28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 10)

It’s Day 10 of my 28 Days of Spring Fashion. Today we’re finishing up my Spring Fashion Target Style. In case you haven’t been following along, I started with these 9 pieces.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 10)

Blazer blazer//Floral Blouse//Gray pants//Espadrille pumps//V neck pullover sweater//Skinny jean//Striped skirt-Target//Scarf-Target

I took the pieces, mixed and matched them to create eight different outfits. I could have created one more by styling the yellow sweater with the striped skirt but I didn’t like the way it looked together.

28 Days of Spring Fashion
28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 7)
28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 6)
28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 2)
black blazer with wedge heels
28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 1)
28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 10)
I wasn’t crazy about this outfit. The green top is long and it felt a little blousy to be tucking in the skirt. I tried it without the blazer and I didn’t like that look. It’s also too long to leave untucked.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 10)
28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 10)
I styled three tops, a sleeveless floral top, a yellow sweater and this green top. Of those three, the green was my least favorite. I feel like it’s not going to last as long as the other two after a few washes. If you purchased it, what do you think?

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 10)
I’m glad I did this but I’m ready to move on and style some more spring clothes!

Is there a spring trend you would like for me to style?

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. I liked the green top! I can see where it was limiting because of the fullness but I think one of the best outfits is the green tope with the jeans. Looks put together for a day out with friends, shopping or daly wear. Thanks for taking the Target approach to fashion with this. I like to mix it up as my budget won’t always afford high end.

  2. I have enjoyed this series so much – makes me think more creatively with my own clothes instead of wearing same things the same way all the time. I also very much appreciate your honesty regarding an outfit not working out the way you wanted or the quality. Thank you for that! Of course, after reading your blog for a long while, I wouldn’t expect anything less <3 I have to tell you, I ordered that coral wrap with the big button you featured one post – I think from Nordstroms? Anyway = every time I wear it, I get multiple compliments including the TSA at the airport!!! I love it so much! Thanks for your work, it brightens my day!

  3. I did purchase the green top. I tried on a Med in the store and it was too tight across the chest (go figure! I’m not exactly a busty girl! HA!) so I just grabbed a large without trying it on. Once I tried it, it was just a little big–the shoulder seams hung down too far and looked a bit dumpy on me. So I had to return it. Blah. I hate that, cause it looks great on you! But it was just a wonky fit on me.

  4. I enjoyed your styling of the Target clothes although I think your other outfits are cuter — You help me think outside the box. Thanks!

  5. I saw the tops like your green one, and I wasn’t a fan of how they were made and the materials used, although they were extremely cute and great colors! I actually prefer how you styled yours untucked with the skinny jeans. Hopefully yours holds up!

  6. I, too, bought the coral wrap from Nordstroms…it’s a favorite of mine. I looked at the green top at Target and passed on it due to the quality of the fabric. It didn’t seem as if it would stand up to the normal wash & wear I expect in clothing.

    1. Hi Jane! Question on the coral wrap. How are the sleeves, meaning the upper arms? I have larger upper arms & sometime sleeves run slim up there & they look just too tight on me.

  7. I actually purchased the floral, sleeveless blouse, scarf and the yellow sweater. I love the floral blouse (especially with a blazer)! The sweater was way too big for me in a medium (which I normally wear) and so I returned it for a small and it worked out much better. I enjoyed this blog post “series”! Although I love the more high end purchases you post it is nice to have some inexpensive items that helps with the clothing budget! I love shopping Target when I can get there (90 miles away from my home) so it was fun to see what they had available for spring! Thanks.

  8. I liked the yellow sweater. Think I will add one to my wardrobe. Also, you helped me to style some pieces I already have. Looking forward to the rest of the looks.

  9. as one of your other writers stated, having choices shown in the more affordable area was really appreciated. My biggest challenge was not the top but the skirt. Horizontal stripes on my body is laughable and I would say this was todays spoiler not the pretty green top.

    thanks for the great beauty of the heart. they are reminders and encouragement for myself and something I can pass on to friends in need of encouragement that I might not have thought of.

