3 Ways to Style Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans are slowly replacing skinny jeans, but how do we wear this new style of jean? It’s sometimes hard to figure out how to incorporate trends into our wardrobe.

Straight leg jeans are definitely on-trend, and I think they’ll be around for a while, so today, I’m sharing 3 Ways to Style Straight Leg Jeans.


An easy outfit idea is straight leg jeans with a sweater. You can do a button-up cardigan, or you can wear a regular pullover sweater like I’m wearing.

I like to do a half-tuck to elongate my leg line and define my waist a bit. If you don’t like the half-tuck, stick to shorter sweaters with high-waisted jeans.

Striped Sweater (I’m wearing a small) • Good American Fray Hem (I’m wearing a size 6, less expensive option HERE) • White Booties (options here and here) • Earrings 


You can dress up your straight leg jeans with a tucked-in blouse and then add a pair of heels. For colder weather, add a chic cardigan for a little extra warmth.

High Neck Flutter Sleeve Top (I’m wearing an XS, use code CYNDI10 for 10% off)Good American Fray Hem (I’m wearing a size 6, less expensive option HERE) Dolce Vita Sandal (less expensive option here) • EarringsHandbag


A tucked in t-shirt looks super chic with a pair of straight leg jeans and pointed-toe flats. The pointed toe flats help elongate your leg.

Striped Tee (I’m wearing a small) • Good American Fray Hem (I’m wearing a size 6, less expensive option HERE) • Olive Jacket (similar option HERE) • Metal Chain MulesHandbagStrapEarrings



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  1. I’m so glad you showed how to style these jeans. I just got some and started to think they were a big mistake…not too sure about the fraying, but now I know how to wear them. Thanks so much!

  2. I love the idea of straight leg but I never seem to find any that fall straight for me as I have muscular calves and they all seem to stick at that point. I’ll keep looking

  3. Cyndi, what size are you in the j crew jeans? Trying to see how they run—we are about the same size 💖

  4. Just can’t get on board with the frayed hem. Do you have any suggestions for straight leg jeans that aren’t all chewed up ?

    1. Try Wit and Wisdom a Nordstrom brand, they are my go-to jeans. They have a lot of stretch (especially the waistband) and come in many different silhouettes and finishes, Levi’s 724 are also a good high waisted (covers the muffin top) straight leg option (Macy’s or Amazon), size up in Levi’s. The chewed up, torn up, destroyed, sanded, trashed jeans are NOT for me – I just don’t get them.

  5. This style of jeans is just not flattering on petites because it shortens our legs even more but I am considering trying some flare jeans. I also think the jcrew jeans remind me of mom jeans and again, would not be a flattering look on me. 😔

    1. I agree! I think that’s why I’m on the struggle bus with the straight style! I’m 5’3 and feel like I become shorter than I am with all the material.

      1. I’m thinking the style Cyndi showed with the higher heel or wedge shoe would work to give more height plus I like the length to hit above the ankles .

  6. I would stay away from the shredded hem jeans but may try the ones from J Crew. Liked them with the heels best. Thanks

  7. I’m trying to spread my wings and get on board with the straight style! I have a few pairs of straight in my closet from years ago and I’m thinking I will just cut the bottoms to update the look! I’m still a skinny jeans gal as they for me are the most flattering and easy to pair with any footwear. I’ve been eyeing the Ab solutions wit and wisdom straight leg so that might be where I start! I’m also thinking that moving into nicer weather might be a good time to try them too!

  8. I love these looks, they are pretty much my staple. I only wear straight leg jeans. I am 5′ 8″ and have thicker thighs (athletics thighs as my mom calls them), so skinny jeans never felt comfortable on me being so “tight”, flares just make my legs look thicker, boot cut is iffy. I try to find the straight leg jeans that taper, they are hit or miss at places, but that is the style I like best. Sometimes I could find the skinny straight at Old Navy, they are a little more roomy than just skinny jeans, but still have that straight leg. I do try to stay away from the ankle length though because they do tend to make my legs more pudgy looking. But if I do I only wear them with flats or sandals.

  9. The hardest part for me is figuring out what shoes to wear with them! Also, do straight-leg jeans have to have a frayed hem? The ones I have do not…so should I cut them? I like having a clean line on most of mine. But again, it’s hard to figure out the perfect shoe and length. I also live in an area with cold/snowy winters, so I’m not really interested in an exposed ankle area right now.

  10. I’ve loved my skinny jeans, but have to admit that on my 5’2” petite pear shape frame they never have been that flattering. In the fall I bought two pairs of straight-leg jeans from Talbots, one dark wash and the other a light wash. Their petite size options always fit me best. I’ve worn these two jeans all winter because they look so good with my booties, flats, and loafers. I did keep one pair of skinny jeans but I think I’ll be sticking to the straight leg for awhile.

  11. I now have only straight leg in my closet. Looking at skinny jeans on fashion bloggers seems so out of style after getting used to straight for many months. I’ve kept my skinnies though because it will come back around.
    I’m sorry but the chewed hem and total ripped knees should be left to the very young.

  12. I like the style, but like others have struggled with it… I have also been thinking it’s time to try the white bootie look! I always like it when I see it on others, but for myself, seem to feel hesitant! LOL! I was just looking at them last night and wanted to ask you how you would style them, or thought they were age appropriate for 50 ->!! 🙂 I’m so glad to see this first outfit this morning! Thanks! lol


  13. I usually seem to find something about your posts that I like..everyone’s taste is different😍 ,however this post with these jeans😝 they should be worn by a younger aged woman. I agree with another persons post. I feel this particular style will not last. .I have only posted one other time. but this post I felt I needed to throw out a opinion on. May you have a great rest of your day!!!!!

  14. I just turned 50 and I absolutely love these jeans you’re wearing! I’ve had trouble finding something cropped with some “interest” like a frayed hem or a little distressing, so was happy to see this pop up in my inbox.. I have two pairs of skinny jeans that I’m really growing tired of, and my Wit & Wisdom absolution straight girlfriend jeans are the best thing in my closet right now. Truth be told, I never liked straight-leg jeans…they never worked with my straighter frame and more “athletic”-shaped body. When I discovered the rolled hem and more cropped styles…well, things finally clicked. Thanks for this post!

  15. How do you do the front tuck only? Is it one hand with tuck only directly centered above the pant zipper? Or do you tuck the entire front of the shirt in and just leave the tail of the shirt exposed? I’m never sure I am doing it correctly.

  16. Hi Cyndi,

    I like all the looks. Obviously not work jeans but great weekend wear. Sometimes girls just want to have fun!

    Enjoy your day!!

  17. For me I do not see anything classy with ripped or frayed jeans. No offense to you Cyndi, I just don’t understand why people where something looking tattered. I think you are adorable and I do like your blog.

    1. I like straight leg jeans but no torn ones. I don’t mind a frayed hem but not so torn looking. I’m tired of the skinny jeans and pants. My thighs look bigger with the skinnies. They look slimmer with the straight leg.

  18. These three look great! I’m trying to find straight jeans that fit my hips and thighs the same snug way my skinnies do but it’s been hard. :/