28 Days Of Spring Fashion (Day 3)

It’s Day 3 of my 28 Days of Spring Fashion and the weather is not cooperating. (I had to take my pictures under the covered part of my porch, which is not the best place for a picture but it is what it is, right?)

The weather is dreary, the wind is blowing and now it’s pouring rain and it’s changing to snow later today. I feel like waving a white flag and surrendering! 🙂

28 days of spring fashion
I’m styling these 9 pieces from Target for a few days of my 28 days of spring fashion. I’m mixing and matching to create different outfits.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 3)

I found this sleeveless floral top at Target. It wasn’t online when I first purchased it, but it is now! I love the quality of this top and it will be great for summer fashion too.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 3)
I added this necklace from Silpada and my favorite stud earrings from Stella & Dot. I had them in gold and recently purchased them in silver.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 3)
Could you ignore the water hose in the background, please???

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 3)

Black blazer-Target//Floral top-Target//Skinny jeans-Target//Black wedges-Target//Necklace-Silpada//Earrings-Stella & Dot

I’m struggling with letting my hair grow out. One day I like it, the next day I want to cut it. I’m contemplating ordering extensions that I can take in and out.

Have any of you tried hair extensions?? What are your thoughts?? 

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. Well the weather may be awful, but you look so pretty. You have brightened a cold day here in the Midwest for me! Love the blouse, such a nice pop of color – and I like the way you had styled it with the jacket and necklace. Perfect! Have a blessed day and don’t give up! Spring will come!!!!

  2. I love this look…although in my neck of the woods, I’d be wearing boots!! I’ve never tried extensions, but I was going to about 6 months ago. Then I decided I WILL be happy with what I have and try to embrace my curls. It’s a day to day thing, so if you find and love some extensions, let me know!!! Jodie

  3. Cute top, wonder if they have any left in the stores, on-line only has small’s……..I love any thing I can wear my Turquoise necklaces with! Yummy and very spring as we’re in the throws of sideways snow and sleet! LOL

  4. On the subject of extensions, I met a lady in the nail salon last week who said she had done extensions last year and the upkeep was VERY expensive even though she liked them. I don’t ever meet a stranger, so I didn’t hesitate to ask what she meant by VERY expensive. $750 every few weeks (OUCH)!!! She said add to that the special shampoo her stylist wanted her to use, etc., and she was spending a fortune on her hair in a year’s time. I like your hair the length it is right now.

  5. I’ve had extensions for several years. Great Lengths are the best. I’ve tried a few different kinds, brands and techniques but GL still are the best. I sometimes will cut back on how many “bundles” that are used and go with a shorter cut. As my hair grows out, then add more. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love how they extend my style and minimize the washing/processing but it is expensive and I know I will eventually have to deal with the damage when I decide to go without. I figure I will go for a cute short cut when that happens! 🙂

  6. If I had a celebrity income, I would try extensions, so I could have super long hair for a while again. I know it is expensive to have a salon do it. I was getting my hair cut and colored about 2 1/2 years ago in a moderate salon, and the stylist pointed out a mom and daughter getting extensions. I said “wow, I’d love to do that.” I asked her if it was expensive, and she said yes. Their extensions were real hair and started at $1800.00 per person! That mom dropped about $4000 that day, just for extensions. They also both had color done too. Oh well. Not in my budget, ever.

    You look super cute in your colors. 🙂

  7. Nice. I think I got that jacket Target, almost by accident, this winter during one of the GYPO challenges. Will have to try it with a print like this.

    Heard on the news KY is going to get a TON of snow – and I thought of you. Hang in there!

  8. The floral top looks great. I am looking forward to wearing mine when the weather warms up a bit – highs in the teens here today and tomorrow. I can relate to your hair frustrations – I had a hair stylist a few years (okay, decades) ago who graciously put up with my hair moods. I would go in and say “I’m frustrated with it, shave it all off.” And she would just smile and say “An inch off again this time?” Still, your hair looks great. I would love to have that much volume to my hair.

