27 Days of Spring Fashion: Floral Top With Coral Pant

It’s Day 21 of my 27 Days of Spring Fashion with Jo-Lynne Shane. Today I’m styling my coral pants again but this time I’m wearing them with a floral top and I’m adding a blazer.

I  styled these pants with an off white top earlier in the week. I also styled another floral blouse this month from Loft.

I’m a huge fan of this style blouse, especially in the spring. The sleeve length is perfect and I like to do a front tuck and leave the back of the top out.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Floral Top With Coral PantThese Loft pants come in several different colors. They come in size 00 to size 18 and they also come in petites.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Floral Top With Coral PantTo dress it up a bit I added a black blazer. If you work in a professional office, you might have to wear a matching suit otherwise matchy matchy is not a good thing for women over 40. I wouldn’t wear this black blazer with black pants.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Floral Top With Coral PantMy shoes are from Kohl’s and I have had them for several years. I still love them but I can’t find them online. I’m linking to several similar styles but they are a little pricey, I couldn’t find an inexpensive pair.

floral top wit coral pants 5I’m enjoying the floral trend this spring and I’ve added a couple of floral blouses to my wardrobe.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Floral Top With Coral Pant
Outfit Details: Floral Top//Coral Pant//Ahhmazing tank (black, use code Spivey760 for $10 off)//Necklace//Bracelets//Blazer (similar here)//Handbag//Ring (less expensive one here)//Sunglasses//Taupe Heel (similar here, here and here.)

Don’t forget to visit Jo-Lynne and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

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Beauty For the Heart~~Displaying faith is not about proving myself good. Faith displayed is proof that I know a good God! Faith is a natural by-product of fixing my eyes on Jesus. ~~Katie Orr

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love the quote by Katie Orr! What a great reminder to keep our eyes focused on Jesus-we need it everyday…sometimes multiple times a day.

    I love a front tuck. Someone asked me about it once because her’s didn’t quite turn out-someone came up to her and said, “Miss, you forgot to pull down your shirt all the way.” It probably only works on a flatter tummy… I’m also starting to see a full tuck too. Love the clean preppy look- glad it’s coming back. 🙂

    Have a blessed day!

  2. I love your site and seeing your clothes you model for us each day. We are buried in snow and more coming tomorrow. Love Canada but ready for sandels, bright clothing, and sunshine

  3. Cyndi, thank you so much for the laugh. Its true i think we all do stuff like that. Mine is looking for my phone while im on my phone. Lol I needed to laugh my daughter was extra mean this morning to me knowing that i dont feel well n its my birthday. Teenage !!! I love this outfit!!

  4. Cute outfit. Love the picture saying. Gave me a good laugh. It’s like looking for glasses that are on top of your head. 🙁

  5. Cute outfit ! ENJOY Colt! I will be keeping my grandsons, Bennett who is 2.5 and Grayson is 10 months all next week alone. Yikes! Looking forward to it😍

  6. I have to say this is my favorite outfit of yours! It’s so cute. And since I work I’m going to TOTALLY copy it. Have a BLESSED Easter!

  7. Thank you so much for the suggestions for the work place attire! I love your spring fashion! Hoping to head over to Loft in the next day or two to check out those slacks! I particularly appreciate the jewelry as well! Have a wonderful Easter weekend, and thank you so much for all your great ideas and encouragement!

  8. Good morning! Cute outfit! Thanks for all your ideas. I do have an unrelated question–can you recommend a good self tanner? I need to work on my legs in order to wear these cute spring styles😃

  9. The picture made me laugh, can’t tell you how often I have done something like that!! Love your outfit, I’m really liking the subtle floral tops. Katie Orr”s quote is perfect! Enjoy your day with Colt 🙂

  10. I laughed so hard at your Instagram photo! Totally me as well.😂 I’m enjoying all your Spring looks!

  11. Love this outfit as well! I’m wondering though, how are you wearing the sleeve on these types tops? I have 2 of them from loft and I can’t seem to get the sleeve roll right. Apparently my arms are big because I cannot roll them while buttoned but unbuttoned they’re so floppy!! I like the way yours look in this pick and the one with the greenish top from Loft. Help! 😜

    Thank you!!!!

  12. Cyndi, that cartoon is SO funny! Reminds me of the time I absentmindedly clicked my car keys trying to unlock the front door to my house!
    Praying a BLESSED AND JOYFUL Easter for you and all your precious readers!

  13. oh my word! That’s totally me! I have even been talking on my phone and then said to myself, “where’s my phone”! HA! love your outfit & beauty for the heart today too. have a blessed day sweet lady with Colt 😉

  14. The cartoon makes me think you are spying on me. I love it! Your outfit is so nice! Please tell me that there are times you wear what I call ‘yard work clothes’ that really aren’t meant for the world to see!

    What fun taking Colt shopping this afternoon! It will definitely be a blessed afternoon!

    I do have to exchange my Loft pink stripped sweater, going one size up.

