28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 1)

It’s Day 1 of my 28 Days of Spring Fashion!

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 1)
While I’m super excited to start thinking about spring fashion, I’m not super excited that there is still snow in my yard. Sigh. I keep reminding myself “this too shall pass”.

I shared with you last week that we are going to start the 28 days of spring fashion with these 9 pieces of clothing from Target. I’m going to create several different outfits using these pieces.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 1)
Today, we’ll start with the green blouse and skinny jeans.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 1)
28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 1)

I added a long, gold and turquoise necklace. I love mixing turquoise and green. I also added a short necklace from Stella & Dot.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 1)
This outfit would work well for someone that is petite. The long necklace elongates your body and a slight wedge gives you some height.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 1)
28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 1)

Green blouse-Target (similar here )//Skinny jeans-Target//Wedge heel-Target//Long Necklace-Stitch Fix (Kaitland Spade Charm Necklace)//Short Necklace-Stella & Dot//Watch-Macy’s//Bracelet-Banana Republic

 I’m looking for reasonably priced spring fashion. What do you think about Old Navy? I like their tops but I struggle with their pants and jeans.

I would love for you to invite your friends to join us during the Spring Fashion month! It’s kind of like girls night out, everyday!

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Beauty for the Heart~~I’ve decided this month to focus the “beauty for the heart” on GRACE. So I’ll be sharing quotes, stories and scripture on GRACE.

When I hear Christians say, “I don’t do this, and I don’t do that, and I am following a set of rules,” I immediately recognize that they know very little about the grace of God. They are trying to live the Christian life in their own strength. But Paul says, “Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” ~ J. Vernon McGee

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I love this look. I have seen this top at Target on some of my visits. May be a much needed purchase this week!

  2. Thank you for the refreshing attempt to bring us some Spring! We are buried under so much snow right now…It is beautiful in its own way…but so ready for warm weather and SPRING!!! =0)

  3. Love the outfit, and love the Beauty for the Heart even more. My father began hospice care at home on Saturday, and right now, rules are less help than ever. Grace is all that is getting my mother and me through the days. Thank you for this reminder; your site is truly a ministry.

    1. God’s grace is what got me through the loss of my Daddy in August. He had dementia since 2008 and it was so hard to watch him go through it. I miss him so, but know he is healed and with the Lord now!

  4. Very pretty Cyndi as usual! I’m loving the shoes, they are so cute. I’m going to check my local Target first before ordering them on line. I hope they don’t fun out. Thanks for the great ideas!

  5. I agree with you about Old Navy. Tops and accessories are (sometimes) good, but I struggle with the pants/jeans (I am a curvy fit). I don’t even try them on anymore. I have been able to wear some of their skirts and I have 1 dress from last summer. Old Navy has improved their style in the last couple of years (IMO). For a while I stopped shopping there because they seemed to cater more to the younger, early 20-something gals. Now I think they are coming back with more classic (and somewhat trendy) styles for the “mom” crowd.

    1. Sounds like we are thinking the same about Old Navy. What changed my mind was a pair of black coated Rockstar jeans I bought in January for next to nothing. They fit well (still a bit big in the waist but I’m used to that) and look much more expensive.
      I have also found I can get my 13 year old daughter similar items to a much more expensive store that is all the rage in our area. Once the clothing is on, no one knows where it’s from – and my guess is that it all originates at a similar place to begin with!

  6. Ordered the shoes from Target last week – can’t wait to get them on my front porch! Thanks for a glimpse of spring!

  7. Very pretty blouse on you Cindi! I’m excited for Spring, like we all are! Up here in CO we have spots of snow as well. I’m ready for the big thaw but am reminded that the snow is a refreshing drink of water for the grass, trees and plants. It’s a cleansing that promotes creation with new birth! Umm, a little like God’s grace!

