26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 1)

Welcome to June!!! Today we’re beginning 26 Days of Summer Fashion (I don’t post fashion on Sundays, so that’s why it’s 26 days).

In case you’re new around here, I’m styling summer outfits for women over 40 because that’s my age but if you’re under 40, you might like some of my outfits since my daughter shares clothes with me and she’s in her 20’s.

Courtney and I are wanting to do a couple of posts showing how she and I wear similar outfits but I tweak mine a little for my age. What do you think??

I thought I would kick off our summer fashion with shorts. I took this picture the other day and put it on Instagram.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 1)

I have seen a lot of tops with these tassels and so if you’re wanting to add something a little trendy to your summer wardrobe this would be perfect.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 1)
I decided to wear my wedge heel with this outfit but any sandal would work. I like this sleeve length if it’s a milder day in Kentucky (today the high is 66 degrees, crazy weather). Also when I go to the beach and we go out to dinner at night, I usually get chilly and I like a shirt with sleeves. Is that just me??

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 1)
These shorts are from LOFT and they are the 6 inch inseam (for size reference I’m wearing a size 4, which is more like a 6 or 8 at other stores). I like a 5 or 6 inch inseam on my shorts.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 1)
26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 1)
I also like to keep my jewelry simple in the summer when it’s hot outside.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 1)

Summer sweater-LOFT//Riveria Shorts-LOFT//Wedge heel-Rack Room Shoes//Necklace-similar here//Bracelet-Kendra Scott//Watch-Macy’s

Have you seen any summer fashion trends that you love?

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Beauty For the Heart~~The world tells us in a thousand different ways that the bigger we become, the freer we will be. The richer, the more beautiful, and the more powerful we grow, the more security, liberty, and happiness we will experience. And yet, the gospel tells us just the opposite, that the smaller we become, the freer we will be. -Tullian Tchividjian


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  1. I am glad to see you styling shorts. I don’t wear them as much now that I am in my 40s, so I need some style tips. I love this color combo and the top is really cute! I am excited to watch your style this summer! Susan

  2. So cute Cyndi! Love this color combo. I’m still curious on wedges. I was hoping you or anyone else could answer. When I try wedges, there is no flexibility in the sole of the shoe- right? So you when you walk, it’s more of a flat step? Everyone says wedges are so comfortable but I find this awkward. Does anyone else find it awkward? Does it just take getting used to and then it’s comfortable?

    1. Gina, I have found that it depends on whether the wedge has a platform at the front of the shoe. The wedges I have with a platform do require a flatter step but the ones without a platform allow me to walk normally. If you don’t like the feel of the flatter walk, maybe you could look for wedges without a platform. Just a thought!

  3. I love your style, but I really love that you tell us WHERE you get everything! I live in TX and summers usually bring temps over 100, but I keep a light jacket in my car at all times! I always carry it in to restaurants and my husband thinks I’m crazy! Must be a woman thing! Looking forward to seeing June outfits!

  4. Love this look…..and the idea you suggested about you and Courtney wearing the same, but different outfit. The top here is really cute and I love the detailing!

  5. Would love to see the comparison with your daughter! When I go places with my daughter-in-law, I try to strike the right balance, so pictures would help! I definitely prefer a slightly longer inseam as I age, but love this look you are rocking!

  6. You look fab, Cyndi! Wish I could style shorts like you do! I have really ugly legs! I have to wear a longer inseam on my shorts, which are very hard to find (especially)this summer.

    1. Loft has classic Bermuda shorts that are comfy. That’s what I wear because I don’t feel comfortable in shorter ones. My legs aren’t as pretty as Cyndi’s. ?

  7. Your outfit looks great! Love the color combo. I think it would be great to see you and Courtney in similar/same outfits styled a bit differently … terrific idea! If I am in a restaurant, I definitely have either a light sweater with me or I’m wearing a longer sleeve. I guess it must be a “woman thing” 🙂

  8. Love this outfit on you Cyndi. I’m with you at times I like a sleeve, but find these harder and harder to find.

  9. Great outfit. I too love the idea of mom/daughter outfits (I have a teen). I’m glad to see you wear shirts with sleeves as sleeveless shirts look terrible on me. Cap sleeves are even worse, ugh! Thanks for all you do :-).

  10. Love beauty for the heart. Sometimes we get caught up in “looks” & need to be reminded of that. Outfits with your daughter sounds fun. Do it! Love the outfit but I am at the age where I only wear shorts at home. But looks great on you.

  11. I just recently bought a cute top with tassels….who knew it was popular ha. Your outfit looks really cute but I’m not a shorts person. Also, never thought about a longer sleeve in the warm weather for at night always seems to just bring a thin sweater….like the sleeve idea cause I have lots of cute tops that would work but just never think about them.

  12. Like this outfit a lot! Yes to the dual outfits – my daughter, who is also in her 20’s “shops” my closet often :), and it’s always interesting to me how she will wear something of mine and it has a totally different look. I wish I could “shop” her closet but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work in reverse. Looking forward to seeing all the summer looks Cyndi!

