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28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 8)

It’s Day 8 of my 28 Days of Spring Fashion! Today I’m styling the floral blouse with gray pants. I think the floral pattern is going to be popular this spring and summer. It tried last year but didn’t really catch on.

I think as women over 40, we need to wear it carefully. Floral patterns can age us so we need to make sure to add some cute accessories.

(The weather is warming up but it’s pouring rain, so no outside pictures. I really should be fired as a fashion blogger. 🙂 )

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 8)
Here are the 3 different looks. The floral blouse with skinny jeans, with a striped skirt and with gray pants.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 8)
Now let’s pretend it’s 80 degrees outside and sunny. I would take the blazer off and wear it this way.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 8)
Back to reality. It’s chilly and rainy so the blazer is going to have to stay on. I also added a pair of pink chandelier earrings I’ve had for a while.

28 Days of Spring Fashion (Day 8)

Blazer blazer//Floral Blouse//Gray pants//Espadrille pumps//Bracelet-LOFT//Earrings-Francesca’s

Which style do you like the best? I think it’s good to have all three in my wardrobe!

I had a hair appointment today and we played with my hair a little bit. I can barely do a messy bun right now. It needs to grow a couple of more inches.

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Beauty for the Heart~~I give grace because I so desperately need it! -Lisa Terkeurst

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I love this blouse with the grey pants. No worries about florals aging you when you wear it with the popular color of the season (grey) and most importantly current on trend shoes. I think you are right that florals are going to be bigger this year… I have hopes for a dark floral pair of pants in my near future…

  2. Surprisingly…I really like the blouse with the blazer and striped skirt!! Who Knew??? ….. But it’s really pretty in all the pics!!! thanks for sharing!!! I watched the news on my lunch hour… your neck of the woods was in the spotlight !! What with all the snow in KY and now so much rain!!! :)…. spring is surely right around the corner!!

  3. I love the blouse all the ways you’ve styled it so far, and I can’t think of anything that would make you look old!!! I’m changing my vote about your hair. A few days ago, I said I liked it long or short. But it looks so good today, hope you didn’t cut it short:) But after having said that, it looked good when you wore it shorter also.

  4. Love the outfits! The yellow brightens up the day. Also love the messy buns. Wish my hair would do that. I need some practice. Rain in Ohio today. I’ve been clearing out the house as we are going to down size. Harder to do than I thought. Keep up the good work and enjoy your day.

  5. I love all three looks and plan on wearing all of them. You’ve looked awesome in everything! My most fave is the first one with the skinny jeans. Love, love, the floral blouse. It’s going to be so versatile now and in the summer. I got excited when I realized I have a cute shrug with 3/4 length sleeves, that is the blue/green color in the blouse. It will look great untucked with the shrug over it with jeans, slacks, or even a skirt. Ladies, if you don’t have these pieces from Target, I highly recommend buying them, or at least some of them! Cyndi, thank you for putting together all the different looks. Can’t wait to see more spring fashions!

  6. First of all, let me say, you should not be fired as a fashion blogger, I am so blessed by your blog every day! I think I like the floral top with the pencil skirt the best, of course all three outfits look great on you! Btw, tried to purchase the striped Scarf at Target online and it was not available, I guess everyone loved it! I also love your messy bun, I wear my hair like that but more on top of my head 🙂 also it is 85 degrees here in Cola., SC

    1. Debbie, I just got home from Target and they had three in the store! I wish I could just hand you the scarf through cyberspace!

    2. Target.com must have restocked, I just ordered the scarf, floral blouse, and the green blouse, which were either out of stock or were only available in size XL just a few days ago; all sizes were available a couple of hours ago:)

  7. Love todays outfit…have loved all of them! I have bought the blazer & scarf…need to make another trip to Target for the top 🙂 I’m not usually a fan of floral, but I love it with the stripe skirt. Love your hair! You look amazing! And thank you for from the heart! Have a blessed day

  8. LOVE your hair (as usual) I thought you were growing it out 🙂 So what is the back looking like now? I suspect you’ve grown out the inverted bob to just a bob? I’ve had my hair like this for about 4 months. Now that summer is just around the corner, I’m realizing I may want it longer in the back. I can’t get it into a good ponytail anymore and for hot summers and workouts I need my pony!!!

  9. Ok so I tried on the floral at Target. Was really disappointed about how frumpy it made me look. I like the idea of a floral but that didn’t work. Will try for a floral in maybe a smaller print.

