28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 21)

It’s Day 21 of my 28 Days of Spring Fashion and we are talking dresses today. With the spring season comes Easter, Weddings and Graduations, so it’s a good time to purchase a dress.

JCPenney is having a great sale on dresses right now and I was impressed with their selection.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 21)
I decided to go ahead and purchase this Bisou Bisou dress because I know I can wear it to several events this spring and summer. I love the color of and I like this brand from JCPenney.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 21)
I added my Stella & Dot earrings and decided not to wear a necklace. I tried several on, and they didn’t look right.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 21)
If you’re looking for a fabulous nude heel, these are perfect. I’m in love and wish I could wear them everyday. Well, that might be an exaggeration but I do love them. They are a.n.a Claire Pumps. They have a trendy side cut out and a little over 3 inch heel.

Did I mention they’re on sale?? Yep, they’re regular $60 on sale for $35.99.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 21)
Spring here I come! 

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 21)


 Do you need a dress for spring this year? 

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Beauty For the Heart~~This month, I’ve been sharing quotes and scripture on GRACE. As I was thinking about it, I thought about how we need to embrace GRACE in our marriage.

A marriage filled with GRACE, forgives each other.

Then Peter came up and said to him, “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy-seven times. Matthew 18:21-22

We can get upset about the smallest things and then we don’t want to let go. Anyone else ever done that?

Don’t hold on to anger or bitterness, let’s be filled with GRACE today!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I love that dress on you! I have a question regarding pantyhose, are they a thing of the past? I can’t ever decide if I should wear them or not.

    1. The pantyhose fashion debate is always a hot one but the truth is that if you are more comfortable (and attractive) wearing hose, wear them! Choice is a luxury for many but for others skin texture, veins, etc. dictate a little coverage. You’ll likely be the only person who really notices-or cares!

  2. One of my favourites. I think a necklace would have cluttered the look and detracted from the clean line. With such a strong colour that was the way to go… especially the nude heel and clutch. It’s a very flattering cut for you…. this is what is meant by showing off your waist. (Remember that discussion?;)

  3. Beautiful dress! I was in JCP 2 or 3 weeks ago with my hubby (it was all about him on this trip LOL), but I did see lots of dresses and lots of color when we walked through the ladies section, and promised myself I would go back to look for my Easter dress. It looked like they had a great selection.

  4. I haven’t had a discussion with you about “showing off your waist”, but you look great in this dress. It’s the style I wear in my dreams!!!!

  5. That dress was MADE for you! The color, the style, the fit…all just perfect! And I agree–no necklace needed. The dress makes it’s own statement!

  6. Gorgeous color, gorgeous on you! I agree, this dress could see several special occasions… church, baby/bridal showers, weddings, graduations, date nights and you’d have everyone’s attention in a meeting or speaking at a seminar. Just purchased a couple of Rachel Roy dresses at Macys for my daughter, with the same thought in mind, versatile use, although we did think about the weather too, so one sleeveless dress and one with sleeves.

  7. This dress is stunning on you Cyndi. The color and fit are so attractive and I think it is a dress that will take you through many occasions. The shoes are great as well. Thanks for your encouraging words and inspiration. You are a blessing.

  8. That dress fits you perfectly! It doesn’t get much easier in spring or summer than throwing on a dress and going. And you need absolutely nothing else with this one. Definite score!

  9. love the dress and I’m usually not a “color” person…yep, neutrals 🙂 BUT I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the heels…esp the side cut out and I’ve been looking all over for the perfect Nude Heel and these look like they would fit the bill.

  10. Cyndi, you look absolutely LOVELY in that color and cut of dress. And the shoes are so versatile and perfect for just about any ensemble!

  11. That’s one of the most flattering outfits I’ve seen for you! So pretty, and definitely your color!
    I wish it came in petite sizes 🙁

  12. Wow. You look sexy. Love that on you. Love the length. Hard to find one long enough for me. Great outfit.

  13. Oh, I am a total sucker for anything that color! It looks fantastic on you, great choice! I like that the neckline isn’t too low either.

