26 Days of Fall Fashion (Day 4)

coral-topWelcome to Day 4 of my 26 Days of Fall Fashion! If the weather is still warm where you live (it sure is here!) then this top from Glamour Farms is the perfect in between seasons top.

It’s stylish and comfortable and I love the fringe and crochet detail.

coral-and-fringsWe are having a family birthday dinner tonight at my sister’s house and I’m going to wear this top. Since the weather is warm hot, I’ll wear a wedge heel instead of an ankle boot.

IMG_3519I am wearing the Unconditional Love Necklace. Such a pretty necklace!

coral-and-fringe 4I’m wearing the Ahh-mazing tank long shaper under this top (the color is latte). These tanks can be worn long under a dress or you can wear them under tops. The great thing is they stay where you put them. You don’t have to keep pulling it down. Umm..did I mention it also smooths and slims you? Yes please!

coral-and-fringe 3The jeans I’m wearing are the Elizabeth Skinny Jean (I’m wearing a size 7). This is a great pair of jeans to wear under long tops and sweaters. They have five basic pockets, faux front pockets for a slimming fit. They are comfortable and the fabric has a nice stretch. The best part is they are only $36. (If you use my code, Spivey628, you get $10 off!)

coral-and-fringe 2For some reason the top looks pinker in my pictures, the color is closer to the Glamour Farm pictures. 🙂

coral-and-fringe 2Hello Beautiful Top (I’m wearing a small)//Elizabeth Skinny Jean (I’m wearing a size 7)//Ahh-mazing tank//Ankle Boots

Make sure you use my discount code to get $10 off your order! Discount code: Spivey628

Do you have big Labor Day plans? I can’t believe it’s Labor Day weekend?!

It’s so fun to have Jo-lynne doing this series with me! Make sure you stop by and see what cute outfit she is styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~On Wednesday nights at church, we study different books of the Bible. Right now we’re studying the book of Jude.

It’s a short book (one chapter) but if you have never read the book of Jude, it’s a good one to read. The church needs to hear these words more than ever.

Anyway, there was a verse that caught my eye. Jude 1:2 says, May God give you more and more mercy, peace, and love.

  • Mercy-If God gave me what I deserve, yikes. I’m thankful he loves me and gives me more and more mercy.
  • Peace-couldn’t we all use some peace? I want peace in my home, in my church and definitely in this world.
  • Love-I’m not talking about loving the people that are easy to love. But Lord help us love the unloveable!

Have a blessed day ladies full of mercy, peace and love!


**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!
***All items from Glamour Farms were given to me, but the opinion are my own.

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  1. Yes thank you Lord for the constant gifts you pour on us!
    Loving the fringe and short boots!
    Waiting for my gray cardigan to come in mail!
    Thank you girls ..Hv good weekend!

  2. Hi Cyndi,

    That top has some unique touches that really make it stand out. I think it was perfect styling to keep everything else understated to carry off the look!

    You are so right about how essential it is that Christians love the unlovable because that is what sets us apart. Anyone can love someone who loves them back, but only the Holy Spirit can work in a person’s heart to enable them to love even when that love is not returned!


  3. Cyndi – very cute outfit! Thank you for sharing such cute & helpful Fashion advice. I have never been a big fashion shopper, mainly because I’m not confident in what looks good. Thanks to you, I am actually excited to shop for some stylish clothing. I really enjoyed your scripture today. All things I need to take to heart and practice. Have a great weekend!

  4. Cute top with your skinny jeans! My grandson’s name is Jude and I’m not sure I’ve read the book of Jude in many years. I plan to read it tonight. God bless you, Cyndi!!

  5. Very cute. Looks like coral to me. Is there code for glamour farms or just for the jeans? I love the necklace. Loving the 26 days. Both you & Jo-Lynne. You two are the best of all blogs I have checked out!!

  6. I look forward to your beauty for the heart each day. I’m really enjoying the fall fashion and have begun to follow Jo-Lynne as well. The Facebook group is so much fun. You have such wonderful followers. Kind, encouraging, and beautiful inside and out!

  7. Hi Cyndi! I am looking at the Ahh-mazing tank longshaper and it looks like it goes down to mid thigh. Is this the one you have on in the photos? It looks too long in the photo on the Glamour Hill website to go under even long tops. Or maybe it’s the cami you have on? I’d really like to buy one but want to get the “right” one. 😉 Thanks so much!!

  8. Hi Cyndi,

    Cute outfit! I need to get some dark skinny jeans and wondering what the difference is between those you are wearing today and the online Norsdstrom ones. I’d appreciate your input as I need to order soon! Also about the Nordstrom sizing as well since they aren’t available in stores just online. Thsnks so much! ?

    1. Hey Lisa,
      There’s not a lot of difference. I think the Glamour Farm jeans are more for layering something over it. I will wear those with longer tops and sweaters. I really like them and they’re very comfortable.

      The Nordstrom ones I will wear with a front tuck and they are comfortable too. I wear a size 6 in those.

      Hope that helps!

  9. I’m confused by the tank shaper. Looks like it’s short on you but when I go to the Glamour Farm web site, it’s very long. Or is that a dress they are showing with the tank underneath?

    1. It can be worn either way. You can pull it down for a dress or scrunch it up and wear it under a top. I’ve also tucked in and worn it under a shorter top.
      Hope that helps!!

      1. If you scrunch it up, won’t it show wrinkles? And there’s no option for sizes so one size fits all? I’m reluctant to order because it says no return.

  10. Cute outfit Cyndi! I just ordered the necklace, top and shaper…hope they arrive soon! It’s still in the low 90’s here, so wedge sandals for me too with this outfit! 😉

  11. Mercy, peace, and love… powerful combo. Cute top! I enjoy clothes that are comfortable, but are still fun, and that top seems to fit that description. I wasn’t sure what I thought about booties, but they are growing on me. I guess I needed some time to get used to the idea. I’m rather slow to change.

  12. Your outfit will be perfect for a “steamy” family BBQ tonight!! We are having steamy weather here too – guess summer just wants to give us one last blast to remember during a -40 below winter day ?!! Love your insights on the book of Jude today too – have a great weekend Cyndi!!

  13. 1 –Is there a difference between a skinny jean and leggings (or jeggings?)

    2–I love that necklace, your booties, and of course your daily devotional. I am going the bootie route this year!

  14. Is there a difference between leggings and jeggings?
    Your necklace, booties and devotional I adore! Loving the unlovable is something I am frequently called to do, an ongoing test of faith and agape love. And I’m going the bootie route this year.
    The top –not a fan at all. I’ll be positive and say its a good example of different things appealing to different people!

  15. Cyndi, I love the top! I missed seeing it when I was on-line at Glamour Farms yesterday. I ordered one of the shapers to try, but I didn’t order a long one. I hope it will suffice. I have several pair of Simply Vera by Vera Wang skinny pull on stretch jeans that I love wearing because they are so soft, stretchy, and comfortable.
    The scripture for today was awesome.
    We don’t have any special plans this Labor Day weekend.
    I hope everyone will be safe out and about.
    God Bless!

  16. THIS TOP IS FANTASTIC! I am going try to order me one. The necklace is also beautiful. Would love to try those jeans…never thought I could wear “skinny” jeans but may give them a try!
    Thanks for the scripture from Jude. Yes, please more mercy, peace and love!