  15. 😂 I’m laughing so hard right now. Like Nicki I have been on my phone while frantically walking around looking for my phone. Lol. I’ll only admit this to all of you. Ha.

    Love the outfit. Perfect for the office or a date night at a nice restsurant.

    Enjoy your day with your grandson. I love taking mine out – just us – no Mom. They love it too.

    God bless everyone.

  16. Hi Cyndi,
    Another beautiful outfit.
    Ha ha good laugh- cute quote…LOL and very good Beauty for the Heart also…
    I love this quote, “The less you respond to rude, critical, argumentative people, The more peaceful your life will become!”
    God Bless you today and have a FUN day with Colt and safe travels!!

    1. I am not sure, but I just visited this blog for the first time, and the earrings look like a pair I made! I sell my jewelry on Etsy, and these earrings are almost identical to my design, so I am curious! I make them in brass (gold), silver, copper, and antiqued brass and silver. http://WWW.melaniemcgilljewelry.etsy.com. I’m not trying to do heavy advertising here, but would love to know if those are mine!

  17. Love this outfit! The pants are so cute. I like them much better than the tight , tight jeans with rips and tears. But, different outfits for different days, right?

  18. Love the outfits you have been showing lately! So classy and gives us doable ideas. Keep it up! HAPPY EASTER AND HAPPY DAY WITH YOUR GRAND!

  19. Love the outfit! Thank you thank you! Received the Harper pant from Old Navy you styled a while back, and love the fit! Loved so much, went back and ordered a second pair! Really inexpensive pant and used a 40% off coupon, so paid a little over $15 for second pair. SCORE! Also purchased the navy floral top from Loft you styled, love it too. I no longer have to tredge through malls looking for something that looks good. I just follow your suggestions! Oh, and thank you for introducing me to Glamour Farms. Have ordered several things from them, and really appreciate your coupon code. Thanks again, have a Bessed day and a most fabulous Easter.

  20. Another cute outfit with the coral pants! Isn’t it great when we can take one piece in our wardrobe and style it different ways!!
    Looking for your phone is about like me looking for my reading glasses while wearing them, lol!

    Enjoy your day with Cole😊

  21. I love the whole outfit. It would look nice for work or an evening out to dinner with someone special. I really look forward to your emails everyday.

  22. Glad you’ve shown the Loft pants again– I shopped the sale online and ordered several fun pieces, but saw the rolled hem on those and description sounded like they were made rolled. Also their color name does not sound coral!
    Happy to clarify by looking at yours- guess I need to return and order these. Just what I need.

  23. great outfit. how about the cute little guy who loves the camera with his Nana giving us a picture with his new shoes and the rest of his Easter outfit ???

  24. I like this outfit! it’s a morning to night look which works when there’s lots to get done in a day – take off the jacket, change the shoes and it’s a new look. I can totally relate to the cartoon – I spent several hours looking for my phone one night until I realized it was plugged in /charging – duh!

  25. I’m really enjoying seeing your Spring looks as it gives me a lot of ideas. I loved the cartoon you shared…reminds me of the time when I got to work and couldn’t find my glasses….I told the receptionist I was going to run back home to get my glasses and she said you have them on!!! Senior moment for sure!

    I know you will enjoy your afternoon with Colt. My grandbabies are in Disney World this week for spring break but they’ll all be at our house for Easter.

    Enjoy your day Cindi!

  26. Great outfit! Can’t tell you how many times I have searched for phone, while talking on it!!!
    Glad I’m not the only one!

  27. I would totally wear this to work! So glad you didn’t style this with black shoes, cause that’s what I would have done ~ boring!

  28. You look wonderful. I love this outfit!!! Just so upset to hear you wear your clothes more than once! Lol😁 Happy Easter! He has risen!!!

  29. Cyndi, thank you for your wit, sharing your heart and love of the Lord with us. You encourage me so much along with being able to try to broaden my fashion sense.
    Today, a lot of built up things came crashing down on me at work, and though I can count on one hand the number of times I have cried in 5 years, I broke down and cried. We moved from Okla. To Tenn. In January, and while it was a wonderful move to be near our kids, I miss my church family, my work family and so much more. We are working on finding just the right church home, but the new work environment is not a family. So, I’m struggling terribly., and lonely. Thank you again for sharing yourself with us. I always look forward to opening your emails.
    For His cause,

    1. Tammy I’m sorry for your struggles. That was a big move and I’m sure it will take time to get adjusted. It will probably help when you are able to find a good church home.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    2. Tammy msy god send you angel to help you ..i know the feeling og being lonely and feeling like you just dont fit but god is with you whereever you go…sending you a hug..god bless and keep looking up

  30. Hi Cyndi: Your post cracked me up because just yesterday I came into work (feeling put together) & used the restroom & noticed in the mirror how tired I looked….then realized I forgot to put mascara on:-) Yes, I do crazy things too. I live 25 miles from my office so couldn’t just pop home on lunch hour…I did make it through & this morning I am all put together, mascara included:-) LOL~!