style your husband, Cyndi, at least one day!:)

  4. I bought the gray boiled wool ‘coatigan’ from LOFT last year, but after seeing this one you are styling, I am thinking if one is good, too is awesome. They are not too heavy and feel great layered.

  5. And it looks like a coatigan!! ?

    Children of the Day by Beth Moore was a wonderful bible study too! Great verse to start out this day! Thank you!!


  6. Love the outfit!!! Thanks so much for the tips on how to do the skinny jeans!!! Always a question when I put them on!! Letting my light shine today!!! Blessings!!

  7. As always…love the tips, esp. re: our skinny jeans. 🙂

    Great look on you. You could wear that to a football game and your bum would stay warm. Am I the only one who thinks that way? Probably. LOL.

    My prayer with my DD as she heads off to school in our very spiritually dark Seattle, is to be the light. Never can have too many reminders. xo

  8. I’m not feeling that cardigan. Don’t like the blocked look. Maybe if the extra blue around the collar wasn’t there. Just too much for me. I love the jeans, but of course, would prefer them uncuffed. My opinion anyway which seems to differ from everyone else.

    1. Once again though, it’s looks better on you than the model. And I see it’s white, not blue around the collar. But sorry, still don’t like it. And its $128 – yikes!!

  9. Cyndi – THANKS for answering the question about skinny jeans and booties – I had asked that question here in a comment a few weeks ago! I love that you read our comments and answer our questions. Loving the Fall Series — after you finish this series would love it if you did a blog post on shoes and another one on accessories! That would be awesome! Enjoy this gorgeous Kentucky weather we’re having!

  10. Wasn’t feeling my day at work ahead in a little while. Your quick reminder that God gives us this opportunity to shine not only for him daily but for others who cross my path today. You always seem to say what I need to hear. Thank you. I like the coat/sweater. Looks so stylish on you and where I live Savannah, Ga. that’s about all you need. Something warm to get you to work or church but not too heavy on the inside. I will check out Loft when I go to outlets.

  11. I like the “coatigan”, although I think I’ll continue to call it a sweater coat! I have a couple in varying lengths and weights so I guess it’s time to get them out of the “archives”. I’m glad I kept them. Actually, I just finished washing a woolen long front-hem cardigan similar to what you styled a while ago. I bought it at least three years ago, so I guess I’m ahead of the curve for once. 🙂

  12. I love long cardigans and skinny jeans. I bought the same booties a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t worn them yet. After seeing this, tomorrow might just be the day to break them in. Love yours and Jolynne’s blogs!!!

  13. I loved the booties with fringe you wore a few days back. How do I get that info again? I’ve looked at LOTS on line since then, but those are by far my favorites.

  14. Love your look today, Cyndi!! The color block long cardigan is beautiful!!! This is definitely something I would wear – I prefer a long, cozy sweater to a coat ANY day. I find it so much easier for me, if I am running in and out of different stores running errands – I don’t like taking a coat on/off every time I go in or out!! I am just “funny” that way!!

    Such a great verse today!! If we belong to God, we are children of light!! We dwell in light – the temptations of the dark should not be “calling” to us, nor should we want to be a part of that. I explained this verse to my daughter when she was younger – you can’t go into a room and turn on the light AND be in the dark at the same time – one does not like the other. We have to choose. You can’t live your life as a child of God and still choose parts of the world that are ‘exciting’ to you or tempt you – no living in both worlds – you have to make a choice!!

  15. Great cardigan/coatigan – love it! I’m hot natured and so that would almost work most of the winter for me :-). Love the whole look! Thanks for all you do Cyndi!

  16. HI Cyndi 🙂
    Your outfit looks great! Love the cardigan/sweater/coat!! I like the LOFT but it’s a bit out of my price range right now. What store do you recommend that is similar to Loft but not dollars? 😉

  17. Love the length of the cardigan & that it’s from the Loft. Guess that may be my next purchase. My daughter works there, so the employee discount comes in real handy. And, I am so excited to be starting the Beth Moore, Children of the Day study this Sunday night. God is good!
    Trying to shine my light extra bright in the life of a seven year old boy in my 2nd grade class whose mom passed away last week. She had a baby two weeks ago & had a stroke last Thursday . Please pray for Landon!

    1. Terry,
      Landon will be in my prayers. I really can not imagine the pain, confusion. Yet despite this perplexing loss, the Lord is sovereign…and he will provide comfort and peace- one day..
      He already is wrapping his loving arms around Landon by placing a loving Godly teacher in his life.
      I also teach, the other end of the spectrum high school, so Terry – I know your heart is broken for this child.. I am praying for you, also…the children the Lord brings to our classrooms go straight to our hearts.
      May the Lord give you the perfect strength to be used to his purpose in this tragic situation.

  18. I’ve been following your blog since spring. I love your style! I bought the nordstroms skinny jeans after hearing how much you love them. They fit so nice but I’m wanting ti wear them tucked into my fringed booties. Do you have any tricks to get then to stay straight and not wrinkly inside the booties? I’m having issues with this. Thanks!