  9. You look darling Cindi! Loved how you styled everything! I’ve never considered extensions b/c I’m a 50+ and all I ever hear from the experts is that we should wear our hair shorter rather than long b/c it drags the face downward. Not sure I agree as I’ve seen several older gals with longer hair. It’s all how you style it I think. I love your hair shorter but the way you’re wearing it today just rocks! We got more snow last night also but it’s to warm up for the weekend so I’m a hopeful living under God’s grace no matter the weather! 😉

  10. I go to a pretty nice salon, and my stylist told me that not only are extensions ridiculously expensive, but the upkeep is quite tedious. You have to pull your hair up when you go to sleep, you have to use a special comb, if you aren’t careful the little places where the extension is tied to your real hair will show thru, etc., etc. He said that if you don’t have the time to fool with it each and every day, then don’t get them…they’ll look awful. Just food for thought.
    On another note, do you have acrylics or are those your natural nails??

    1. the clip ins are the way to go or the Halo which is what I’m trying right now. The other kind are very very expensive and alot of upkeep.

  11. Cyndi, you look beautiful no matter what! I would forget those expensive, high maintenance hair extensions!! I think your hair looks great as is, and I love your outfit today!!
    The turquoise necklace looks awesome with the top, and the blazer is perfect until the weather warms up. I see you had to roll up the sleeves. The reviews online said the arms were long. At least it has the cute little pin stripe lining that adds another little touch!

    My husband has one more week of work in Louisville. He’s not looking forward to another round of snow either. Hopefully, this is the end of it!!

  12. Hi Cyndi – love the look, especially with the pop of color of the necklace and top!! Hang in there with your hair, it always reaches that ‘Ugh’ stage when you are growing it out – it will soon pass and you will be able to do more things with it 🙂 I’ve had long hair all my life, and love the ease and options I have. My sweet daughter is growing out some layers in her hair as well !! I actually LOVE the hose in the background – it’s a reminder that there are warm days coming very soon – Spring!!!

  13. Cindy, you are a bright spot In this never ending winter for us that get snow. And even those that don’t usually get snow. I’m dying to get out to our local Target to shop for my pieces that you are styling, but this incessant bad weather here in Northeast PA, has prevented it. You look Mahvelous! Ever so thankful for your words of inspiration. You are as beautiful inside as well as outside!

  14. Cindy you look great! When I saw that top in Target I thought, not for me, but seeing it on you with that necklace, it looks great!
    As far as the woes of growing out your hair goes, I can totally relate. I’m going through it right now. I’ve had short hair for many years, but in 2013 at 51 yrs. old I decided to try to grow it into a bob. Well, I’ve achieved that as it’s now a couple of inches below my chin, but even though people tell me it looks good, I think It makes me look a bit frumpy. I’ve thick hair, lots of it and a short forehead. I haven’t a clue what to do with it now. Extensions aren’t something I ever really considered since I’m not looking to achieve long hair, maybe shoulder length at most. What look are you trying to achieve with your hair?

  15. I’ve been using the clip in extensions for several months and I really like them a lot. I bought some cheap ones for about $50 to begin with and then spent $140 for a good set and even had my hairdresser to color them (real hair) to match mine. I can where a simple ponytail or curl them with my hair or where it straight. I highly recommend them. My hair thinned a lot after a hysterectomy and this has been a very good solution for me. I don’t wear them everyday and only wash them about once every couple of months. If I wore them more then I’d wash them about once a month. I recommend the $140 ones that are real hair that have good clips.