  8. Old Navy has really stepped up their game, especially with pants and dresses. I bought a number of spring items just a few days ago. I really like the “pixie” pants but also bought some of the new “joggers” in a knit jersey and a silky rayon. Perfect if you want the trends but don’t want to spend a lot. Living in Canada, Target has been a bit of a bust for us so I’ve been giving Old Navy a chance – so far I’m been quite happy.
    A few weeks back, there was a lot of talk about Uggs and Converse. Well, I turned 50 a couple of months ago and a few days ago bought another pair of Converse. I think they are the perfect type of shoe to make an outfit look a little more on trend (and often less “dowdy”). I have teenagers, so I don’t want to look like them, but want them to see I still care about staying in style.
    Thank you too, for including a mini devotional with your posts. I feel like a friend is giving me a word of encouragement every day!

  9. I agree with you, Cyndi. I have not bought pants or jeans from Old Navy in several years. However, I do like most of their tops, but you have to be careful they do not shrink on you. Just last week I bought a blue striped boyfriend blouse with a white collar (will be cute for spring) and a red and white striped jersey dress that’s really cute and fits well. I washed both over the weekend and they came out fine.

  10. love the outfit and the green top is really cute! I have problems with fit on jeans/pants at Old Navy as well…but love their prices!

  11. Hi Cyndi – I am looking forward to your month of spring fashion. Our temps have been colder than usual here, along with most of the rest of the U.S., so I have been thinking spring to help cope with the cold. I bought a few of the pieces you will be styling from Target this weekend – including this top – and I will be using some similar items I already own for the others. Thanks for your Beauty for the Heart messages, I look forward to reading them each day.

  12. That color is great on you! I love the wedges too. And, at least you can SEE your grass. I’m in Massachusetts and my grass is still under about 4 feet of snow!!! I’m thinking spring though! Looking forward to the rest of the 28 days of spring fashion!

  13. Hey Cyndi I was patiently waiting for your email today, I love, love, love this outfit. I love the color of the green top, the jeans look great on you and I’m headed to target this afternoon! BTW, the shoes are gorgeous! I was also blessed by “Beauty for the Heart” today

  14. Hi Cyndi..I too have bought a few of the pieces you suggested from Target. I was really looking forward to your March blog and see how you put the pieces together. I think it would be fun to see you do a handbag that would coordinate

  15. Love this outfit on you. The color looks great! I too am blessed by your beauty from the heart daily posts.

    Thank you for being faithful to your calling.


  16. Oh my goodness, I was soooo excited to see Day#1! I love everything about this outfit, it’s so me and looks great on you, Cyndi!! I already have the skinny jeans, but I must see if my local Target has the shirt (love the color) and the cute wedges. Being petite, I love adding long necklaces to elongate my body. You’ve brightened my day!!!

  17. I am so excited for this month to start and see what you do with the 9 pieces from Target. I purchased most of them this weekend and ready for your Spring preview. I am starting to see the robins in Atlanta……come on spring! Also, I love your quote from Dr. McGee. He was a speaker at my church many times back in the 80’s. What a blessing he was!

  18. The outfit looks great on you. I like some things at Old Navy. You honestly get what you pay for there. If you think you’ll get more than one season’s use out of something, then you’ll be disappointed. They have great sales and it’s the perfect place to go for retail therapy when you just want a tiny pick-me-up for few $$$.

  19. Perfect casual outfit for Spring! Just wish I had picked up this top when I saw it weeks ago at Target. We were too much into a deep freeze for me to even think about Spring clothes! I am no longer finding it in this color at the stores or online. However, I did find the scarf, which will go with quite a bit with what I already have in my closet.

  20. Love this outfit! I am hoping to order some of the Target pieces you purchased. I also struggle with Old Navy pants and jeans, but occasionally find skirts and tops. I purchase a lot of my clothes from Gap and Banana Republic online factory stores. They have great prices and free return shipping if it does not work.

  21. You look wonderful in everything you wear, no matter where it comes from! I have often wondered to myself how you keep things looking nice after multiple washings, because I have found Target and Old Navy items to look a little “tired” rather soon and agree with the lady who said they are good for one season. I like to shop TJ Maxx for a little higher quality at a reasonable price.

  22. I love the shoes and I’m trying to think happy spring thoughts! To make you feel better we still have 7 foot snow drifts in our backyard!
    I like Old Navy for tops mostly.

