26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 16)

Happy Friday friends! It’s day 16 of my 26 Days of Summer fashion and it’s weekend casual today.

I like to have some pieces in my wardrobe that are casual and perfect for running errands. This comfy skirt is effortless but still put together.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 16)
My sandals are from last year and are no longer available. They are the Call it Spring brand from JCP. I think these Birkenstock sandals would look cute with this outfit. My daughter has a “knock off” pair and I like them.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 16)
Some of you have asked about the nail color on my toes. It’s the Spring/Summer OPI Hawaii Collection called Aloha. It’s a coral color (brighter than the picture). When I find a color I like, I’m pretty loyal. So this will probably be my summer color.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 16)
What can I say? More tassels, I have a “thang” for them.

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 16)
26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 16)

Sleeveless top-JCP (on sale!)//Skirt-Liz Claiborne Weekend (on sale!)//Sandals-similar here

26 Days of Summer Fashion (Day 16)
Anyone else glad it’s the weekend? I feel like it’s been a long week.

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Beauty For the Heart~~I am devastated over the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. It was pure evil and my heart is breaking for those families who have lost loved ones.

Just like those people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, I sat in my church Wednesday evening with my church family, studying scripture. It’s hard to imagine a person standing up at the end and begin to shoot innocent men and women. I can’t comprehend it.

Let’s pray for the families and the town as they begin the healing process. Praying Psalm 147:3, He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.


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  1. I absolutely love this outfit, especially the fact that the skirt is long enough not to be worried every time I’d get in and out of the car. You are knocking it out of the park with this series!

  2. Okay…your shoes are super great, but I’m not loving the birk trend…so I’m glad you wore these brown ones!! I’m trying to like the birks more because I hear they are so comfy, but they just look so granolaish to me! jodie
    ps…I love how you wore a skirt…they are a great option!!

  3. I too was in church with my family for prayer meeting Wednesday night. I can’t imagine! Praying for Charleston!! It’s not just about hate, race, bigotry….it’s about SIN and its curse! This world needs Jesus!

  4. Hey Cyndi,
    I love the outfit. It looks darling on you. I love tassels on anything too. You will want to read Numbers 15: 37-41 it acutally talks about tassels! You will be amazed. It was my bible lesson today and I thought of it when I saw your shirt.
    Many, many prayers for the victims of the shooting in South Carolina. It makes the hearts of we fellow Christians ache with pain over the evilness in this world. God says this world is not our home and we have to remember that sad to say.
    Have a blessed and happy weekend.

  5. Do you ever do a mix and match outfit layout. How many pieces are good to get me through the summertime

  6. I think it is important to remember as Christians that we are also to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.
    If anyone needs to know the love of Christ, certainly it is the young man who did the shooting.
    Certainly I am not discounting the terrible tragedy and loss; but I cannot help but think of what a tortured soul that young man must be and how grateful I am to know the love and mercy of Christ.

  7. I live the outfit! As someone with high arches that need extra support, Birkenstocks are awesome. I have had to pay $200+ per pair of shoes to get the support my feet/ankles need. Now that I’ve gone through ankle surgery on both ankles, I’ll wear good shoes from now on.
    I’m definitely praying for Charleston, SC, and those elsewhere that are directly impacted.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  8. Girl you look good in every “thang”
    you wear.
    Such a tradegy in SC and another one in OKC regarding a young missionary. He was convicted today of abusing children in Africa. This young man was raised in a Christian home with loving parents. I pray this story is not over and if he is innocent, the truth be known soon. Cant imagine how parents/family are coping with the news today.

  9. Cindy you look great!
    Could you please post some of your pictures with hand bags? I’m such a bag lady and would love to see what you use for different outfits!

  10. My devo scripture this morning was about how God instructed his people to put tassels on their garments to remind them to obey the commandments He gave them. Made me remember that tassels are a big trend right now. Hmmm…… 🙂

  11. If you haven’t tried them, Birkenstocks are much different than what they used to be. They aren’t heavy and as clunky as last time around and can give a bit of “weight” to an outfit. I don’t have any (yet) but have some very fashionable friends who do and they look great. All depends on what you wear them with.
    I’ve noticed from your blog and others that fashion can be quite regional so what may really take off in one place (like Birkenstocks) may not at all in another.

  12. Hi Cyndi,
    Such a cute outfit… love the white skirt, it’s just my length…
    I had to google this “Baublebar”… wasn’t quite sure what it was although the name “bauble” gives it away a little… that is so sweet of you to give a $50. Baublebar card away! God Bless You for your kind heart!

  13. Just had my toes done with the OPI Aloha! I LOVE it!! I’ve always had French before, so it’s fun to have some color!!! Thank you!!