  10. Hi Cyndi,
    I think I vote for outfit 1 as well. I have picked up several of the spring pieces but haven’t been able to wear the black wedges yet as we still have snow on the ground in Colorado! Your hair looks very cute today. Have you tried curling it with a large barrel curling iron which gives more of a wavy look? With the curls, it is easier to do in a messy bun.

    1. Hey Sheri!
      Basically, I try to stay away from processed food as much as possible. I try to stick with organic products as much as I can. I look for food with as few ingredients as possible.
      We eat meats, vegetables, fruit, etc.
      I’m not 100% but I lean more toward clean eating. Hope that helps!!

      1. Thank you, Cindy. I eat the same as you. Steak and salad, for example. Or baked fish and fresh vegetables. Or a piece of chicken and orange – great food, delicious and healthy. It’s more easier and useful than before.

  11. I’m loving this Target fashion. I love your messy bun, it will be great this summer. It would be fun if you could do this series with Old Navy or Penney’s or Kohl’s even, hint, hint.

  12. Out of the 3 outfits, I like the floral top with the skinny jeans and I’ll tell you why. The shoe strap is covered and it looks very slimming. I have a problem with an ankle strap shoe with ankle pants. Just too much going on at the ankle. But I do love those grey pants.

    1. I agree with you Gloria. I don’t love ankle strap shoes with ankle pants. I was trying to pick one shoe to style that wasn’t open toed because of it being very early spring/late winter.
      Once weather gets hear, I’ll wear a different heel!

  13. I love all three looks. But, I think the floral top with the stripped skirt is my favorite. It is edgy and fashion forward. So fun to “step outside the box” and make a statement. Styling the 9 pieces is really a great idea. Each day I look forward to seeing what the latest outfit will be, however, your encouraging words are the highlight for me. Thank you for encouraging each of us and allowing God to use you to reach the hearts of women. You are a gift to each one of us.

  14. Hi Cyndi Girl – I’ve been missing you for a little while, you know how things can tend to be hills and valleys for me. I love this look! I can’t decide which one is my favorite, blouse with the grey pants or with the fabulous skirt. You look so great in all three looks; yeah, I’m looking again and you look fantastic in the blouse and skirt…that’s my fave! It’s very chic! I agree with you about 40+ women needing to be careful with florals. Ditzy florals can be very aging, but huge flowers can be oh so overwhelming. My favorite florals are in soft shades.
    So, I guessed I missed something…are you thinking of growing your hair longer? The messy bun is such a fun look. Your hair is looking really cute with one. I have two sisters, 59 and 55 who wear their hair just long enough to rock a messy bun and they look so cute. With my super pixie haircut, I’ve never entertained the notion of a bun, much less hair around my ears or neck!! Be blessed!

  15. BTW…forgot to mention your handbag! LOVE! I can’t tell from my monitor is it beige or blush? Either way, it’s fabulous!

  16. I love florals! I hope it catches on. I bought a couple of floral tops last year and just ordered another one. I didn’t realize that it ages you, so thanks for the tip. I will keep the accessories in mind.

  17. HI Cyndi,
    I love all three looks. I can’t wait to copy them all. Quick question, can you show us how you achieved that messy bun? My hair is about the same length and i can’t get that messy bun. Is it a hair band with lots of bobby pins? I leave for Florida on Saturday and would love to master that. I can’t wait to wear the floral tank while there, i haven’t uncovered mine yet…also, we will never fire you as a blogger, you inspire me with your fashion and love of the Lord daily!!!

  18. Ok, I’m in love – where did you buy that handbag?!?! What is the brand? Love this series and your style! 🙂

    1. Hi Ali!
      The handbag is from Charming Charlies but it’s from last year so I don’t think they would still have it. Sorry about that!!

  19. I like the blouse with the stripped skirt the best but I’m wondering, what does it look like if you don’t tuck your shirt in? I’m not a fan of doing that as I think most times it can age the look.
    But if a blouse is too billowy that doesn’t help either.
    Let me know! I’m enjoying this series and I’ve got to get my hands on that yellow sweater!

  20. Hi there. I recently discovered your blog and I love all the outfit ideas. I just went to Target and tried on the sleeveless floral blouse. The print is fabulous, but I wasn’t sure about the length of the blouse. It was kind of long on me and tight at the bottom. I’m not used to wearing blouses tucked in. Will you wear this blouse without tucking it in? Perhaps I could have the blouse hemmed. Thanks for posting outfits with clothes from Target!

    1. Hi Emily,
      I wouldn’t wear the blouse out because of the length. If I wear it with slacks or jeans, I’m going to do the front tuck.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  21. Syndi, I don’t know how old are you and it does not matter, because you look amazing! Successful, stylish, positive! You are well done. In all three looks.