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3 Early Fall Outfits from Walmart

Tremendous thanks to Walmart & Collective Voice for sponsoring this post.

Early fall is a great time to start incorporating some of the latest fall fashion trends into your wardrobe. The weather is still relatively warm, so you can get away with wearing lighter fabrics and layers.

When the weather starts to cool down, these 3 early fall outfits from Walmart will have us ready for work, church, or even meeting a friend for lunch.

Here are 3 Early Fall Outfits from Walmart:

This plaid flutter sleeve blouse is soft, and the burgundy color is great for fall. I paired the top with black crop kick flare pants. The description says the pants have a zipper, but they are pull-on with no zipper and very comfortable.

I love layering a cardigan over my shoulders in case the weather gets chilly.

Time and Tru Flutter Sleeve Blouse (small) | Time and Tru Kick Flare Crop Pants (6) Time and Tru Midweight Boyfriend Cardigan (small) | Black Heel (similar option here)

Next, I’m wearing a puff shoulder short sleeve sweater with gingham pants (same pants as the above black pair).

This sweater is also great for early fall and comes in several colors.

Time and Tru Puff Shoulder Sweater (small) | Time and Tru Kick Flare Crop Pants (6) | Black Heel (similar option here)

Lastly, I’m again wearing the puff sleeve short sleeve sweater in the tuscan rose color. I paired it with a great pair of dark denim for under $20.

I’m wearing block heel loafers, a great transition shoe from summer to fall. They have memory foam for comfort and come in the bone color that I’m wearing, and also black.

Time and Tru Puff Shoulder Sweater (small) | Time and Tru Mid Rise Straight Jean (6) | Time and Tru Block Heel Loafers

Which look is your favorite from today’s round-up? Are you still in summer mode or beginning to add to your fall wardrobe?

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Truth: “Our sun and shield. Favor and honor. That is enough to hang our futures on. No matter how I feel some days, I certainly feel much more solid believing in a God like this than banking it all on empty positive vibes.” Lisa Whittle

I couldn’t agree more. I’m trusting my future to the one who is a sun and shield. In a world that is changing fast, I’m putting all my trust in God.

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. LOVE the black sling backs. Not fond of the block loafers but with a 9.5/10 size shoe it just makes the foot look TOO large 🙂

  2. I’m curious is Walmart’s online clothing selection better than in stores? I never see anything appealing in my local Walmart. Do they carry different stock online rather than in the stores?

    1. Nancy I never shop in store, only online, Every Walmart is different and the selection is different so I would think it’s hit or miss,

  3. Hi. You’re looking as beautiful as always!!! To be honest and this is just my opinion. I LOVE all 3 blouses. I do not like, or wear, cropped pants or whatever they are called. All my pants and jeans have to come below my ankle. Love the jeans to but maybe a bit longer too. Do not like any of the shoes. 😵‍💫 LoL however, you have styled each outfit perfectly. My preferred style is more “feminine/sexy” then “in style”. I also like to dress more what the men like to see on a woman. And everyone I’ve asked, here in Ky, do not like to see women in cropped pants above the ankle. Some said, where’s the rest of her pants?” LoL.
    But these opinions were from the older generation of men. 50,60,70’s. And a few young ones. My sons and SIL.

  4. I love that you share cute and reasonable clothing from Walmart. It does seem that so many things are sold out or out of stock. And I have had trouble with the Walmart online order/pickup and the Walmart app for weeks. There seems to be no resolution. Is anyone else having the same experience? Thanks!

  5. I still can’t get out of my mind, Walmart has cheaply made clothes. Our local store has nothing I’d even buy. Do you actually keep these and wash and wear them to see how they hold up? I’ve even quit trying to buy anything from Target as they just don’t hold up. You look cute in all the outfits. I really like the plaid blouse. I just watched your Amazon Live link. Really enjoyed it. I clicked to follow. I didn’t even know they had an Amazon live. I think I’m finally going to order the face clothes and magnified mirror. I too am tired of bending over to my mirror and getting make up on my good wash clothes.

    1. I follow you on Pinterest and appreciate your posts. Suggestion: include dates in your posts so we know what is recent. Thank you 1

  6. I wish I could dress for fall but it’s 105 plus. I have gauze tops and tees in fall colors for next month. I’ll be wearing sandals till October. I just incorporate fall colors like cognac and olive green. Thanks for showing us Walmart styles. I need to check out the brand you recommended.

  7. Hi Cyndi! You look wonderful in all the looks today! As always! I do have a suggestion. Or I guess a question. I read a few blogs and when I ask a question, especially about clothes modeled, it gets answered. I asked a question last week on jeans from Wal Mart from your blog. My question didn’t get answered but I went ahead and bought the jeans you modeled. I received them today and they will be returned. I wish you would have answered my question. It would have saved me some money and valuable time. I read your blog everyday and truly enjoy it. However, I wish you’d answer questions when asked. Thank you!

  8. God is my sun. Since recently losing my precious husband of 40 years, I go outside almost every morning, feel the warmth of the reassuring sun on my face, and give thanks for the time we had together. That beautiful sun tells me that God is in charge and everything will be ok.

  9. Hi, do you have any tips for buying clothes online? The majority of time when I order something online it’s too big, too small, too short. Or too long. Thanks