3 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2018

Happy Friday!! I have been checking out jewelry trends for fall, and while there are a lot of trends that we might see, I found these three that are definitely doable for us.

1. Chains

This fall, there is a shift in the market, as designers are creating chunkier chains that make a bit more of a statement. Whether it’s a necklace or a bracelet, adding a chunky chain is right on trend.

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2. Pearls

If you’re a southern girl, pearls never go out of style, but this year, pearls are making a major comeback proving their timelessness in a more modern way.

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3. Layering Necklaces

Layered necklaces give a sleek look. From layers on layers of gold chains to chunky, retro pendants paired with dainty chokers, layering your necklaces is on trend for fall.

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Which of these trends is your favorite?

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Beauty For the Heart~~For the Lord is always good and ready to receive you. He’s so loving that it will amaze you—so kind that it will astound you! And he is famous for his faithfulness toward all. Everyone knows our God can be trusted, for he keeps his promises to every generation. Psalm 100:5 (TPT)

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I’m not a southern gal, but pearls are forever, just as gold and precious gems are. I know, you’re highlighting fashion jewelry trends. Just saying, pearls never go out of style. Do you ever look at or wear Judith Ripka designs? She has amazing pieces, her ‘not so expensive’ line is sold on QVC, if you haven’t and want to check it out.

  2. I like the layered necklaces and love the pearl trend, especially the Shelby Hoop Earrings. I would definitely buy those if they came in silver. Silver is much more flattering to my skin tone than gold.

  3. I have so much fun with your posts. Mostly for the Beauty For the Heart part. My birthday it’s also tomorrow… enjoy your birthday with your love ones !!!!

  4. So, I’m a southern girl – always have been, but I’ve never been a “pearl girl”…my daughter is, and goodness knows she didn’t get it from me. I did however purchase just last week a pair of Spartina 449 pearl earrings so I may change my feelings on that.
    The gold link choker necklace is so pretty! I like all these and likely will try some if not all.
    Be careful in the mountains – black bears are out in full force – at least in the Smoky Mountains in TN.

  5. Happy Birthday Cyndi!!! Sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend birthday celebration. Not sure what rock hopping is, you should tell us more.

    I like the layer jewelry and always love pearls. Just bought a new pair when we were in Monterey, CA this past summer.

  6. I’m excited for the chain trend. After wearing lighter pieces for the summer it’ll be fun to wear something a little chunkier for a change.
    Have an amazing birthday.

  7. Have a great birthday Cyndi! I like the layers the best and will have to look into updating the ones that I have.

  8. Happy Birthday Cyndi!! Thank you for all you do to encourage is in our walk with Christ and to be beautiful inside and out!

  9. So happy about the trends. I have a chain necklace and bracelet I bought years ago that I love. So glad to see it coming back. I am also excited to bring my pearls out again. I wore my pearls to something this summer and realized they felt good to wear so excited for that as well. And I have been a fan of layering necklaces for a while. They are so versatile. Sounds like the fall trends are right up my alley!

  10. Have a wonderful birthday with Wayne and Colt! Sounds so fun! Is rock hopping the same as skipping rocks across a river or lake? I’m so glad to see these jewelry trends and I have something similar to all of them! Be blessed!

  11. Happy Birthday!! I’ve developed a huge crush for pearls. 💖
    We live very close to the Smokies and are very familiar with the area so give a shout if you have any questions. Have fun!! 😊

  12. Hey sweet friend! We are celebrating this weekend–I got the manuscript for my book submitted to the publisher!! Whew!

    We were supposed to go to the NC mountains (Blowing Rock) today, but there’s a flash flood warning right now, so we’ve put that off for a week. I hope there’s good weather at your mountain destination! 🙂

    Love you!

  13. So forgive me if I am not correct but is your birthday is Aug 4, 1966? I remember the year because I turned 50 the same year you did, but I didn’t realize your birthday isAug 4th because my birthday is August 5, 1966! LOL Too funny!

  14. I love layering necklaces, and the rose gold look is my new favorite, love pearls but I just don’t wear them, they feel too dressy for my laid-back style. Going camping in McCall, Idaho this weekend, school starts in less than threes weeks here 😩

  15. Cyndi….I have a question.. Do you ever have a problem with “gold” jewelry discoloring or getting darker? Do you have any special cleaning techniques or ways of preserving costume jewelry?

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration!

  16. I love jewelry that makes a statement, so the chunky chains are right up my alley. I inherited my mother’s pearls, however I agree with Robyn—they seem quite dressy. Any style tips on how to wear pearls more casually?
    Happy Birthday, Cyndi!

    1. Hey Sandi… I’ve worn pearls with a more casual look and it’s actually quite easy and cute. The other day I wore white shorts, an olive green cotton halter style tank top and wore my gold hoops that have white pearls in them… it brought the white up from the shorts by my face. Or just a plain pearl with a t shirt and jeans is also cute… as long as your outfit is casual the pearls will just add class (I think so anyway lol)… I’m sure Cyndi will have some thoughts too.

    2. I say wear them with anything! I saw a young gal in jeans wearing a pearl bracelet and she looked great, made me want to do it! I, too, have pearls and hesitate to wear them!

  17. I love pearls of all types, glad I’ve kept all of mine. And I really like the chunky chains but not so much the layered ones. Just a little fussy for me but to each is own!

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!!!! , I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I really like these jewelry trends for fall , going to have to get some of them . I hope you will be styling some for us .
    Have a blessed day !!!!

  19. Love all these looks and in the order you’ve styled them. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with Colt Allen. Its hard to believe your schools will soon be in . Ours don’t start until after Labour Day weekend. Still a lot of summer here and our heat wave continues going on 5 weeks now with no break and continuing. We have had a busy weekend already. My husband and I Just made 2 trips to Costco to bring home some furniture pieces one for our daughter who is getting married next year and a piece for me.. so I will be changing some things around this weekend. It’s a long weekend for us so hopefully the nice weather holds through. We will take a weekend away mid month to the states. Happy Birthday.. enjoy your special day and may God bless you in your year ahead.

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whatever you end up doing there! I’ve not heard of anything officially called ‘rock hopping’ but have hopped around on rocks in OK!! I loved it, but I love being outdoors!
    I do like the jewelry trends. Thankfully it’s something that I should already have most of too!

    Love that scripture, thanks for sharing that one!


  21. Jewelry trends: Not to seem indecisive, but I love them ALL!!!
    Chains, Pearls, Layers….what’s not to love, right?!

    From Selma CA – Raisin Capital of the World!

  22. Happy Birthday! Enjoy!!! Mine is this month too. I love the layered look of necklaces. Pearls are beautiful but I always feel dated when I wear them. I guess they were an essential for our moms and we grew up with them too. My mom gave me cultured pearls one Christmas along with other things & explained how you could tell the difference between the real ones from jewelry store & fake ones. They seemed to go out at some time but come & go back in. I do like the tiny beaded million strand necklaces a lot.

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a great weekend!

    As for the trends I love them all, especially the pearls, so cute!

  24. Happy Birthday!! My birthday was yesterday & my husband & friends surprised me with a birthday trip to Waco to visit the Silos!! ( Chip & Joanna Gaines business, in case someone doesn’t know 😊). I was sooo excited!! Tomorrow we’re going to Round Top to Junk Gypsy Headquarters!! Woohoo!!!