27 Days of Spring Fashion: Easter Dress

Welcome to my 27 Days of Spring Fashion! Jo-Lynne and I are so excited to have a new blogger join us today, Tania from 50 is Not Old.

She has the cutest style and I love her sense of humor. I hope you’ll stop over there today and say hello to her!

I have struggled to find an Easter dress I liked this year. Easter can still be cool in Kentucky so I like sleeves. I finally found this bright and cheery dress but after I purchased it, I realized Dillard’s didn’t have it online. Ugh!!

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Easter DressI have seen a lot of mixing of pink and orange this year and I love these two colors together.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Easter DressI purchased my heels from JCPenney. They are on sale and run true to size. I had a $20 off coupon and I paid $8 for these heels. Score!!

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Easter Dress 27 Days of Spring Fashion: Easter DressThis pink clutch is from Target.

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Easter Dress

27 Days of Spring Fashion: Easter Dress
Outfit Details: Taylor Dress (Dillards, not online)//Pink clutch//Nude heels

Make sure you stop by and see what Tania and Jo-Lynne are styling today!

Okay, please allow me a proud Aunt moment, this is my nephew Jonathan. I was so excited that he got a chair turn on The Voice last night!!

Beauty For the Heart~~If you all have followed my blog for a while, you might know I lost my Mom to cancer in 2009.

My Mom was a prayer warrior and she prayed for Jonathan and his hearing loss. She was heartbroken that he couldn’t hear and many times prayed God would heal him.

What she didn’t get to see is that God didn’t heal his hearing loss but he is using Jonathan in a powerful way.

There’s a verse that kept popping in my head last night, Hebrews 12:1, Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

If it’s possible, I believe Mom was in that great cloud of witnesses last night cheering Jonathan on. My prayer is that Mom knows that her family is running with perseverance! She left a legacy and we are so thankful for the life she lived!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Awesome dress on you. Love the white heels too and what a score!! You look great. I did sign up for Tania’s blog. I am looking forward to seeing more of her blog.

  2. Love the dress and score on the shoes is right!!!!! this is a wonderful outfit for easter!! I totally miised your nephew last night I kept flipping stations between the Voice & The Bachelor!! SO Im glad that you posted the video for us who missed it! He sounded awesome!!! Congrats to him I hope he goes far!!!!

  3. Such beautiful dress! Thank you for showcasing it. Luckily we have a Dillard’s here in the Twin Cities so I am off to look for it today! If Easter is cool in KY think what it’s like in MN. Plus my upper arms are my weakest link so I always need sleeves. The Lord bless you and guide your decisions today.

  4. Love the dress! I was so excited and happy to see Jonathan on the Voice last night and see a turn chair. Traci looked so beautiful on the side lines and during the interview. What a beautiful story and family. Congrats!

  5. Love the dress & heels! Jonathan did fantastic last night! I don’t typically watch the voice but did last night so I could see him. Your family definitely has a right to be proud of him!

  6. Thank you so much for posting the link to The Voice. I have waited since the show stared this year to watch Jonathan…and right before he came on, we had a terrible thunderstorm and lost our satellite! So the only performer I missed was Jonathan! I was so happy to be able to watch his performance online on your blog! Praying for him and his family during this time> Our pastor’s niece, Emily Ann Roberts, was the runner up last year. It’s awesome seeing so many young Christians performing on this show and finding success!

  7. Jonathan was outstanding last night! You must be so excited!

    And this outfit is the cutest thing I have seem anywhere in a long time. I am heading out to Dullards!

  8. I saw the Voice last night! What a sweet, sweet boy and what a good looking family! How exciting for all of you!
    I LOVE this dress!!! It’s so cute and perfect for spring and Easter.
    I was in church this weekend for the first time in many years to be a godparent to my nephew and it has renewed my desire to find one closer to home. I felt so GOOD after I left. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I don’t mind. It was $98. I tried so hard to find something cheaper but i didn’t like any of the cheaper dresses. I didn’t have a coupon or anything. Ugh!

  9. The dress is so pretty Cyndi. Your shoes look grey?? but are they more of a nude color?? I was so excited last night that I jumped out of my seat when Pharrell turned around! woo hoo!! so excited for him and your family

  10. Love the dresss! Wish we had Dillard’s in Michigan. Where can we hear Johnathan’s story? He can sing like that and has hearing problems? What? Really? I need to hear this story!

