26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 12)

It’s Day 12 of my 26 Days of summer fashion. I can’t believe June is already half over!! I need summer to slow down.

Since we’re talking about summer fashion, let’s talk about summer dresses. I love casual and comfortable dresses.

Here are some dresses I’ve worn lately. They are different price points but they’re all comfortable AND they don’t wrinkle.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 12)

Striped Old Navy dress//Target dress//Gap dress//Jude Connally dress (this dress is the most expensive one but it’s my favorite dress ever, if I had the money, I would buy more of these dresses.)

Now for today’s dress, I was excited about sharing this one from LOFT. I love the color but after wearing it to church, I realized it’s one of those dresses that wrinkles easily. What? I’m devastated!

While the dress is comfortable, I don’t want to wear something that wrinkles after wearing it for an hour. This dress would be a 5 star dress but because it wrinkles, I would have to give it 3 stars.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 12)
26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 12)
I added my Kendra Scott necklace and my Stella & Dot arrow necklace.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 12)
26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 12)
Dress-LOFT//Shoes-(similar here)//Necklace-Kendra Scott//Necklace-Stella & Dot//Watch-Macy’s//Bracelet-Stella & Dot//Bracelet-Stella & Dot//Bracelet-Stella & Dot
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I am still looking for some more summer dresses that are comfortable and don’t wrinkle!

Have you found any dresses that you like this summer?

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. Too bad about the wrinkling…cute dress and great color for you! I tend to wear tee shirt dresses or sundresses that are supposed to look wrinkled…they come twisted in a loop so wrinkles are a good thing for them.

  2. They all look wonderful on you! I don’t wear dresses much as I think separates fit me better. The royal blue is so stunning on you! It’s my color too 🙂 !!

  3. I just got 2 dresses of this style at Kohl’s. http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-2124405/sonoma-life-style-blouson-scoopneck-dress-womens.jsp
    They are super comfortable and don’t wrinkle. The only thing I don’t love about them is that they have a double layer of fabric on the top half, which I think is what gives it the blousy look, but it also makes it a little warmer than I prefer, but it’s definitely not a deal-breaker to me. Most of the time I’m in air conditioning anyway, so it doesn’t matter that much.

  4. I love that blue color on you and it is super cute! But I’m with you, wrinkles are a dealbreaker which is why I don’t do linen anymore either. Question for you – I’m in Lexington for a conference downtown and can’t find any cute shops except Urban Outfitters which really isn’t my style any longer. Any suggestions?

  5. I love all the dresses you posted today. My favorite is the striped dress with the vest, but I love the one that wrinkles also. I read somewhere that the royal blue color looks good on everyone (and it definitely is one of your colors) and I must say I’ve never seen anyone wearing that color that I thought shouldn’t be wearing it.

  6. Cyndi, so funny we are talking dresses today. I just bought two dresses last night from Haute look. The price point was 30.00 each. I have really enjoyed wearing dresses this summer. I hate when a dress wrinkles. I love the color of your dress. I have a pair sandals that would match it perfectly. I also bought some skorts. I got those from QVC Susan Gravers collection. You need to check them out. It’s like a skirt to your knee but with shorts underneath. I worn one to work on last Thursday and the girls couldn’t believe how cute it was. I sure enjoy your site and I really do take your opinion on fashion to heart. You have excellent taste.

  7. Cyndi, you look fantastic in the royal blue! I’m with you on the wrinkles – that would be a deal breaker. My favorite dresses are from Target – they don’t wrinkle; they are ready to wear straight from the dryer and; they are above the knee. Because I am still in athletic shoes & an ankle brace I’m not wearing them much yet.
    Have a blessed day!

  8. After seeing the pink Jude Connally dress on you in your earlier post, I found a local boutique that carries them. I purchased the same style dress in a periwinkle lattice pattern and have received numerous compliments. Although I like periwinkle, I now realize it must be one of my colors! The cut of the dress is so comfortable; I just love it!! Thanks for introducing me to this designer. I will definitely be a repeat buyer!