  16. I’m a Nashville Girl stuck living in NE Ohio and I’m waving the white flag and yelling “Uncle!!!”. I’ve not seen grass in two months and I’m mentally suffering. —
    Thank you for doing a Spring Fashion month! I love your blog and it takes me to happier place seeing something other than a winter wardrobe. I’m loving the Target Challenge…I have teenage daughters to clothe, so shopping is a favorite past time, but on a budget. I’d love to also see an Old Navy Challenge. They know us by name. LOL
    I’m growing out a pixie cut. (sigh) I think your hair is cute as is. You’ll be able to do more with it now that it’s long enough for a pony tail.

  17. I’ve tried many times to let my hair grow but I always feel like as it gets longer I look older. However, I see longer hair on other women my age and I like it on them! That being said, you look great but I will say that your angled bob was one of the things that you were “known” for and attracted many readers. That angled cut looks amazing on you! However, the most important thing is that we each wear our hair in a style that makes us feel our best!

    1. I agree, Liz! In fact, I gave my stylist the pictures Cindi posted last fall of her swing bob. It is taking me several months to grow out my side layers to get the look, but I love this cut with the bangs and layers in front/top.

  18. I tried this top on at Target and loved everything about it, but the length. It was longer than I liked. I love how you have it. I always forget about tucking it in.

    1. girls and ladies in my area – Montana – do not tuck in their tops .
      Cyndy always looks cute but I know that would not fly where I live plus I think it looks more slimming to wear a long top or a top untucked . just my opinion….
      I have had extentions before . I got them off of Ebay . If you are seeing if you like them , get the Remy type of hair . They are great for adding length and the clip in and out is nice to add when you are in the mood . You can wash them quick with your shampoo and let dry on a towel doubled up on the bathroom floor . When I got mine , my hair was brunette and I got some that would appear like mixed highlights . It was great !

  19. Love all the Target outfits! Good job! I have had hair extentions too…. Mine were real hair, heat tape kind. I really liked the look …. BUT….. I had to wear about 80 to make them blend in with my thick hair! They were hot (summer time), some of them kept ripping out ( from brushing) had to go back to beautition to put back in, because of so many in my hair could not pull it up or in pony tail. So . Had to wear it down all the time. Had to be extra careful when washing your hair, and brushing. Wore for about 3 months. So glad to get them out! Yes,I liked the look, but was it worth all the expence $300.00 + tape + installation ( cut, color, blending) = $420.00 total….. I guess. Lol. I think I would do a hair piece….. Pony tail extension so you could add it to your hair for a different look. You could do it your self. Won’t do damage to your own hair. I did loose hair do to the ripping out of some extensions…. Can’t avoid it……hope this helps !

  20. My hair is finally the length I want it,and it has only taken my husband of 25 years to tell me he likes it this length the best. Lol Now when I go to get my color touch ups his only concern is that I don’t get it cut

  21. I have clip-in extensions that I purchased at Sally’s. They are real hair not synthetic. They are about $100 a set. I eventually bought 2 sets so I could blend them easier. I put them in & had my hair stylist cut them into layers while they were on my head. She did a great job. No one can tell that it’s not my real hair. They do take some time to get use to them being clipped in. They will hurt your head at first. My hair dresser said that the clip-in kind are the best way to go. I don’t spend hardly anything for upkeep on them. I wash them once or twice a week & use the exact same products on them that I use on my own hair. They were way too silky when I first bought them. I had to rough them up a bit to get them to feel like my real hair. After dying them to match my own hair the texture was just fine. They do get split ends just so ya know. But that’s fine…matches my real hair. Ha!
    I haven’t worn the in quite awhile but giving it some thought again. I dyed my real hair a redder color so now they don’t match anymore but that’s an easy fix.

  22. Hi Cyndi, Love this look! I bought that sleeveless shell after you sent out your pieces. I’m crazy about it as well. So springy, and it looks perfect with the black blazer. We’re getting the snow here in Cincy already, ugh, so DONE with this. Amy

  23. Love your hair in this photo. Great outfit, Blazer shows it’s winter, but the blouse points toward spring 🙂

  24. Love your outfit! I’ve already gone to Target to purchase the black blazer & I picked up the last scarf they had…can’t wait for spring so i can wear them 🙂 You always look amazing! Your hair seems to be growing fast, but I’m sure not fast enough to you! LOL! I look forward to checking your blog each day & appreciate your from the heart. Praying this will be our last winter storm!!!