  14. I love your dress… I like that color as well. I do have a question…HOW do you stay in such good shape? I have a bit of flab around my waistline so I can’t wear solid bright colored dresses very well, unless I’m wearing hose or a spanx to hold it firm…I love the style of sheath dresses and they do work best for me. I have tried to start eating more healthy, but exercising is what I have trouble getting done. Just wanted to find out what your doing… Thanks! I so enjoy your posts everyday.

  15. Love this dress on you and hope it looks as great on me as it does on you because I just ordered this one and another maxi dress from JCPenney’s. Great sale, two dresses for $45!! I
    love seeing things on you that I like because it saves a lot of time of shopping in the stores. Thank you!

  16. This is a great dress . . . and great shoes! And I like that you kept the jewelry to a minimum – very nice.

  17. Hi, I love dresses too, but I am unable to wear heels because of neuroma in my foot. I can wear slides and mules as long as they are more flat or low platform. What kind of dresses could I wear?

  18. Cute, cute, cute! Love this dress! The color and style are just great and it looks perfect with your shoes too! This is a great style on you. Thanks for the heads-up about the dress sale at Penny’s – I’ll be checking them out tomorrow ;o)

  19. Beautiful! You look fantastic in this dress. Is it somewhat comfortable? I notice it’ fits “just” right.

  20. Pretty dress! I just ordered via your link . . . two promo codes on the JC Penney site make this very affordable. (yes they allow you to use several)
    Now I only hope to look half as stunning a you do!

  21. Hi Cyndi,
    You ROCK! The color, fit, style..looks wonderful on you. Now please disclose your shapewear 😉

  22. I love your fashion but today I was struck by the verse from Matthew. I really needed to hear that today.
    Thank you!

  23. A very pretty and classy dress on a very pretty and classy woman! I agree with showing grace in our marriages. I always have room for improvement. I’m very thankful for how much grace my husband always extend to me.

  24. Absolutely love this dress. I’m obsessed with the low area on the inside of the pumps.
    Very surprising… peekaboo SEXY.

  25. You look beautiful!!! So ready for Spring! Also, Thank You for listening and changing when you click on your links it still keeps your blog and adds the other link so I can go back to yours 🙂 I spoke and you listened!! Love it!!!

  26. Wow, that dress looks awesome on you! Love the color, style, and fit!! I love a nude pump. It elongates your legs, and the ones you’re wearing are so classy! Bravo!!!

  27. Love the dress and color! Question… How is the sizing/material?… Always afraid of being to revealing. You look very nice. Did you buy in your regular size or size up. I would have to order on line…. What are your thoughts. Keep inspiring! Thanks

  28. I had to back up and take a look at this past weeks selection for your spring collection, I was without a computer. Now I am on a new one and getting caught up.
    I love this dress on you Cyndi. I received the JCPenny small Spring catalog in the mail and was very impressed with the dress selection too!! I checked several dresses to order and several fitness outfits. This color looks amazing on you, and the style of the Bisou Bisou dress is perfect. I have ordered the all colorful one! You would look gorgeous in that one too!

  29. As soon as saw this photo on Pinterest, I said “Cyndi got the perfect Easter dress!” At the risk of repeating all the previous comments, I think this is so beautiful on you and it’s my all-time favorite of your outfits. Thanks for the tip on the JCP sale – I found a dress I liked so much I bought it in both the black/ivory and the navy/mint. With the coupons I had, it’s almost like they were paying me to shop. It’s a little longer than yours – just below the knee, fitted on top and swishy on the bottom, so I can’t wait to get them and see if one will work. Easter blessings to you and your family!

  30. Wow! I dont usually comment, but had to say you look amazing! You look like you are 30! Seriously. I am 47 and look younger as well, so I love your blog for some great ideas!! 🙂


  31. Love the dress! I took my girls shopping for Easter dresses yesterday but couldn’t find one for myself. I might have to give JC Penney a try! Visiting from What I Wore Wednesday!

  32. Cyndi,

    I love this dress so much and how well you wore it, I went to my JC Penney, but they only had it in turquoise. So I ordered the watermelon online and I love it so much. Have already worn once and just know I will reach for this dress again and again over the summer. Thanks for giving us such great fashion shopping tips.