28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 13)

It’s Day 13 of my 28 Days of Spring Fashion and today it’s finally going to feel like spring. I’m down right giddy!

I love to wear a cute top with my jeans for spring so I asked for some tops in my last Stitch Fix box. This is one of the tops I received. The brand is THML but it can’t be purchased online.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 13)
The top has a lot of design in it so I just added some big silver earrings.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 13)
28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 13)
I’m headed out this morning and the weather is a little chilly so I’m wearing this coat. It’s perfect for a spring morning!

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 13)
28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 13)

Coat-Stitch Fix (Sanctuary brand)//Top-Stitch Fix//Ankle jeans-LOFT(not available online)//Earrings-Target//Metallic flats-similar here

What are you wearing on this spring day?

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Beauty For the Heart~~God is sheer mercy and GRACE; not easily angered, he’s rich in love. He doesn’t endlessly nag and scold, nor hold grudges forever. He doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve, nor pay us back in full for our wrongs. As high as heaven is over the earth, so strong is his love to those who fear him. And as far as sunrise is from sunset, he has separated us from our sins. Psalm 103: 8 (The Message)

Have a blessed day!


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  1. So funny to see this shirt. I just received it in my box, as well but wasn’t sure if I liked it enough to keep. However, getting the perspective of seeing it on you fulling styled, I do like it! (And keeping i!)
    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Love this top and how you have styled it. Could you possibly show some work outfits because I cannot wear jeans to work?

  3. YAY for spring weather! I’m wearing navy sailor pants and navy striped short-sleeved sweater (last year’s LOFT), with a tomato-red cardigan and matching necklace (current LOFT). After work I plan to go to my boys’ high school baseball game, so I’ll just remove the cardigan. I almost always dress in layers due to working in a chilly office building.

  4. This is my favorite outfit that you have worn..love the gray and coral top and skinny jeans. I am a new follower ( since the beginning of March), found you on Pinterest, and now I am a faithful follower. My new adventure beginning next week will be the “fit 21” that I found on your blog. Thanks for the inspiration and insight.

  5. I love your blog! Just curious…have you ever thought of setting up Beauty for the Heart as a pin also. I love the version of the scripture you chose today!! Keep up the good work!

  6. he email opened today ?? wonderful message or the heart today.
    also, curious about the decorated top. is it printed on or lace applique.??

  7. Love the top, that’s my kind of style with what I call “built-in bling”. Just add earrings and your’re good to go. I especially like how the top looks with the coat on. The embellishment shows up nicely. It’s warmer here temp wise in NEPA, but still feels cool due to all the snow cover. So my spring outfit for today is black jeans, polka dotted turtle neck & gray cardigan. Really a blah looking outfit actually. Need to get out my spring sweaters to perk things up! And as always, thank your for the Beauty for the Heart! Speaking of which, have you ever thought of putting that first in your blog? As in beauty starts within first, so why not put scripture first? I actually went back through your archives since you started your blog, and came across one post where you did a video reading a devotional. That was wonderful, especially to hear you speaking it. Would love to see that every now & then!

  8. I love your outfits. I really love all the jeans and leggings you wear. Are you wearing jeans that come up to waist or sit below the waist? I really like the old fashioned jeans that come to waist but almost impossible to find. I have found some, but not really tight jeans(skinny( that do hit the waist. Just recently Loft came out with new jeans that supposedly hit the waist..they do not. Any suggestions?

  9. Beautiful as always! Your hair is looking great too! I usually regret it when I try bangs but they look good on you. The more lines I see in my 47 year old forehead, the more I am tempted to try them again. Soft and slightly to the side like yours! Love your inspirational messages as well. My favorite song right now is “Greater” by MercyMe. It says “There’ll be days I’ll lose the battle, Grace says that it doesn’t matter, ’cause the cross already won the war. I am learning to run freely understanding just how He sees me, and it makes me love Him more and more!”

  10. Would love to see what purse you choose for your outfits Cyndi! I tend to play it safe with purse colors but would love your take on styling the bags too. Thank you! I look forward to your blog every evening

    1. Lori, I’ve been starting to showcase a purse or some bag with each outfit! I’m glad you mentioned you liked it, I will keep doing it!


  11. I love it! My kind of style because it has extra room around the middle. Where can I purchase this top?

  12. I love your new top. I just wish we could buy it without joining Stitch Fix. I love your outfit today, Cyndi. You could style that top with skinny dress pants or a slim skirt and you’d be set for date night.

    1. Joanne,

      Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? You just order a box of items and ship back whatever you don’t like or want to keep! It’s super fun to have your own personal stylist!


      1. I’m in Canada. It would be a hassle with duties and shipping back & forth. I’m not even sure they ship outside the U.S.

  13. Hey Cyndi!!! You look amazing as always!!!
    We did have that top in our store, not sure we have any left, but we may! LOVE THML! One of our faves at GF!
    ~not on website….in store. PM us through FACEBOOK
    Glamour Farms

    1. I looked on the Glamour Farms site but could not find the shirt…did I look at the right place. I looked through 9 pages of tops.

  14. What a cute top! Love the embellishment, length of the sleeve, and how it flows away from the body, and of course, how great it looks on you! I also love it with skinny jeans. I’ve read anytime you wear a flowy top to keep the legs on your pants small and vice versa. The jacket looks great with it too!!
    I love your beauty for the heart. I shared this verse with my facebook friends. ❤️❤️❤️


  15. Hey Cindy, Very excited to have found your blog. I noticed on your Sunday’s blog that in your family picture everyone was wearing Gamecock clothing. Yay! My husband and I are graduates, and have a son who is a junior there now. We also lived in Columbia for several years – loved it. What is your connection?

  16. Cyndi – This looks so chic on you, and those jeans flatter you!! It’s my first time here, and I must say…there’s just something so inviting about you. I feel like I could pull up a chair, kick up my feet and talk about life with you! LOL!

    New follower from Oklahoma City,

  17. I received the same Stitch Fix top …absolutely loved it but the inside embroidery stitching was really scratchy. It was too cute to return, so I bought some iron-on interfacing from the fabric store and worked like a charm. Your skinny jeans are a perfect match!