  25. I don’t really care what the weather is, but take it as it comes. The snow days give me an excuse to slow down and do something at home or bake break and make soup. It just doesn’t really affect me. I almost dread the constant work that comes with Spring and Summer….non-stop.

    Your hair will grow quickly enough if you don’t cut it! Be kind to your roots, as well. I think the really important thing with longer hair for anyone over about 25 is to have layers with the longest one shoulder length. That way it’s swingy and doesn’t drag down one’s face. Depending how it’s cut it can also soften or “firm” a chin line.

  26. Great outfit. Love the Silpada too. I’ve never tried extensions… I have a lot of hair and heard about the cost and upkeep so it wasn’t something I was interested in. How long are you letting your grow? Thx for all your inspiration. Your blog is always refreshing and fun to read. Thx for all you do 😉

  27. Thanks so much for the lift today I love your outfit and love your necklace! We are cold in Illinois but warmer temps are coming

  28. Hi Cyndi! Love the spring fashion. It all looks great! Extensions… I have never tried.. heard lots about the upkeep. And for me, in my fifties, everytime I try to grow my hair out, I reach a point where I feel I look older. It drags my face down, and then I get it cut. But since you are keeping the bangs that probably helps with the drag down feeling I felt I got. I just like the softening you get with layers and bangs.

  29. Love the outfit. I’m going to look for that blouse this weekend. My bestie and I decided to let our color grow out and go “silver.” I think this is harder than letting length grow out.

    1. Let me know how the “silver” goes. I colored my hair last night to cover up the gray and the roots. …..such a pain!

  30. Love this outfit Cyndi – your hair looks great and I think you should keep growing it! It’s always fun to wear a messy bun when your hair is longer which is nice for summer! Target has some really fun clothes and you wear them well!

  31. I love the outfit you’re wearing also, but I’m a little sad… the pretty floral blouse is only in a small online!
    Oh well, I have every thing else on the and like you, I am patiently waiting for spring to arrive so I can wear some of your great outfit ideas!!!! PS I think the porch is a nice change of scenery! Lol

  32. I also saw this blouse in Target and didn’t think it was for me. I am now reconsidering after seeing this on you today. Cyndi, as always, you know how to put together a great outfit by accessorizing. Well done!

  33. With today’s weather, I would have just taken inside pictures! 🙂 Wouldn’t want to ruin those cute shoes! Lots of fashion bloggers do outside pics. Is it because the lighting is better? Just curious as to why you chosen to grow out your hair…..in previous posts it was stated that longer hair tends to “age” us. I’m sure yours will look beautiful though regardless of how you choose to style it. It looks thick and full of body. I love how it’s styled in the picture on your intro page. But sometimes we just need a change, right?

    1. I was wanting to style it different ways but I’m thinking I might cut it on Tuesday when I have my hair appt. 🙂
      Yes the lighting is much better outside. I don’t have a lens that takes good indoor pictures. Lens are super expensive!

      1. I’m turning 50 this year, and have been growing out my hair for the last two years. (on a dare – actually) But I realized all I ever did with it was pull it back into a ponytail – because my hair was ALWAYS TOUCHING ME. Not a good look on an, “ahem,” seasoned woman. I just had it cut yesterday into a chin length stacked layered bob. I gotta tell you, I LOVE IT. My earrings will always on display, it’s spunky and takes minimal effort. (so far) Don’t know if I look younger, but I sure feel a bit more youthful.

