26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 15)

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 15)Welcome to Day 15 of my 26 Days of Fall Fashion. Today I’m styling some basic wardrobe pieces from Glamour Farms.

(Make sure you use my discount code Spivey025 to get $10 off your purchase at Glamour Farms.)

This chambray tunic is perfect for wearing with leggings. It has a hi lo hem so it comes down longer in the back. Which is a must when you’re wearing leggings. Right?

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 15)This is a lightweight leopard print scarf that you can add to your fall outfits. Adding some leopard print makes an outfit pop.

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 15)We’ve talked a lot about military style jackets and how they’re on trend this fall. This is a perfect one for cool fall weather. For size reference, I’m wearing a small in the picture but I’m going to get a medium. It fit good but I couldn’t zip it up.

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 15)
military jacket from Glamour Farms 2I will be wearing this jacket a lot this fall when the weather gets cooler.

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 15)I have the Ahhmazing tank in black on under my tunic and I’m wearing the Ahhmazing leggings in black.

26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 15)
26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 15)
26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 15)Denim Days Tunic (I’m wearing a small)//Leopard Print Scarf//Military Jacket (I’m wearing a small but switching to a medium)//Ahhmazing Tank//Ahhmazing Leggings//Brown boot

Don’t you love wearing leggings? They’re so comfortable!

Make sure you use my discount code Spivey025 to get $10 off your purchase at Glamour Farms.

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Now head on over and visit Jo-lynne and see what cute outfit she is styling today.

Beauty For the Heart~~My Mom has this written in one of her Bibles. “We have no control over how we die or when, but we DO have control over how we live. Our hope is in the Lord! We must live for Him and Him alone.”

My Mom lived that out. She didn’t have control over her death but her hope was always in Jesus. I’m so thankful for her witness.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. LOVE your site. I’m an old grandmother (69) but love all the clothes you wear. They are real! I’ve sent your website to my daughters also.

  2. Good Morning! LOVE your outfit!! Leggings are so comfy, totally agree…they are not pants! Love your Beauty for the Heart! Christ is our only Hope:) Have a blessed and happy day!

  3. What a legacy your mom left for you!
    Love outfit thanks to you I have military jacket and other pieces!
    Just Hv to get boots… Is the brown boot called tan on the website?
    Hv great day!

  4. Thanks for yet another great outfit idea. I have been following your blog for about a year and it was a big part of the reason why I started my own a few months ago. (pattyspinterestaddiction.com) You have also made me a regular customer at Glamour Farms…maybe a little too regular!!! LOL

  5. My favorite! I have the boots, leggings, and scarf. I’m placing my order for the tunic and jacket. Thanks, Cyndi!! You look great as always!!

    P.S. It was so cool seeing you model on their website!!

  6. Cyndi, on the Glamour Farms website there is a picture of you, and it says – Cyndi is wearing a Medium.
    That looks like a great jacket. Cute outfit!

    1. Well they said that because that’s what I’m getting. Im going to be wearing a medium. So if people want to know my size that’s the reference point. I hope that’s not too confusing,

  7. Cyndi, I enjoy seeing all of your styling ideas. But my favorite part of your posts is the “Beauty for the Heart”. I can tell without even knowing you that you are truly beautiful from the inside out. Your light shines for all to see.


    1. Thank you so much Debbi. My Mom was such a wonderful example and she helped to shape the person I am today. Always pointing me to Christ. I wish I was half the Mom she was.

  8. Love the outfit! But can you give some alternative options for the pieces from other stores? While I truly would love to order from Glamour Farms, I do not like their return policy. Online store credit only and you must pay original and return shipping.

    1. Greetings Melissa!
      Let us explain our policy a little. In the beginning we spent a lot of time researching boutique return policies to ensure that we were going to be competitive within the market. The policy we are using is the same used by a majority of online boutiques. We are a small business that cannot complete with bigger box stores, unfortunately. This being said, let’s focus on what makes online boutique shopping unique. We pride ourselves on researching and bringing you the best hand picked items that are right on trend for the season! We have an awesome team that is ready to serve you at any time…over the phone, on social media, or over email. You name it…we can do it! Every customer is unique…and we LOVE that! We do offer free shipping on an order totaling $75 or more. Please give us the opportunity to show you what it is we do well…..Serving and Styling our Customers. Take care and have a great day.

      1. Great! Thanks so much for the clarification! I will definitely give you the opportunity and I look forward to seeing the items I order! Thanks again!

  9. Hi Cyndi,

    Beauty from the heart is my favorite part of your post. I really would have loved your Mom. How blessed you are to have her for as long as you did.


  10. Love the outfit today! The scarf makes the whole outfit ~~POP~~!! I really like the military jacket however I’m not sure I want to invest a lot in one. As I get older, I tend to invest more in classic pieces and go cheaper on trendier items. Does that make sense? Anyway, I was at Target yesterday and they have a military-style raincoat (almost identical to what you’re wearing here!). Just an FYI for anyone who’s sharing my train of thought.

    I also love the quote from your mother. Our hope IS in the Lord! I have a Bible that belonged to one of my grandmothers. It gives me such peace and rest when I find her notes in it.


  11. Hi Cyndi!! I think I love this outfit most of all!!! Looks adorable on you – very beautifully put together, yet free and easy – plus you look AMAZINGin it!!

  12. I love that combo, and I used to tie my scarf like that all the time, but haven’t recently. Thanks for the reminder. I just happen to be wearing a scarf tomorrow, so I will tie it like that. 🙂

  13. I bought the military jacket this week at JC Penney and I love it! It was on sale and I used the $15.00 coupon in their flyer…what a bargain! Thanks, as always, for your fashionable inspiration as well as your spiritual uplifting!

  14. Hi. I just love your posts. Wondering if you could tell me how you tied the scarf in this post? Thanks and God Bless.