  23. I love the outfit! You look so pretty! I am so ready for spring! I subscribed to your blog in January..just in time for your 30 days of winter fashions. I am so encouraged by your blog! I turned 50 this year and felt like I needed some advice and encouragement. I am looking forward to your spring fashions. Beauty for the heart always speaks to my heart. Thank you so much and have a blessed day

  24. Hi Cyndi! Love your first outfit! I’m wondering…does the top need a cami under it or were you able to wear it without one?

    Thanks! Randi Kelly

    1. Hey Randi,
      I don’t think you have to but I do have one on. I usually wear a tank. The one i have on is green and I purchased it from Matilda Jane. It kind of sucks you in a little. 🙂

  25. Love it! That’s such a wonderful color of green. The shoes I really like!! Great job! Thanks for those words of God’s life changing Grace!

  26. I love the idea of selecting items from Target and Old Navy. I am a mother of four and the budget for my clothes becomes a little tight! I would love to see more work related outfits pop up along side the casual ideas.
    Thank you for sharing your fashion ideas with us!!!

    1. Just a thought, Michele, about outfits to wear to work. I think for many work places, Cyndi’s tops, jackets, scarves, and shoes she shares would work great paired with dress pants rather than skinny jeans. The look would be more “professional” with the dressier pants. Maybe you can look at some of her outfits with that in mind.

  27. Love your blog, fashion, and faith. Can’t wait to see all your outfits for spring.

    “Grace, then, is grace,–that is to say, it is sovereign, it is free, it is sure, it is unconditional, and it is everlasting.” ~ Alexander Whyte

  28. Love the green top! I may have to try a few more skinny jeans too. You are looking great! I can’t wait for spring. As far as in expensive options I agree with others for Old Navy – don’t do lots of shopping there. I also like Marshall’s or TJ Max or Kohl’s – when Kohl’s have their extra % off things are very reasonable. JCPenny has also been quite reasonable lately too – They keep sending 10 off either $25 or sometimes even off $10. Looking forward to tomorrow’s outfit.

  29. I love your blog and look forward to reading your posts everyday. The outfits are all really cute. Unlike most of the comments thus far, I love Old Navy. The majority of my current wardrobe is from Old Navy with some Chico’s, Belk and local boutique favs thrown in for good measure. My budget doesn’t allow for many high end pieces, so any $$$ advice is greatly appreciated.

  30. I love the spring fashion series that you’re doing. I love the green top and the shoes and have added them to my wish list for spring shopping.

  31. Love today’s outfit! The shoes are really cute! Last month I did a little shopping at Old Navy ( filled with inspiration from your blog!). Usually I never find anything that fits me there). However, I left with a chambray and three other long sleeved tops to layer & wear with skinny jeans or leggings and all at a huge discount! Jeans I never have luck with and I find their tee shirts to be just too sheer!

  32. Love the outfit today. Exactly what I would love for Spring. The top and shoes are great. Love Old Navy tops too. The only jeans I do well with are the boyfriend jeans although they run about 1-2 sizes larger. Love that ha ha.

  33. I love your blog! I bought the green blouse as well as several of the other pieces. I am trying to decide if I should get the blouse hemmed. It is a little longer than I usually wear, but I didn’t know if a longer blouse was “in.” Any thoughts?

  34. Cyndi, I love your blog! I bought the green blouse and several of the other pieces. The blouse is a longer than I normally wear. Is the longer blouse “in” or should I maybe get it hemmed?

  35. HI Cyndi, I love Old Navy for tops, scarfs, jewelry. I love their items for a cute pick me up that doesn’t need to last a lifetime.

  36. I want those shoes! But my husband’s not working. Is it too worldly to pray he gets a job so I can buy shoes? LOL

  37. Hi cyndy
    It’s Paula again. Love your shoes but I can’t find it in target.Is anybody help me to find same shoes.😃
    Or send me a link.plz

  38. Cute outfit! I love shirts in this style. I thought this was 2020, since snow is currently on the ground! Looking forward to your 2020 spring fashion. I listen to JVMcGee often, and was glad to see his quote here.