    1. Also interesting the Beauty for the heart today as we are in the middle of a series at my church (www.faithpromise.org) about #nofilter, and being content in life where we are, not always thinking it will be better when….I’m thinner, richer, married, single, in a bigger house, retired, etc. Be content, but not complacent. “God can meet you in the middle of your nowhere” – Dr. Chris Stephens – FPC Executive Pastor

  13. Hi Cyndi,
    Looking fabulous as ever, the shorts are just the right length and look super cute with that little top and wedges. Can we say cute at our age? ? very envious of your wonderful weather, still cold in the UK, as we speak it’s pouring with rain and blowing a gale, more October than June.
    My fashion today, jeans JUMPER and THICK socks. Please send us some sun.
    Looking forward to your June fashion.
    God Bless Nicky x

  14. Love the outfit! I just purchased two shirts with tassels this weekend so I am glad to see that I am trendy! Love Loft shorts too! They are the best and are so easy to care for too! You look adorable!

  15. I think it’s a great idea to do a post with your daughter. I am 30, and I find your style to be very relatable. A few of my friends like your blog, too.

  16. I would love to see comparison outfits with you and your daughter. I am always wondering what it is ok for me to wear and still be age appropriate and I think you and your daughter wearing similar outfits will make it easier to get ideas about age appropriate fashion.

  17. Love the idea of you and Courtney posting the same outfit with your own take on it! I feel at my age…almost 60, I can’t do even 6″ shorts anymore out in public so I’m hoping some of your June outfits will be something other then shorts 😉 I too have to take a jacket or sweater into restaurants as they keep them so cold in the summer.

  18. Great start to your Summer outfits. I like wedges with shorts. Doing similar looks with your daughter would be such fun.. Wish my daughter would allow me to do that , but alas that’s not in the cards.

  19. You look great in those shorts! I live in Florida and like you, either need longer sleeves or take a sweater with me when dining out as it’s just too cool. I don’t wear shorts very often, but have been wanting to try some of the new looks they have out this season. And I do like them with a wedge shoe as well.

  20. You look beautiful! I, too, need a long sleeve shirt at the beach for evenings and restaurants. I also take one to the movie theatre.

    I would love to see posts showing how the two of your style similar clothing. 🙂

    Your Beauty for the Heart is very inspiring today. I am guilty of always wishing for something more/different.

    Thanks for sharing with us. I hope you have a great week.

  21. HI Cyndi,

    I like the idea of the “younger” version and the “older” version. I have a stylish co-worker that’s younger and we so often have on similar trends, mine appropriate for me and her for the younger set. We always laugh about it. (I tell her she’s the 20 and i’m the 40, and she says “I’m not in my 20’s and I respond, I’m not in my 40’s anymore either”…hehehe

    I also like a shirt with some sleeves for super cold restaurants. I like the shirts lately with the ability to roll up and button, so i can wear it short sleeve or longer. Have a great Monday.

  22. I love this outfit Cyndi! Is the sweater NAVY as shown in the shopping link?? It looks more like a royal blue in your pictures.

  23. Cyndi, it will be great seeing a compRison between you and Courtney. Just because we’re over 40 doesn’t mean we can’t be trendy and current. Because my legs are not as pretty as yours, I do not wear shorts out if they are not at least 6″-7″ long. I lean toward pants that are just below my knees or longer. I am 5’7″ with long legs, so I don’t need to wear shoes or pants to make my legs look longer. Have a blessed week!

  24. Love this outfit on you, it looks great! I’m going to the Loft website now. Can’t wait to see the outfits you and your daughter style! I’m really looking forward to your 26 Days of Summer series! Have a great night! 🙂

  25. I think that is a wonderful idea, to post you and your daughters outfits. I’ll be looking forward to seeing them.

  26. Hi there
    I like the outfit, however, I tend to wear my shorts a little longer (just above my knee).
    This looks very nice on you.

  27. Would love to see posts of you and your daughter. Love the outfit. Loft Riviera 6 inch shorts are my absolute favorite! I’m 54 years old, 5’3″ on a good day and a size 4 and these are great. I could probably go down to a size 2 in these shorts. I have a couple of the 4 inch Riviera in different patterns but don’t wear those as much as I do the 6 inch. Love your blog and can’t wait to see the posts with your daughter.

  28. I love your posts! I think comparing you and your daughter is an excellent idea. I’m 52 and my daughter is 30, but we share some of our outfits too.

  29. I love the idea of photos of you and your daughter! I have 3 daughters (34, 31, 25) and we don’t wear anything remotely similar, so it will be an eye opener for me. But I do think the shorts are a little “too short” — maybe not for 40, but for me at 57.

  30. Hi Cyndi,
    Love the outfit, as always you look very chic! Being a ministers wife I don’t wear shorts above the thigh, (just my preference and conviction) I prefer mine above the knee but right about where the thigh begins. More the Bermuda shorts, and I don’t wear them often. I am eager to see your styles with your daughter also… this should be a fun and different 26 Days of Summer Fashion! My daughter loves to wear shorts and she may benefit from this Summer Fashion before she goes to Florida for vacation. 🙂

    For now, I’m working on eating cleaner then I have been and losing a few more pounds before summer. I’m on a summer challenge of 2 totally raw meals per day and a sensible dinner. 🙂 Good luck with your Summer Fashion !!! God Bless you!

  31. I think I commented yesterday but I forgot to ask if this sweater runs true to size. I love the look, but sizing is often off for me at Loft. Thanks! You look fabulous! Susan

  32. Your styling site has been a huge help for me.I am 55 mother, wife, grandmother, and my husband and I are active in our local church. Love the verses you post also.