  11. What a bright, happy dress! and that style is a good one for me…wondering if they carry this in petite as I need that for the length. Looks like I’ll be making a trip to Dillards :). And what a score on the shoes – are they comfy? The Voice was great – what a talented young man! You should be proud, and I’m sure your mom was smiling in heaven too.

  12. You are adorable and so inspiring! I’m a new follower and look forward to your daily posts. Would you mind sharing the color of you finger nail polish?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Laurie!! Thank you so much for stopping by! I shared about my nails here>https://www.cyndispivey.com/2015/07/16/lets-talk-nails/

  13. Love the Easter dress…but more importantly, loved seeing your nephew on The Voice last night. While I have never met you, I got a little emotional watching his story – I felt like an “honorary” friend cheering him on for you! I was so excited when Pharrell’s chair turned! What an incredible experience!
    Also, this morning on The Today Show, they were doing a little segment about Carson’s role backstage with the family while their loved one is performing and they showed your sister’s family again…a couple of times! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Best of luck to your nephew…

  14. Love the dress and shoes. Was excited to watch your nephew on The Voice! He did great and I hope he goes far, adorable family! Also looking forward to some basketball! My husband and I are Texas A&M University allumi and our two sons attend their now, so we’re excited our Aggies have made it this far and anticipating some March Madness! Absolutley love your blog, fashion and faith. Going to Payless today to get the shoes you posted yesterday!

  15. I love pink and orange together. Great job on the Easter dress and the $8 heels! The only time I’ve gotten shoes that cheap was from a Savers Thrift Store. Always a fan of Target accessories- I have a quite a bit from there as I always seem to find something while I’m out shopping with the kids and they have all their goodies at the front of the store for mom’s like me. LOL.

  16. Beautiful dress! Love the shoes (and the affordable price even without a coupon)! Missed the Voice last night. Thanks for posting the video of your nephew. He is incredible! Will be praying he goes far. Can you post the section of the program that included the interview with your sister?

  17. Super cute dress!!! I’ve been loving the whole pink and orange trend too. Good job on the shoe score. I just LOVE a good bargain. It’s so fun to “know” someone on the Voice. I’d been watching every night of the blinds waiting to see Jonathan. He did awesome! Can’t wait to watch him some more.

  18. The Voice did such a great job putting together that package on Jonathan! I watched with my husband but first I had to give him the background — that I follow an amazing woman named Cyndi Spivey and look forward to her emails each day! Too much info for him..he’s a guy afterall.

    But I am so happy Jonathan made it! I can’t even imagine how excited your family is! Your sister and her family are so beautiful too!

  19. Cute outfit! Love the color combo and the heels! I especially love your nephew-great voice and an even better story. Our mamas are always with us…love and hugs!

  20. I love this outfit, especially the shoes. I know that your mother would be so proud of not just your nephew, but your entire family. I want to consider following your sister’s blog. Would you mind sharing the address again?

  21. I enjoyed seeing your nephew last night. What a wonderful story he has! I’ll be rooting for him! Love, love the dress. I’ll be heading to Dillard’s this afternoon. Finally, I love that y’all found Tania. I started following her last fall. You’re right, she is hilarious!! She has a cute style AND a heart for the Lord.

  22. Love the dress! It can be difficult to find a dress for Spring that has sleeves. It is typically still chilly Easter morning and this is perfect and fabulous on you! I will say a prayer for your decision to relocate and for
    God to use Jonathan’s gifts to bring glory to God. Extra COFFEE today!

  23. Beautiful dress.nice passage.way to go for your nephew. I had my granddaughter last night. I am sorry I missed it.good luck again. Bless you.

  24. Cyndi I am thrilled to see your nephew’s success! He is just darling and so talented. My daughter is the same age, and I am so happy to see Christian teens have such a powerful impact on our country!! We will be watching and praying for him! the nest part was his mom though(: Love it! I love your dress! Thanks for encouraging me to wear some color! I have been stuck in a gray and white rut! And I am ordering those Payless shoe from yesterday’s post!! Thanks! Susan

  25. Love the dress Cyndi! I was so excited for Jonathan last night. I know your mom was smiling and cheering him on!

    Have a blessed day!