  9. I was in New York (I’m from California) last week, I saw one cute dress after another. I wish they weren’t all walking by so fast so I could have asked them where they got them. The one thing that I did notice is that scallop bottom hems were very popular and dresses and shorts. I’m on the hunt.
    I really like the blue dress, but agree I don’t like clothes that wrinkle easily either.

  10. Love all your fashions. As an over-60 now, I prefer dresses just a bit longer. Any suggestions? So many are the length you wear and look great in, but I’m more comfortable when they’re a bit longer. Thanks!

    1. Vicki, I feel your pain. Maxi dresses & skirts are still in, so that gives you “full coverage”. My first Old Navy dress was too short for comfort after I washed it so I started buying my dresses from there in Tall. You have to buy them online but it’s worth it to have that few extra inches of length to cover more of my leg! I haven’t tried that with other stores, but it’s something to look into. I also saw a slip (for lack of a better description) that has a lace panel at the bottom to add some length/coverage to those dresses you love but feel are too short. It’s the one time that it’s okay when your slip shows!

      1. Even though I’m 5’4″ I buy a TALL in skirts and dresses at LOFT all the time for a longer length. My local LOFT offers free delivery if you order in their store – they started offering this in April.

  11. I bought some cute dresses at LOFT recently when they had $25 off dresses and I had my $25 LOFT savings cards, so I got a GREAT deal! I bought the Summer Leaves maxi and the Poppy halter maxi dresses. Maxis are my favorite and these knit dresses do not wrinkle. For more coverage I add a short-sleeve or 3/4 sleeve cardi. I also bought the Knitigo shirred dress and it is also comfy! Can be dressed up or down.

  12. I am soooo with you on the wrinkling…it’s a deal breaker…along with “needs ironing,” “dry clean only,” and “hand wash.” I’m getting really cranky in my old age! That’s just not how I want to spend time or money. I have two of the Old Navy striped dresses that I got on sale, but I haven’t worn them yet. I am still trying to get comfortable wearing short dresses.

    1. Bonnie,

      I think that easy wash and care is something most women are aware of these days – there are so many options of where to shop and what to buy that you can choose only easy washing care items and still have a totally stylish wardrobe!


  13. I love the Fit & Flare dresses from Lands End. They are soft jersey that doesn’t cling & doesn’t show wrinkles. I like the way it comes in at the waist & flares out at the hips. I have a pretty straight, athletic build so I like that this gives me curves. I think this style would be flattering in most body types. I liked it so much I bought a second one:)

  14. Just a curiosity question, Cyndi, do you only wear jewelry on one hand/ arm? I have noticed in other posts that your right hand is bare. just wondering:-)

    1. Hi Suzanna, I don’t really have any “rules” per say on which hand/arm I wear jewelry on… but usually, I just wear jewelry on one!

  15. I love all these dresses, but perfer the beautiful T-shirt one without the scarf for summer, and while I love the blue colour on you, today’s dresses isn’t nearly as flattering as the others. The Loft has a generous return policy. I never used to consider that, feeling a bad choice was my mistake, but I’ve since changed my mind. Why keep something with which you’re not 100% happy? Love those sandals, btw.

  16. The best one is the Jude Connally! Of course the best are usually the most expensive. I agree with another reader that I would do the tee shirt dress without the scarf. It is over powering for your face. Love the accessories! Keep rocking those shoes.

  17. The Jude Connelly dress is adorable and something that you can wear for years to come, Love! Who can focus on the blue dress, all I see is the shoes, FIERCE! Love them. They would be great with jeans as well, love them!

  18. Love all of them.I have always loved dresses and wear a lot of them. They are so comfortable and they make getting dressed in the morning so easy.

  19. So I’ve now purchased 2 of your 4 dresses. I had to go to a couple of Targets but I found the black and white one and I love it. I also was on a mission to find the striped dress and military vest, because I thought it was such a good combination and looked so cute on you. So, for all those still looking, I found a very similar striped dress at JCP but had to order the vest online at Macy’s. Thank you Cyndi because I know I well get a lot of wear from those two dresses. 🙂

  20. A dress I have really enjoyed is from Old Navy. It’s not available anymore but it’s a red and white knit dress. So comfortable and easy to dress up or down.