26 Days Of Fall Fashion (Day 6)

aztec cardigan
Happy Labor Day and welcome to Day 6 of my 26 Days of Fall Fashion! The aztec trend is everywhere this fall and this cardigan is a perfect way to wear the trend.

This aztec cardigan is from Glamour Farms (Use Discount code: Spivey917 for $10 off your purchase at Glamour Farms).  I styled it with a rust colored long sleeve tee but you can wear it with black, brown, olive etc.

aztec with short boot 2I also styled it with my ankle boots and with my taller boots I recently purchased from Target.

aztec with short boot 1I couldn’t decide which pair I liked the best.

aztec with tall boot 2I have tried some other aztec cardigans with fringe on and they were so big, they didn’t look right. I like that this one is shorter in the front and longer in the back and a little more structured.
aztec with tall bootsHere is the back view of the cardigan and yes I styled it with my fringe boots too! Ha!

aztec sweater with fringe boots 1Aztec cardigan//Skinny jeans//ankle boot//tall boot//fringe boot//necklace//long sleeve tee

This dress from Target and is not online but I’m not sure about it. I know it’s different but you know me, I like different.

Target dressShould I keep it or take it back?
traget dress 1Also there are some great sales this Labor Day weekend! The striped tunic I wore on Day 1 is on sale! A lot of the ladies in our Facebook group have purchased it and love it, so you might want to grab one.

I think I’m going to ask Old Navy to name it the Grace & Beauty tunic. 🙂

striped shirt with scarfLOFT is having a 30% off sale and Old Navy has 20% off today, use code: dayoff! Happy shopping!

Don’t forget to use my $10 off code to Glamour Farms. Discount code: Spivey917

Make sure to stop by and visit Jo-lynne and see what cute outfit she is styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~In honor of Labor Day…

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Have a restful and blessed day!


**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!

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  1. Love all the looks today! You know, I think I like that dress – ESPECIALLY with the denim jacket over it. It tones it down a bit and adds interest. SUPER cute. And that aztec cardi is cute too – I vote for it with the taller boots. Not sure I’m crazy about fringe on fringe. 🙂 You always look adorable. have a great day!

  2. I absolutely love the fringe boots and always look forward to seeing your outfits. I did get some skinny jeans last year, but was wondering what you suggest for footwear with bootcut jeans?? Are the fringe boots worth the $$ ? Thank you

  3. I just recently starting receiving your emails and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts with your amazing scripture references as well as your fashion style and tips. I also like the title “Grace + Beauty”. It is obviously noticeable that you have a passion for God and beauty (inside and out). Ok….as far as the dress, I do not think that does your petite size justice so honestly I would take it back.
    Enjoy Biltmore today and I recommend that you go back at Christmas if you haven’t been at that time of the year.

  4. Good morning Cyndi!!
    I love the Target dress with and without the denim jacket. I’d say it’s a keeper! Enjoy this Labor Day…

  5. I like the dress. A bit vintage- fun!

    I really like the cardigan in general but would bother me as front pattern doesn’t line up. I’m too OCD for it to be off. 🙂

    I love my items from Glamour Farms.

    Enjoy your week away!

  6. Happy labor day!
    Love cardigan! Long dresses are not my favorite fashion statement!
    Of course Cyndi you can make all things look good and the jacket helps.

  7. Hi, I like the dress a lot! My vote is to keep! It’s nice that the neckline is higher for those places you go where you don’t want a low neckline like many dresses have. Also the colors are perfect to transition into fall. Thank you for the encouraging words each day coupled with fashion pics. I enjoy your emails!

  8. I LOVE the dress, especially with your jean jacket for fall and I hope you keep it. I also like the cardigan with both pair of boots, but not with the fringe boots, too much fringe, but you already know that! I love your style and while I’m barely 5′ tall and chubbier (haha), I do use some of your ideas and really appreciate the age appropriate choices you show us, too.

  9. Not so big on the first outfit-maybe a different colour shirt underneath would work for me 🙂 The dress, however, is a keeper or sure!! I love it, and wish I could get my hands on one too. Sadly, no more Target in Canada 🙁 Wear it for me an extra time, instead, k? Have a great day Cyndi!!

  10. I say YES to the dress! It is a little different, but you are so good at pulling off those “different” styles. I’m off work today and enjoying my morning coffee on the patio. I live about an hour from Asheville and I am actually a bit cool sitting out here! You may get to experience some real fall weather in the mountains of NC! Have a great week of travel. And, as always, thanks for sharing God’s word!

  11. I vote yes to keep the dress! Looks great with the denim jacket. The cardigan is super cute too! I’m still looking for the Old Navy tunic.

    The Biltmore house still amazes me every time I go. Enjoy!!!

  12. Keep the dress! It is perfection on you. So cute with the denim jacket as well and could probably be paired easily with other jackets/cardigans. You look great. 🙂

  13. Keep the Target dress, I love it on you especially with the jean jacket.
    Cyndi, I just have to say that I’m still adjusting to your new blog and really missing the old one. There are now just so many Ad’s in between your photos and the format isn’t as user friendly. Maybe it’s just me, since I’m finding I have a harder time dealing these days. Just wanted to share.
    Happy Labor Day!

    1. Gloria, are you viewing on a mobile device? I also see many large ads all over the place on my phone, so I always request the desktop site and it’s so much better in my opinion , you might want to give it a try and see what you think.

    2. Hey Gloria!
      Thanks for letting me know about the ads. I’m going to share this with my ads people and see if we can’t fix it. Thanks so much!!

