26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 19)

polka dot dress with bootsWelcome to day 19 of my 26 Days of Fall Fashion. I’m finally styling a dress for fall. I love dresses but for some reason I have had a hard time finding any I like this year.

Technically, I would probably call this a tunic because it’s short for a dress. I added black leggings and boots.

For all my sweet teacher readers who keep asking me to style something they can wear to work, this dress is comfortable enough to wear all day. (I’m still working on some work wear outfits!)

If you’re on your feet, I would style it with comfortable black riding boots. My boot has a wedge heel and I know you might not want to wear them all day.

polka dot dress 7This is a kensie dress from Macy’s and it’s on sale.

polka dot dress 11When the weather gets colder, I will add a black scarf because I freeze most of the time. The necklace is from Glamour Farms and they have this style in several different colors including leopard print.

Make sure you use my discount code for any purchases at Glamour Farms, Spivey936 ($10 off).

polka dot dress 4

polka dot dress 8kensie dress (for size reference I’m wearing a medium)//leggings (use code Spivey936 for $10 off)//boots(similar here)//necklace

How often do you wear dresses?

Make sure you stop by and see what Jo-Lynne is wearing today! 

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Beauty For the Heart~~Today, six years ago, my Mom went to be with Jesus. It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since I talked with her or hugged her. There is no way for me to put into words how much I miss her.

There is so much I want to tell her! She was the person I went to for guidance, she was honest, sometimes brutally honest. 🙂

Mom was passionate about her relationship with Christ and she taught me to become a woman after God’s own heart. I am forever grateful for her influence in my life.

I want to glorify God through this blog but I also want to honor my Mom by encouraging women on their journey. Life is not easy but with Christ we CAN have abundant lives.

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Love Love Love this. This is an outfit I would wear to work. Really cute. I will have to see what I can put together along the same line.

  2. Sending you a hug today on the anniversary of the passing of your Mom. I truly felt God’s love and comfort in reading your post today. I lost my only child 3 years ago Sept. 12 and my oldest sister is battling cancer and is in hospice care. We have to continue to believe and have faith in our Lord. He is always there providing comfort and grace.

    1. I am so sorry. My Mom said, I don’t always understand God but I trust him. Thankful you are trusting God in the midst of a difficult journey.

  3. Such a cute dress/tunic……love the outfit! Don’t be sad today, remember where your Mom is right now and how she’s free of all the daily struggles and grief that this world holds for us…..Praise God you have the eternal security and you will see her again and get that hug, your missing right now! Praying for you today!

  4. I bought a similar dress in burgundy with white polk a dots this season. I love yours! It’s been 6 1/2 years since I lost my mom and I know just what you are feeling. I miss her terribly, but know that a part of her is with me always.

  5. You look absolutely adorable in the complete outfit….boots, jewelry and all. The color of the tunic is a good color for you as well. I am looking forward to seeing more work outfits as I could use some different looks myself.

    My heart goes out to you for the loss of your mother. I am fortunate to still have my mom even though she is battling a few health issues now. My mom encourages me with scripture and prays for me continuously. Since her health issues, she cannot serve God in physical ways and serves him by being the mighty prayer warrior that she is. She and I both know that she is to be a prayer warrior in this season of her life.

  6. I am so sad you lost your mom so early. She sounds amazing. Love your cut outfit & your hair looks great! You & Jo-Lynne need to take a picture of your closets! Where do you put all your clothes & jewelry. 🙂

  7. BIG {{{{Hugs}}}} today to you. My mom is still alive but is battling Alzheimer’s and so she is not the Mom I grew up with which is hard. Your outfit is real cute!

    1. I know Alzheimer too well. My Mom had it for 10 years! I know how difficult it is for you to watch the progression of this terrible disease.
      Take good care of yourself

  8. So sorry today is the day of your Mother’s passing. Can you believe that I lost my mother-in-law today and one year ago today exactly my father-in-law?
    Yes, we need to hug them tight every day and not take them for granted….

  9. I understand completely the loss for words in expressing all the ways you miss your Mom. I lost my Mom on November 25, 2012. I am thankful to have had that one last Thanksgiving with her, and after all the years of Thanksgiving meals she prepared, I was blessed with making her last Thanksgiving meal, three days later I was with her when Jesus came and took her home and all of us who were with her got to see with our own eyes as He came, she opened her eyes and raised up her hand, as if to signify “I’m here” and then she drew her last breath and was gone…..it was an amazing experience and one I will never forget. He kept his promise and came to take her immediately and her suffering ended at that moment. I miss her terribly, but I know she is free and with Jesus. She is also with my sister, Susan, who has been a missing person for 25 years, but we know she is deceased, and thankfully was born again some years before she went missing.

    My heart goes out to you today, I know how hard it is, our Mom’s are a very special blessing <3

      1. Yes, since that experience with my Mom, I am no longer in fear of death, I saw with my own eyes, and that was a very special gift from God. I know He blessed me with that experience, not just to ease my own fears, but to sustain me until I see my Mother again. Though this time without her is painful, knowing for certain she is with Him and that I will join her someday, carries me each day, and when the pain comes I remind myself of His promise and what I witnessed <3

  10. I love the entire outfit! I would especially love to know where to purchase the necklace you’re wearing. Can you share?

    Thanks for your beautiful and inspirational blog. It brightens my every day!

  11. Cyndi, I am sorry for your loss. She must have been so proud to see what a beautiful woman you were……inside and out.


  12. Praying a special prayer for you today. They say time heals, but I don’t know if that’s true. Time makes days easier, but our hearts remain heavy for those we lose. Only God heals.