  26. Wow, your nephew has a beautiful voice and I’m glad he had a chair turned! Wishing him lots of luck! Your Easter dress is so pretty and fun and vibrant! I love the colors together! I look forward to your emails everyday and get on your blog each time! Your style help has really helped me to feel more confident and self assured when I walk out the door! Thank you!!! Hugs, Kim

  27. I watched The Voice last night, for the first time in years, just to watch your nephew. He did so great, and I know the entire family is so proud of the young man he has become. You look great! I appreciate you and Jo-Lynne letting me join you for this post. Good luck to your nephew as he continues this journey.

  28. OMG how cool is that. We were so rooting for Jonathan last night and when chairs turned, I was already sniffing!! What can I say, I’m such a sap ๐Ÿ™‚ he has a very unique voice, almost like a caress and I really hope he goes far in the competition. My daughter (same age) and her generation would do well to see how committed, tenacious and disciplined anyone can be.

  29. I don’t usually watch The Voice or any of those but I did check it out this morning. Your nephew is AMAZING! To have partial hearing loss and sing like that is truly a gift from God. Both my parents were deaf and I’ve known a lot of deaf people and their speech is almost always affected by the hearing loss. So glory be to God!

    Love the dress and I love that color combination!

  30. Your nephew, Jonathan, has an AMAZING voice! Especially for someone with hearing loss. Both my parents are deaf and I know a lot of deaf people and almost all of them have speech issues. God has truly blessed your nephew! I don’t typically watch The Voice or any of those shows but will have to try and keep up. But I know you will keep us posted. ๐Ÿ™‚

    To God be all the Glory!

  31. Your nephew was AWESOME last night!!!! I was so proud of him. I so look forward to seeing him perform again. What an beautiful way for God to let him show his light!

  32. Hi Cindi, I love your dress. We have a Dillards here in Montgomery so I might go check out their spring dresses. Since I retired I don’t wear dresses as much and have a few for church but this one is really pretty. Do you have a link to the bracelets you are wearing, especially the “half” gold one with gold balls on each end. I’ve started wearing a lot more gold jewelry lately and like this style.

    We don’t watch The Voice but I’m going to check out your nephews video. I know you all are so proud of him!

  33. I love pink and orange together, and this dress is FANTASTIC!!! I was so excited to see Jonathan last night. What a confident young man. He is my son’s age, and I know that not many 16 year old boys could do what he’s doing. SO SO SO glad that he got a chair to turn, this late in the game too. Can’t wait to watch his journey unfold.

  34. I was thrilled to get to see your nephew last night, I had been telling my husband about what an amazing woman of God you are and how I enjoy and look forward to your emails each day. What an amazing voice he has, I just love seeing our youth with so much talent. Your dress is adorable, as always! You are a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air! Have learned so much from you, scripture, fashion, beauty products, etc. you are very much appreciated in this crazy world we live in. Thank you for that!

  35. This dress looks great on you. Saw Jonathan last night…what a great moment for your whole family and a great reminder that God uses us no matter what our circumstances for His glory.

  36. Beautiful dress! Love the colors for Easter, spring and all summer long! Congratulations to your nephew and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for him!

  37. Hi,
    Yes, love the dress! Wow, I didn’t realize at the time that Jonathan was your nephew:-) We are not regular Voice viewers, but I was flipping thru channels and heard the beginnings of his story & stopped there to listen more & was interested so we listened to his song. What an amazing young man, voice & family. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    p.s. Your my favorite blog righter & fashion consultant:-)!!!! Happy Spring/Summer to you:-)

  38. This dress is adorable. I might just have to go take a look.
    Jonathan was so great last night…. I actually cried when Pharrell turned his chair. My BH says ai act as if he’s my son, but I feel so connected. Plus, he’s adorable with major talent. p.s. where do you find all your coupons? With all your online shopping, you should be sure to sign up for Mr Rebates! http://www.mrrebates.com/

  39. I love this dress on you! The color combo is perfect, and looks beautiful with your dark hair. The shoes are just perfect. You look classy, as always!
    My husband and I watched The Voice last night. My husband knows who I’m talking about, when I say Cyndi. ๐Ÿ™‚ We were screaming, and clapping when Pharrell turned his chair. We are total fans of Jonathan. Your mom would be so proud, and I’m sure she was watching from up in heaven last night.
    We are now, team Jonathan!

  40. I love your choice. It’s colorful and fun, has 3/4 sleeves and is a nice length and you look beautiful in it. And those shoes….well, I have to have them!