  14. I say “yes to the dress!” I really like all of the tops I have ordered from Glamour Farms. I just wish they didn’t have to dry flat. Fortunately, our washing machine has a hand wash cycle. I bought a faux shearling vest & plaid top at Target on Saturday and am super pleased with them.
    Have a very blessed and safe Labor Day!

  15. LOVE all of your outfits! I say keep the dress – it looks just great on you. I sure wish you lived in my part of the country – I’d pay you to take me shopping ;o) I love your fashion sense! Do you think jean jackets will be in style for awhile? I’ve been thinking about buying one (yours looks great with the dress) but I don’t want to get one if they are going out of style and I know you would be able to tell me. Also, love your longer hair!!!

  16. I think i love the tall boots best, even though the fringe-y ones are to die for. I actually think you should take back the dress if you don’t think you’ll wear it much. It’s darling, but if you can find something you LOVE, it’s worth it to take it back. However, there’s something to be said about spicing things up, too. So, essentially, I’m no help.

  17. I would only wear the dress with the denim jacket. Don’t care for it without the jacket, I think it’s the elastic waist (or at least it looks like elastic)

  18. Say yes to the dress!! The denim jacket completes it 🙂 Enjoy the Biltmore, we enjoyed touring it a few years ago. We live a little over an hour from Asheville & love going there. Happy Labor Day!

  19. My vote on the dress is it’s a keeper! Darling for fall with the jean jacket! I ordered the striped tee in a petite from Old Navy and got it a few days ago. I love it and it feels like it will hold up well. I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it! Have a safe a fun week traveling!

  20. The dress is really cute! I would keep it but, if you don’t think you would wear it exchange it for something you will wear.
    Love your Beauty for the Heart today! It struck a chord. Thanks for sharing such thoughts and words.

  21. Hey Cyndi~ If YOU LOVE the dress, keep it. If not, you won’t wear it that much 😉 Love the fringe boots too. I think I may splurge and by them. Do you think fringe will still be in style next year?

        1. Hey Lisa, I don’t know if it will be in style next year or not. I want to say it will. I do love those boots!! I’ll get the link to the necklace fixed. 🙂

  22. i don’t usually like Fringe but I actually like that cardigan. And the dress is super cute with the jean jacket ?

  23. Love the dress especially with the denim jacket. It’s a keeper. The fringe boots are fabulous with that outfit….I wouldn’t have thought that much fringe would work, but it does! The tall boots are also good and really elongate your figure. While I love booties and rolled jeans, the combo does “cut” the body. It’s OK for your tall frame, but I never feel I can pull it off. Great post today. It’s so helpful when you post multiple ways of wearing an item.

  24. I say yes to the dress too! It’s cute and great with the jean jacket. A fun evening out with the hubby dress!

    Love the tunic from Old Navy too! The boots are so cute too.

    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

    You are a wonderful inspiration.

  25. The dress is a keeper….especially with the denim jacket. The Aztec sweater….style is cute but think it’s the pattern not a fan of. Come in a solid? Thank goodness we are all different otherwise, we’d all be wearing the same thing!

  26. Love the cardigan! I’m on the fence about the dress. Cute with the jacket, but without it’s a bit busy. I’m short and small so I worry about being overwhelmed by patterns.

    Prayers for all who commented yesterday. I wish we didn’t have so many people to commiserate with!

    We need a classy Cyndi picture at the Biltmore!

  27. Say “yes to the dress” because you ROCK it with the denim jacket and without it. I specifically went to Old Navy to get the tunic ~ got it in the royal blue and white stripe. Love how soft it is and can already see it’s versatility.

  28. Oh, that dress is cute! Reminds me of a skirt I made for myself in the 70’s. I loved that skirt and wore it a lot. Of course everything looks so cute on you as we all tell you often.

  29. I love the Aztec cardigan… I have Cherokee in me, so I enjoy the Indian clothing! I love all three boots and the stripped blouse…. the dress is not a style I would wear, but you look great in it. I love the colors but I don’t wear maxi dresses. I’m only 5’5″ and enjoy wearing clothes that make me look slimmer and taller, the maxi does neither for me. This is also the reason I don’t roll my jeans at the ankle…. I try to wear the longer capri pants and those don’t even look good on me when they stop above the ankle. I had my pic take in a pair at our festival and it was not good. But I will say, YOU, my dear Cyndi look fabulous in everything!!!

  30. I love the dress. I live in the UK and follow you as I’m a lady of a similar age and I love your ideas for helping us to feel fabulous over forty! I have a similar maxi dress that I bought from Primark and hadn’t thought of pairing it with a denim jacket, so thank you for sharing. Although with the weather we have here at the moment I may need to add an extra layer!

  31. I agree… I am 5′ 3″ and we need to be careful not to cut ourselves so short. You want to have the look of a tall glass of water. Rolling Jeans… Boots to the knee… and long cardigans can cause a person to look short. It cuts the legs short. However I love these post. The scripture verses are very uplifting. Cyndi does look Great!!! I Love Clothes!! God Bless!!

  32. The dress with the jeans jacket…..so cute! I got the tall boots at Target but they were not on sale in the store but I ask and got them for the sale price! They look just as good if not better in person……but they do run small so glad I could try them on! I am not sure about the sweater for me……maybe the pattern is a bit overwhelming but you pull it off! You hit it out of the ball park yesterday!

  33. I love the dress and my favorite is the cardigan with fringe, and the booties with fringe look great with it. YES!
    God Bless and thanks for sharing God’s word everyday 🙂

  34. The Aztec sweater is cute. I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect fringed sweater and this might be it. I don’t like it with the fringed boots though. Too much of a good thing.
    Love the dress and jean jacket. I think a belt would finish it off nicely. It has a nice relaxed weekend vibe.