    On another note…I love the dress. Very feminine. BTW, I’m a teacher and I find that wedges are as comfortable as flats. Just my humble opinion.

    Sending hugs from Texas.

  13. Hi Cyndi! I love the dress and have ordered it from Macy’s. It will be perfect for church and other outings. The color the site says is Heather Navy; is this the color that you are wearing? I love the particular blue shade that you are wearing. I am praying for you, esp. today, and for the decisions you are making. BLESSINGS!!

  14. —LOVE the whole outfit……and saying a little prayer for you today as you remember your dear mom. It is somewhat comforting to know that in the grand picture of eternity…..it really won’t be that long until we see our loved ones again. May God bless you, Cyndi. ?

  15. Yes, the sting of death hangs on for a long time. 5 years ago I lost my dad. I was still mourning him when my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. 6 months later we lost my mother-in-law to ovarian cancer. By the grace of God, my husband is a survivor! My 85 year old mom is suffering with dementia, and I miss her dearly! Oh, to get advice from her would be so wonderful. I’m praying for you…please pray for me!

  16. The Lord took my mother home four years ago, after a long battle with cancer. She had just turned 76. I so understand the continued feeling of both missing her and a thankfulness that the Lord had made me her daughter.

    Like you, I think of her often and realize that no one loves you like your momma does. But I look forward to seeing her again someday. That is the hope we have in Christ.


  17. Cyndi, I pray that you are granted peace today and always! I am blessed to still have my 88 year old mom. My dad died in 1986 and I still miss him so much, but I know that he is no longer dealing with horrible health.
    I like your outfit, again today.

  18. My daddy died 28 years ago this past Sunday. Then Mama died the next year. They were the age I am now when they passed away. I missed them so as my children were growing up. And I knew my children were missing so much with not having them. It still hurts, and I still miss them and think of them every day. I will pray for you, especially today as you miss your mom and think of her.

  19. Cindy.
    I think this is your cutest outfit yet!!! It looks so great on you. I am tall, so I do wear dresses with leggings and boots in the winter. It’s still too hot here in Phoenix to wear in the fall. I may have to order that dress. I understand how you feel about your Mom. I lost my dear mother in 2010 and miss her deeply.

  20. Cute Outfit! Thinking of you today. My Grandmother always told me “when you loose your Mother you have lost your best friend”

  21. Praying for you Cyndi! You were blessed to have such a special relationship with your Mom! We are never ready to lose them, but comforting to know they are with God & healed of all pain from this life. I love your tunic & leggings, we’ll the entire outfit 🙂 My kind of outfit!

  22. Cyndi, sending prayers up for you.. It has been 18 years since I last held my Mom..I miss her so much!
    I love your outfit..you look so beautiful!

  23. Prayers for you today, Cyndi. In a couple weeks it will be 11 years since my dad died of pancreatic cancer. I can hardly believe he has been gone so long. My boys were 18 and 16; how I wish they could have the benefit of his wisdom in these young adult years! I am blessed that my mother is active and healthy at almost 81.

  24. Blessings to you Cyndi, I know how difficult anniversaries of death can be, whether it is one year or many years. On the anniversary of my Son’s death, I have reframed it as his anniversary date into heaven, welcomed by his Lord and Savior!

  25. My Dad was suppose to survive heart valve surgery but he died 13 years ago in October 3 days after surgery. Very unexpected. I think about him all the time. I always go to church and sit for a while thinking and talking to him. He would love to meet his 2 great granddaughters. My Mom has always said he would be very proud.

  26. Thinking and praying for you today too Cyndi! I’m sure you feel God’s love but I’ll say a prayer for maybe a little extra love today. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Sweet Cyndi. I am praying for you and Traci today ;-( your mom would be so proud of the Godly women you both are. May God give you peace and comfort today and always. Thx for always sharing with us and being an encourager. You’re doing a great job!

  28. I’m a new reader and want to tell you how encouraging your blog is to me. I know your mom is so very proud of you and is waiting patiently for you in heaven.

    The dress is SO cute! What fabric is it made of? I’m a teacher and I think I’d wear it.

    1. Hi Margaret, It’s so nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by!
      The dress is soft and is made from, Viscose/spandex. It doesn’t wrinkle easily either. 🙂

  29. Thank you for showing this option. It meets all my needs in a High School classroom. It looks comfy, modest, and meets dress code!

  30. Cyndi – Just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers today. Your blog is such a source of encouragement (and fun!) to me and many others. The following is link to a poem which was very comforting to me after my Dad passed away 14 years ago; it’s a good reminder that the veneer between this world and the one that lies beyond is much thinner than we, in our current human state, can possibly imagine:


    Many blessing to you,

  31. I followed you on Pinterest because of your “40 and over” outfits but was more excited to learn you are a Godly woman.
    My dad passed away I expectantly and suddenly of a heart attack 6 years ago on Aug 13th – shortly after my 40th bday. I agree with you that it’s hard to believe that much time has passed because he is still so much alive in my heart. He was my daddy, he was young and I was angry with God -losing him was not part of MY plan. However, I know how much he loved me, as does my Heavenly Father. I know He was grieving with me and my faith in Him, the faith my dad had in Him, allowed me to grieve with peace.

    Thank you for your daily posts and inspirational scripture messages. I look forward to them. 🙂 Blessings!

  32. You look Fantastic, Fun and just plain AWESOME! If I saw you in that outfit somewhere I would walk up to you and say how great and pulled together you look. I love the personality of that outfit!

  33. So EXCITED! I can do this look. I have a very similar dress, had not thought of pairing it with leggings but you can betcha I will now. And little black faux velvet booties. Woo hoo! Thanks for the inspiration, beautiful!