26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 14)

Welcome to Day 14 of my 26 Days of Summer Fashion! Well, I have two confessions. 1. I like the color royal blue, I feel like I wear it a lot, and 2. I wear a lot of sleeveless tops (I told you all I would not wear all sleeveless).

Some of you asked if I would style some tops that weren’t sleeveless. After going back and counting, I’m half and half. Whew!

I’ve styled seven sleeveless tops (including dresses and the ever so controversial romper) and the other seven had some type of sleeve. I feel better.

I love this royal blue sleeveless top. It has a bubble hem so it doesn’t have to be tucked in and it works perfectly with this striped skirt from Target. It comes in red and black and I may order another color.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 14)
I added floral pumps because life is too short not to mix patterns, right? Of course, you could wear a black heel, a lower heel or whatever shoe you prefer.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 14)
26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 14)
You could easily add a black blazer or cardigan to this outfit when wearing it inside with the air condition. I always freeze!

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 14)
I typically wear all my bracelets on my left hand (I get asked why?) and there’s not really any reason, except that I’m right handed and it’s more comfortable when I’m writing. I added this blue one to my right hand today.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 14)
26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 14)

Blue top-JC Penney//Striped skirt-Target//Floral pumps-Rack room shoes//Watch-Macy’s//Bracelet-Stella & Dot//Bracelet-Stella & Dot

The blue bracelet, earrings and metallic clutch are older and I can’t remember where I purchased them.

Here are some cute tops with sleeves from JC Penney. They all have great ratings and are good for summer.

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What style top do you typically wear in the summer?

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Beauty for the Heart~~Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul? Why are you crying the blues? Fix my eyes on God—soon I’ll be praising again. He puts a smile on my face. He’s my God. Psalm 42:5 (The Message)

The best cure when you’re feeling down? Seek God!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. great way to finish up on some online accounting chores, flipping over to the inbox and what a great beauty for my heart !!
    also, a trip down memory lane–being one of the oldest readers, I have floral shoe memories and creating shoes to match the outfits we had sewn by creating patterns for the target shoe, using our butter knife, nail polish remover, glue and pins pins and more pins to have those shoes covered in a fabric from the outfit !!

    I guess in a decade or two you might have a different ratio with the sleeve vs sleeveless !!

    1. Yes, Brenda I think you might be right. A few years from now and i might be covering my aris. They’ve already changed from a few years ago. 🙂

        1. One of my favorite outfits for sure! Very stylish and fashion forward. Love how you make it look so easy to be fashionable, sassy, and classy all at the same time! God is so good and enjoys seeing his creations enjoy the beauty of color! Shine on Cyndi (:

  2. Giggling about the “romper” issue……….very cute top and I do love royal blue! In fact I have some on today! My top is sleeveless but I wear a little loose short sleeved top over the blouse. I really need to work on my arms…….to get them back in shape!

  3. Cyndi, you look beautiful! Wish I could wear stripes on my bottom half but that would not be a pretty sught to see! I like my tops a tad bit longer in the back to hide the caboose but love sleeveless also! 🙂

  4. As always you look fantastic in your outfit! I’m working on firming up “my old arms” so I just might look for this top! Have a wonderfully blessed day Cyndi

  5. Haha, I think I was one who requested sleeves, but Iove this top! I also wear a lot of royal blue. You look great in sleeveless, and I might be brave enough to try it if the area at the shoulder is wide enough, and I use some sunless tanner 😉 . I’m also going to check out a couple of those “sleeved” tops you posted. Thanks, Cyndi!

  6. The skirt and top are beautiful together…and then you added those shoes and BABAM—perfection in my eyes!!! They just add a little pizzazz and uniqueness! I don’t think it’s bad to wear sleeveless (I realize this is coming from some older readers, not you)—you have wonderful arms and it’s all appropriate!! There was a great post I just read, how we need to love our bodies (even their imperfections) and arms are no exception. So what there’s a little jiggle or cellulite…I don’t cover my upper lip with a mustache (ha ha) so you can’t see my cleft lip scar!! jodie

  7. Cyndi, wear sleeveless & short as long as you can. I just turned 70 and stick to maxi skirts & sleeves. Miss those days when I could wear what you wear. But with that being said I can still enjoy your blog & get ideas that work for me. Have learned alot. Thank you.

  8. Hi Cyndi 🙂 You look so pretty & summery in this outfit! Just wondering, do you have any Christian blog friends that style outfits for plus size ladies?

  9. Good morning!!
    Love the entire outfit. Especially the shoes. Cyndi when I was in my 30s/40s people would always tell me how good my arms looked. I always thought they were too muscular. Now that I am 51 I still get good comments about my arms. So I embrace them with pride and wear sleeveless items as often as I can, thanking God for blessing me.
    Have an awesome day!

  10. Love the outfit, but I especially love the shoes!! I love watching for your style options. New suggetions are always welcome; it keep my from having to continually buy new clothes. 🙂

  11. I wear alot of my bracelets on my left wrist too for the same reason. I am at a computer all day and sometimes they get in the way. Love the heels but afraid I couldn’t wear those. Look really cute with the outfit though.

  12. I read these comments and chuckle as I am 66 and the older I get, the more I tell myself that I am not too old for cute shoes, I can pull off sleeveless dresses and don’t have to wear shorts that reach my knees. Leopard is the new black and my granddaughters call me to borrow shoes and clothes and I love it. Be who you are and wear what makes you smile! Life is too short to say “I can’t”. There is a saying I love – Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit he floor in the morning the devil says “Oh crap – she’s UP!

  13. You look fabulous in this outfit!! Of course you look great in everything, but this one is very trendy (stripes and florals together) and looks great on you.

  14. Love love love this outfit!! Everything just pops! I have the skirt wasn’t real sure what to put with and you fixed that for me today. So stunning! O did I say I LOVE it????

  15. You look great in this outfit… You are a “winter” like me so blue is a great color on you!! I don’t naturally remember to mix stripes and florals so thanks for the reminder!! Enjoy the sunshine 😉

  16. That outfit is adorable, and, again, that color is amazing on you. You are correct to wear it often. This is a great series!

  17. I love this outfit! I’m 44 and have been an RN for 12 years. My closet was full of scrubs and jeans. I knew I needed to update my wardrobe and started following your blog for fashion ideas. I am excited again about shopping for clothes. Your ideas make finding pretty and age appropriate outfits a breeze! Thank you so much!!

  18. I have this skirt from Target. Thank you for another idea on how to style it. I love the blue top and floral heels. Fabulous!!

  19. I immediately spotted the bracelet on your right wrist! So funny!

    You look adorable as always. I like the bubble top. . . and of course you like that color, you Kentucky fan, you! 🙂

    Girl, you have killer legs, and those darling pumps really set them off. Good for you!!

  20. I love this whole outfit! I want to go buy both the skirt and shirt right now. And I especially love the pink flower pumps. They add such a pop of color and character. Very cute.

    1. By the way, I took your advice for a dress for my daughters wedding and very excited to wear it Saturday ☺️. It has just a bit of lace to make it very feminine and the bride loves it too.

  21. Love the outfit! You look beautiful! Royal blue is such a great color on you!!! Funny, I noticed the bracelet on your left hand right away! Great scripture as well! Thanks Cyndi!

    1. l love this! I also love the idea of you showing photos of your style tips, ie. with different types of shoes, blazers, etc. I think that could be a super cute post for a month…styling an outfit with different shoes, accessories!