  10. I think this outfit looks nice on you, I agree with several others this morning, thank you for making me think outside of the box, giving me great ideas on how to style outfits and to budget better. Thank you so much for sharing, you are a blessing. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  11. I think I may buy the floral top and the blazer. I see what you mean about the green top. I’m wondering if you considered leaving it untucked and belting it? Thank you for the time you put into this. 🙂

  12. The last outfit is my favorite…it reminds me of what I have in my closet, though I don’t have a striped skirt it is zebra print—i’m going to wear that today:D

  13. Loved this series!! You styled clothes we could all purchase if we decided to. You always make me think about what I have and what I don’t need that I have. One of those time to move on things. I love the scarf and found one similar at Walmart (Target is not close by for me). Next trip I make where there is a Target I am going to try the skirt because I love it and the floral top…….not so sure about them together but love them.

    1. Jeanne, Even though Target is not close to you, try shopping their online selection. They are great about returns!


  14. I love this skirt, but being short waisted I’m afraid it will be too high on me? I too loved that you shopped a more affordable store so that I feel I can buy more outfits at that price rather then the high end where I can only get a couple things then. Thanks for doing this series…you always look so put together no matter what you have on!

  15. Thank You Cindi for all those great outfits to start off my spring! And of course, you look stunning in all of them! I ended up with the black blazer, floral top and stripped scarf. I feel the scarf is so full & makes me look “fuller” up top. Anyone else feel that way? I’m tempted to lay it out flat, it’s really a wide scarf, and cut it in half. I had to pass on the yellow sweater & green top. Fabric was too thin. BUT, I ended up getting really nice tops in those colors from Kohls & they’ll go nicely with the scarf. Pants didn’t work out & the strips are too wide for me. As for something I’d like to see you style, maybe some outfits with sweaters & spring jackets. Since I live in NEPA, I’ll be wearing those items for a few months yet. Maybe pair the sweaters/jackets with dress pants as well as jeans for casual.

    1. Hi Gina;
      I also bought the scarf and wore it to work yesterday. I felt the same as you regarding it being so full. I tend to have more of an apple shape so I was concerned about it making me look larger on top. However, I received several compliments so I plan to wear it with confidence and own it. I too would like to see some pictures of the tops you found a Kohls. It would be fun to have a couple of options for the scarf.

      1. Here is the one top, I purchased it in the white & the lemon yellow. Hopefully the link will open. I’m a soon to be 60 (on Sunday, YIKES) year old grandma that watches our 3 grandkids (2,4,& 6) 3-5 days a week & gets 1 on & off the bus daily. I need comfort, but want to still look decent, and these tops look nice with my jeans.
        This is the green one called pool blue.
        I haven’t washed the white one, but I generally buy an XL with these tyoes of tops to allow for shrinkage. Sometimes too busy with grandkids to get things out of the dryer in a timely manner & have shrunk a few things! If I worked outside the home, I’d probably go to a Macy’s & try to match the colors & opt for a better quality & style. Although I haven’t been disappointed much with Kohl’s quality. I just don’t want to look too old ladyish!

    2. Gina, Im with you on the striped scarf! Im petite and that scarf is huge and swallows me up, lol. I’m going to take it to my seamstress and let her cut it in half and make two scarves. I’ll give one to my sister!

  16. I can’t wait to check my email every morning for what I call my daily spiritual and fashion inspiration. Appreciate the styling of the Target fashions. I buy lots of basics-tees,scarves,cardigans,etc. when they go on clearance at Target., I used to open my closet and shut the door and wear the same old same old. Thanks to you I shop my closet now and add pieces to make the basics pop! Accessories make any piece sing no matter where purchased. Thanks Cyndi!

  17. You always look so cute, friendly and approachable in whatever you wear. Thank you for taking the time to shop, style, photograph and research/create a “Beauty From The Heart” message daily, so much wonderful info. Trends for spring…I’d like to see outfits with the wide leg pants, the dressy jogging pants (maybe there’s another name for them, they’re not workout gear, they have tapered ankles, I see women wearing them with heels, wedges, etc), shirt dresses and I’d love to see you and Courtney sport some of the new trends together in honor of Mother’s Day.