  41. Hi Cyndi! Thank you so much for posting the beautiful dress, suitable for Easter, and or many occasions. It’s attractive and most flattering. I, too, am rooting for your nephew! It’s so exciting to have someone so close to you having this opportunity on a large scale! Beautiful legacy!!

  42. Your nephew is darling and has a beautiful voice! What a thrill! Good luck to him!

    You look beautiful in that dress as well. Good luck in your house/moving decisions. It will be good!

  43. It is SO HARD to be among the last performers on The Voice, especially when some of the teams are already full. The judges get so, so picky. And his hearing loss never even came up! Was Pharrell surprised when he found out? So exciting to watch his journey. I wasn’t crazy about that song but his voice was beyond gorgeous. Your mother’s prayers for Jonathan have been answered, if not in the way she wanted. He is on his way to using his talent to glorify the Lord.

  44. I love the dress on you! I also signed up for Tania’s blog. I look forward to seeing what you post ever day. Thank you!

  45. I LOVE this look. The colors are very cheerful and you wear them well. ๐Ÿ˜Š I love seeing these colors almost anywhere ….in fashion, for beach house pillows,, decor in a cheery office etc. I ordered the shoes and found another couple pairs I liked too. Cant wait ’til they arrive! Would love to find this dress also.

    Enjoyed Jonathan’s audition. He was fantastic! Hope he continues to do well in the competition.


  46. I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your blog. It has made shopping fun again! Awesome performance from your nephew! My 16 year old daughter is following him now! She’s so funny…she’ll ask what Cyndi has to say today. It’s like we are BFFs!๐Ÿ˜œ

  47. Hello – I missed the Voice last night so thanks for posting about your nephew! So awesome! Hey, I want to order the self tanner that you talked about last week but I can’t find the original post. Can you tell me which post it was in? THANKS so much!

  48. Happy warm weather. I have always loved bright colors for Easter. This year I did finda pretty bright multicolored dress that I love.
    Your dress is very pretty.
    Have a great evening.

  49. I follow you and your sister so I heard that Jonathan got a chair turned before I got to hear him sing (I recorded the Voice and listened to it this morning). Congratulations!

  50. This outfit is fabulous! (Wish it was online!) The shoes are keepers too! Following Jonathan, so excited for him. Blessings on you day!

  51. So exciting having your nephew on the voice. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure you are all so proud of him! I love that dress, the colors & style. I’ve been in KY for Easter, so I can relate to the temperature problem, especially when Easter is earlier in the year.

  52. The dress is so pretty on you. Love it. Always love checking out your posts. I’m also so happy for your family that your nephew did so well on The Voice. He did such a terrific job. Beautiful voice.

  53. I love your dress! You are really knocking it out of the park with this spring series! I have purchased several of the pieces you have styled. Congratulations to your nephew! Thanks for sharing the video!

  54. Hi Cyndi, I have just started following your blog and absolutely love it! Lovely outfit for Easter. Good luck to your nephew, he is very talented.

    Have a good week!

  55. –Such a great look on you, Cyndi! It is interesting to see orange and hot pink together again. I remember it was popular in the 70’s and I remember my mom made me a jumper out of fabric in those colors.
    Congrats to your nephew! We will be watching and cheering him on. Emily Ann Roberts, who came in second last season is the niece of friends of ours here in Murfreesboro, TN. I know your mom must be smiling down from heaven and that you are all proud of him. We will keep him in our prayers as that whole experience can be exhausting.

  56. Cyndi, I love the dress! How is the fit? I know knits can some times run small, should I happen to find it online? I follow Traci’s blog and we are loving watching and rooting for Jonathan.!!

  57. The dress, shoes and bag are fantastic! Do you have anything on your legs? That is always my delimma in the spring…I live in the North and the only way I am getting color on my legs is with self tanner but it does not look as good until early June. I am a bit on the fair side. Please share your fashion for the legs with dresses and skirts. Thank you!
    Yes, your nephew rocked it! He is super! I wish him much success! Thank you for sharing your style and walk with God. you are a blessing.

  58. Would love to know what size your dress is. Sometimes knits fit smaller. I may try to find it online and that would help. Congrats to Jonathan and your family!
    I follow Traci’s blog too and I am enjoying watching this play out.

      1. I was at Dillard’s in Bowling Green and they couldn’t find this dress. Is it a new brand they will be carrying ? I love it and would like to find it. Thanks, Rene’