  34. Hi Cyndi – I really like the pieces you selected from Target — love seeing how you put them together. Regarding the hair — I always went back and fourth between long hair and a chin length bob — every few months I would change the length or color. Well 2 years ago something possessed me to get a pixie (I am pretty sure it was the hundreds of photos of celebrity pixies I browsed on pinterest)…..anyway, I got the cut and went platinum blonde — I LOVE IT and have kept it for 2 years…..sometimes you just have to totally go for something out of the box – it’s hair, it grows back. I do read another called The Sweetest Thing by Emily Gemma and she wears hair extensions and has specific posts regarding her extensions and which ones she wears — check it out.

    Spring has to come soon, right !?

    1. I love her blog!! I saw the extensions on her site. She’s so stinkin’ cute!!!
      It’s hard to follow her and then come to my blog. 🙂

  35. Hi Cyndi! This outfit looks so cute on you!! I have never tried extensions, but my stylist used them one time. They were sooo cute on her!! But I saw her a few days later and she was removing them…. She had a terrible reaction to the glue that was used for them. Her whole scalp was flaming red and it looked very painful. If you do get them., I’d say… test a bit of the glue some place small first….. just in case! I wear my hair on the long side; but have noticed that as I’ve aged my hair tend to grow slower and slower. Because of this I would think very seriously before any drastic change in length. I may never get it grown back out ha! Blessings Krista

  36. Cyndi, I love your “Beauty For The Heart” By: A. W. Tozer…. and it reminded me of the scripture that my momma had in a frame hanging in our living room… all the years it hang there we sisters memorized each one by heart by just walking past them so often…
    1 Timothy 2:5 (KJV)
    For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;
    Thank goodness we have a mediator for all our foolishness sometimes.. I would hate for some of my foolish prayers to reach God in the way that I say them…
    I just have to congratulate you on your spring wardrobe ….. I have loved each day of your fashion runway, even with the hose photo-bomber!! LOL Although if you hadn’t mentioned it, I totally never noticed it at all….. I was looking and taking notes on your outfit and your pretty hair. I LOVE that your hair is growing out! I have never had nor needed extensions, but it is a great idea and would love to see you if you decide to try some. Continue to style your lovely fashions and have a great Day!!!!
    Love in Christ, Kerri

  37. Hi Cyndi,
    I have tried hair extensions, have thick hair so it took a lot of them to look like my hair. Have you tried taking MSM, AND BIOTIN? I’m taking them to help my hair grow faster. I like your hair and think you would look beautiful any way you wear it. With longer hair you do have more options of different looks tho. Try to stick with growing it out. I love all of your fashions and always look for the Scripture or notes about God, they really have inspired me to do my devotions everyday. Thank you for your wonderful blog!!!

  38. Cyndi,

    I have hair extensions and love them! My hair is very fine and thin. The extensions have added thickness, texture, and length. Well worth the money!!

  39. Great outfit, Cyndi. For those of us who work outside the home, all you’d need to do is switch out the jeans for a great pair of straight legged work-appropriate pants and it would be a great work outfit.

    1. Agreed! I think with a lot of Cyndi’s outfits, changing the jeans or skinny pants/leggings to dress pants would do the trick to make them work outfits. The tops and colors and accessories could remain the same.

  40. Hi,
    I fell upon your website via Pinterest. I love your fashion! Your outfits/hair/makeup/diet is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!!!! I’m 40 plus! Thank you for your posts and pictures.
    I’m scheduled for a haircut on Tuesday. My hair is shoulder length, mainly one length and VERY thick. I’m thinking about going with a version of your cut, but not as inverted in the back if there is such a thing!
    Thank you for your blog/website and all of the great information!

  41. I think you look great either way, but since you asked, I will say I prefer your hair a little shorter, but if you prefer to style your hair differently everyday, longer may be the way to go. My daughter was Miss ND High School America and used clip-in extensions and had some woven in for competition. She still uses the clip-in ones occasionally to add thickness and a little length. If you truly want longer hair, then you should get them. I tried them on, but it made me look much older.