  18. I liked all your outfits but the last one. You’re right, the green top is too loose and makes the outfit look sloppy. I did like the top untucked with the black pants, though.

  19. I would like to see a shirt dress. I tried one on at Target and it looked frumpy and like a night shirt. Really cute on the hanger. I also would like to see how to style wide length pants. Thanks

  20. Hi Cyndi, I love your fashion sense. I discovered it in early fall and I have been following it religiously ever since. I look forward to seeing what new item you are styling everday! I did get the yellow sweater and the scarf and the floral top yesterday! I love them and I already have a blazer and pants that I can wear them with. I love everything you post and share, especially the verse for the day. You are a big inspiration to me. I have learned so much from you. I get a lot of compliments from family and friends on what I wear. Thanks!

  21. My birthday present this year is a pair of gray Converses. They came with purple laces…to which my teen daughters said, ‘lose the purple, go with white’.. 🙂 I would love to see you style these very fun shoes…(and for right now, I’ve kept the purple laces!)

  22. Yes please – wd it be possible for you to style a knee length denim skirt? My favorite outfit from your Target pieces is the striped skirt & floral top with the black blazer. So cute!

    1. Hey Kim,
      I don’t own a knee length denim skirt and I’m not sure I’m going to purchase one. I don’t think I would wear it that much so it’s not practical for me to purchase one.
      If you need some inspiration, I would go to pinterest and google denim skirt and see if you find some cut outfits.
      Hope that helps!

  23. I started following your fashion posts in the fall and now I am hooked. Like many of the ladies stated in earlier comments, I look so forward to your post every day. Thank you. I shared it with several friends in my small rural town who are also enjoying it. We are in Texas, so it is always fun to see your weather compared to ours. I picked up the floral shell today and I received the striped skirt in a Stitch Fix back in September. I cannot wait to pair them with my black blazer. I also think I will try the floral top with a black and white striped casual jacket and jeans. Love, love, love your blog.!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for following my blog and sharing it with you friends!!
      I’m headed to Texas in April. I can’t wait, it’s my first visit. 🙂 (Except for the airport)

  24. I’ve enjoyed the experiment with Target clothes. I’ve been reading up on varieties of capsule wardrobing (4X4, 333, 5-piece French Wardrobe). It has been interesting to see your combinations.

  25. I think you look great today! Not sure about tucking the green blouse in though. It’s really long on me. I sure have enjoyed the Target series!! I wore the green top and skinny jeans with the black shoes today. I met up with a friend at TJ Maxx and she commented on my outfit. Of course, I told her all about your blog!! I plan on wearing the floral top and black blazer tomorrow with boot cut jeans. I was able to find a necklace similar to the Stella and Dot that you had on with it also.
    I love your blog and look forward to seeing more beautiful spring styles!


  26. Hey. Cyndi. I, too, had already bought the green top when I first saw it. I didn’t like how it looked after being washed on a gentle cycle and hung to dry. I’m going to have it dry cleaned from now on. I don’t think it will hold up to normal washing. I love it, though, and also purchased the blue one. Very springy!

  27. Hello Cyndi,
    While shopping in Falmouth, Ky. visiting and shopping with my sister in law I found a green blouse and loving the outfit you styled with it and your jeans, gave me an idea to go ahead and buy this green blouse and style it with my dark jeans or later with my dark capri pants both from The Loft, Lexington!! Thanks for the idea and incentives!! God Bless you daily!! 🙂

  28. Loved following along as you did AMAZING styling and restyling those few pieces from Target. Look forward to the rest of your spring outfits.

  29. I know you have a section of fashion for women over 40, but honestly… I would wear all of these (and I’m 21)!! So cute!! Love your blog. The beauty for the heart is a nice pick me up when I’m needing encouragement as well.

    Thanks for all the great posts 🙂